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Turn Your E-commerce Idea Into A Fully Functional Store

If you have a great business idea and want to setup an online store that your customers love to shop from? Our team of Shopware Developers will help you build and scale your e-commerce idea in the shortest amount of time.

Modular Development

We offer module-wise, customizable and expandable shopsystem


Secure Transactions

What we ensure is an absolutely secure shopping environment


Shopware Migration

The fastest and safest migration from shopware 5 to shopware 6

Hire Shopware Developers for Diverse Shopware 6 Development Services

Hire Shopware developers in Germany who create standardized eCommerce solutions, delivering top-notch shopping experiences to end customers. Our services are known to build ideal solutions and facilitate increased business ROI.

Shopware 6 Setup & Configuration

We provide complete support for Shopware 6 theme design and integration, including custom themes and from-scratch development. Contact us for all your theme and design requirements.

Shopware 6 Product Listing and Customer On-boarding

We offer assistance in creating custom product catalogues and login processes for Shopware 6. We can also seamlessly integrate your existing systems with Shopware 6. Contact us for a smooth transition and to maximize your Shopware 6 experience.

Shopware 6 Themes & Design Integration

Our Shopware 6 UI/UX services create user-friendly and visually appealing websites based on the latest web standards and shopping behavior research. We ensure a seamless UI/UX integration for your e-commerce store, setting up a stunning design theme and providing a seamless navigation experience.

Shopware 6 Payment Gateway Integration

We seamlessly integrate payment gateways and shipping methods in Shopware, including popular options like Shopware Connect, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Stripe. Our focus is on ensuring secure transactions and transparent shipping methods for a seamless buying experience. Customers can securely input and save multiple shipping details for future use.

Shopware 6 QA, Optimisation & Server Setup

We provide dedicated server and DDoS protection services for optimal security against DDoS attacks on your Shopware 6 website.We offer performance testing, Google Analytics setup, SEO-friendly website optimization, and advanced server security measures to protect your store and customers from hackers and prevent DDoS attacks.

Shopware 6 Cloud Support

Our Shopware 6 Cloud support includes installation, configuration, data migration, performance optimization, and more. Our expert team ensures your Shopware 6 installation meets your specific needs and requirements.

Shopware 6 Plugin Development & Third Party API Integration

Our Shopware 6 plugin development services create custom plugins tailored to your specific needs, including functionalities like variant naming, price range display, custom registration forms, PDF embedders, and more. Our team of experts ensures a seamless integration with third-party APIs.

Shopware 6 Multi-channel Integration

Expand your reach and sell on multiple platforms. Seamless integration with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Centralized inventory, order, and customer data management. Reach a wider audience and boost sales.

Why Choose Orion eSolutions for Shopware Development Services?

We are a trusted Shopware development company in Germany that guides you from the planning phase to the deployment stage, leveraging multiple plugins and frameworks to build your ideal eCommerce solution within the set deadline and budget.

Least Time
To Market


Modular Development

We have indigenously built a pipeline for both frontend and backend development that allows you to take your ecommerce platform to your customers at the earliest.


Automated QA

We have automated the entire QA lifecycle to ensure that you get a bug free and a seamless ecommerce platform.


Secure Financial Transactions


Secure APIs

We build, test and deploy the most secure APIs to your shopware website that both you and your customers feel safe while shopping


Secure Data

We ensure that all customer data is immune to all major hack attacks and your customer data remains with you in a well-protected environment


365 Days


Care Plan

We offer a customized plan to suit your needs and how your customer traffic is growing, in this we take care of your server requirements as well as daily maintenance.


Protection Plan

In this, we take care of your entire ecommerce platform and keep it protected from all unwanted online threats.

Reasons to Hire Shopware Developers From Orion eSolutions

Our dedicated Shopware experts bring a special skill set and years of experience building eCommerce solutions that provide interactive digital experiences to users and facilitate online sales.


Access a global network of skilled IT specialists.



Tailored service agreements to suit your preferences.


Seamless User Experience

Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for a smooth browsing and shopping experience.


AI-Driven Solutions

Drive efficiency and innovation through AI-powered solutions.


What our clients Say About Us

Frequently Asked

Hiring Shopware developers from Orion eSolutions ensures your software project is backed by experienced professionals dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and seamless user experiences.
Our Shopware developers possess a proven track record of helping businesses build customer-centric online stores. We are completely dedicated to bringing your eCommerce idea to life, ensuring the best possible user satisfaction and optimal business growth.
Looking to hire Shopware developers in Germany? Simply fill in the form and one of our specialized representatives will connect with you to discuss your project requirements and guide you throughout the entire online store-building process. You can stay assured that developers are hired from the top Shopware company for your eCommerce business success.
The online platform designed using Shopware always meets the highest security standards. Shopware adheres to strict security measures, utilizing fraud detection tools and two-factor authentication to ensure protection against any cyber threats. Also, it uses encryption technology to safeguard customer information and regular platform auditing is performed to ensure it is secure and up-to-date.
Yes, Shopware software is easily customizable, enabling you to customize your online store according to the evolving business needs. It offers a wide range of features including drag-and-drop builder, product management tools, and beyond to streamline business operations. Also, you can choose from a wide range of plugins, themes, and templates to build a visually appealing and engaging online store.