Our Extended AI Solutions to Accelerate Your Business Growth

We have been delivering AI software development services to businesses across multiple domains since 2012. As a reputable AI development company, our expert developers hold great expertise in helping businesses utilize the full potential of leading AI tools and technologies to achieve exponential growth.


Computer Vision & OCR

From image recognition to motion analysis and beyond, computer vision technology can surpass the capabilities of human vision. Our developers possess great expertise in building AI solutions adhering to security and are equipped with video monitoring and biometric authentication capabilities.


Machine Learning

Our skilled AI developers leverage extensive knowledge of ML to help you build smart systems, minimize human intervention, and ensure optimal decision-making. We can program ML into your existing IT infrastructure to automate repetitive operations and enhance productivity.


Deep Learning

Deep learning solutions help improve automation and perform analytical and physical tasks without human intervention. We leverage the capabilities of multi-layered networks to build custom AI solutions that can replicate and exceed the human brain's potential.


Natural Language Processing

We are an AI software development company that helps transform user experience by integrating capabilities like real-time speech recognition, BI, and conversation AI. Our NLP software solutions help machines easily understand data business data, search-related queries, and audio resources.


Robotic Process Automation

Our AI developers create and integrate RPA programs to streamline workflows including copy-pasting of data, and extracting structure and unstructured data from documents. Our RPA solutions ensure high scalability and flexibility, improve efficiency and increase agility and business productivity.

Our AI Integration Services to Accelerate Your Business Innovation

Our team of expert AI developers utilizes third-party APIs to refine AI-driven existing software solutions or carry out AI software development from scratch.

Machine Learning & AI

We integrate your existing or new software with the latest AI/ML APIs like TensorFlow, Weka, IBM Watson, and Mahout, facilitating vitally important business processes.

Chatbot Program

Chatbot program APIs that include language models like Engati, ManyChat, ChatGPT, and FreshChat when integrated into your software seamlessly automate the customer service inquiries.

Robotic Process Automation

Our skilled AI developers integrate RPA APIs such as BluePrism, UIPath, Pega Platform, and Automation Anywhere to help automate repetitive and time-consuming business operations.

Facial Recognition

Our skilled developers are highly experienced in integrating facial recognition APIs like FaceFirst, Amazon Rekognition, Deep Vision AI, and Trueface. It ensures recognition/detection of facial features for user authentication and security purposes.

Drive Business Growth With Our AI Development Services

We are a leading AI development services company helping businesses of multiple sizes from various industry verticals to build software solutions that enhance business growth and achieve excellence at every step of the touchpoint. Our expertise lies in:

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Custom AI Software Solutions

We help develop cutting-edge and scalable AI solutions like fraud detection systems and recommendation engines. Our proficient AI software developers are capable of fine-tuning the existing solutions to easily integrate with existing web or mobile apps or software, meeting exact needs, enhancing business productivity, and ensuring affordability.

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Machine Learning Systems

Our certified ML development experts and engineers leverage robust techniques and algorithms to develop best-in-class machine learning systems. We help you leverage and decrypt data of multiple sorts effortlessly, easily recognize patterns, identify ML trends, and secure your business from possible fraud.

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Natural Language Processing Systems (NLPs)

Our AI software developers build smart NLP systems that ease search capabilities. You can analyze text, data repositories, and audio sources and index them into structured content. We help build tools that enable identifying emerging trends, patterns, and valuable operational insights.

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Generative AI Systems

Our specialized Generative AI services ensure business intelligence and visualization of high-grade generative AI systems. We possess huge expertise and enormous capabilities around AI/ML algorithms and network architectures to develop innovative systems pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.

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AI Consulting Services

We provide AI consulting services along with the best possible assistance to develop engaging and high-performing AI solutions and meet varying business needs. Simply bring your Artificial Intelligence software development idea to us and let us do the rest.

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Predictive Analytics

Being a reputable AI development company, we deliver predictive sales analytics services, assisting businesses analyze customer behavior and historical data to make better decisions. We build advanced solutions backed by robust ML techniques that help improve strategy development, optimize pricing, and drive revenue generation while keeping up your business with the latest trends.

Looking for Reliable Artificial Intelligence Development?

Partner with a reputable Artificial Intelligence development company, Orion eSolutions, to turn your ideas into reality. We possess in-depth expertise in AI technology with a proven track record of delivering successful AI-backed products globally.

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Our Simplified Artificial Intelligence Development Process

  • Define Requirement & Gather Data

    We identify business problems, understand project objectives, and gather data to train AI models for problem-solving.

  • Select and Train the Model

    This step involves feeding the algorithm with the relevant data and altering the model criteria until it delivers the expected outcomes.

  • Test and Verify the Model

    The next step is to test the performance and accuracy of the AI model using different datasets and testing practices and further deploy the solution.

  • Maintenance of the AI Model

    We monitor its performance and provide support and maintenance to improve efficiency and relevance with the evolving customer needs.


Artificial Intelligence Developers


Software Product Delivered


Artificial Intelligence Solutions


Total Years of Experience


The company offers doors and windows manufacturing services over 100 divisions across multiple cities in the US. ​

The company wanted to automate the manual acknowledgement process including tracking, reviewing, and matching of POs with acknowledgements.

Technology - Azure, HuggingFace, Docker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python


The company offers services related to estimation of door and window requirements for large-scaled building projects. ​
The company seeks to replace the manual, error-prone method of revieing building plans and automate identification of doors and windows in the building plans.

Technology - Azure, HuggingFace, Docker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python