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Are you looking for a highly skilled Laravel Developer? Then, you are at the right place. We understand the rigorous process of hiring a developer to create your web or mobile application. Our Laravel experts have helped more than a thousand clients with their web development requirements. We are glad to be one of the most preferred and trusted tech solution companies in the industry.

Whether you are scrutinizing a full-stack developer or looking to migrate an existing application to the Laravel framework, our best-in-class, certified developers furnish you with exponential and budget-friendly solutions. Due to integrity and professional work ethics, our services and offerings are treated as industry standards. Our responsibility is to help you scale your business with technology. With Orion, you save almost 70% of the development cost, as we offer you Flexi-pay plans. Hire Orion’s Laravel developers to help you skyrocket your business to new heights.


Savings of 70% on developmental costs  


2000+ satisfied customer base


97% + client retention


1000+ MERN stack projects delivered


More than 4200+ projects launched


24/7 support with reduced time to market

Why Does Your
Business Need An Orion Laravel Developer?


Scalable and responsive apps

Experience the seamless integration of Laravel platform with Orion’s expertise. We build scalable and highly reactive web or mobile applications that perfectly suits your business needs.


Cutting-edge solutions

In this era of drastic and continuous technological advances, it is essential to stay updated. Orion’s Laravel developers ensure you get that unique tech edge to stay ahead of the competition.


Timely project delivery

Time is money? More than that actually! Known for in-time delivery of complex projects, Orion’s Laravel develor ensure timely completion and delivery of your project.


Cost Saviour

While developing your project with the latest and able tools, you pay the optimum cost. Yes! That is the advantage of working with Orion eSolutions. You reduce the cost of development and save money.


Continuous monitoring and assistance

To avoid any glitches, we continuously keep in touch with you regarding the project progress. Additionally, we offer comprehensive assistance during and after project completion.


Flexible models

We offer flexible-pay plans customized for your business. You can choose for the long term, short term, ‘as-and-when, or other models as per your choice.

Orion eSolutions
Laravel Competencies at a Glance.


On-boarding of existing application

Do you have an existing application to be upgraded? Our experts can help you with a seamless transition of your existing application to the Laravel framework. The Laravel platform offers excellent flexibility to tune into the features of your existing application.


Enterprise solutions

Our carefully selected in house team of experienced developers offer bespoke and custom shopware store development. They have an understanding of different business and niche specifics. You will get access to exclusivity in design and functionality that truly match your business and connect with customers.


Laravel custom application consultation and development

Orion’s expert Laravel developers have worked with more than a thousand clients from diverse industries. As a result, they understand and excel in the required capabilities for a web or mobile application.


App management
and maintenance

Building a custom Laravel app stands for half the work done! To monitor, maintain, and manage it, we offer flexible management and maintenance models so that you can focus on running your business.


Full-stack Laravel development

With vast and notable experience, we offer unique full-stack Laravel development. It takes care of both front and back-end development.


Laravel eCommerce development

E-Commerce is a booming industry. To stay up to date and geared up in business, you need a customized e-commerce application. This retains and enhances your customer base. At Orion, we offer tech solutions to help you increase your business’s eCommerce capability.

Our Technological Competencies


Automated Testing


In-built Libraries


Cross-platform applications


Build Custom Apps


MVC Architecture


High-Degree of Scalability

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Orion has established quality standards with its state-of-art tech solutions. We have built highly responsive Laravel web solutions for more than a thousand customers. Our technical competencies are built for diverse industrial domains.



We deliver HIPAA-compliant software solutions. We furnish you with features such as Claim adjudication, PACS/HIE APIs for enhancing improved medical care, etc., instantly available on the custom Laravel framework. In addition, the framework offers flexibility to save on time and resources.


Retail and eCommerce

Your buyers will love the responsive and attractive UI we build for your e-commerce application. Your app will have distinctive but essential features like chatbots, shopping portals, payment options, etc. We do wonders with your already existing Legacy Application!


Banking and finance

Usability is a crucial feature for food & Beverage websites that allows customers to search our recipes and ingredients. Shopware is responsive and flexible, and our developers can customize based on your needs to fulfil the aspirations and tastes of consumers. Offer your clients a treat with our sophisticated shopware services for the food & beverage sector.


Travel and tourism

We have vast experience in creating interactive and easily navigable applications. Travel and tourism require a high degree of customer-side reflection. By understanding this, we design apps with features like virtual tours, AR navigation, payment gateways, kiosks, ERP, e-Ticketing systems.


Media and entertainment

We help the Media companies to enrich the viewer experience through digitized content. This works seamlessly on their streaming apps. In addition, the Laravel libraries provide bandwidth to build iOS and Android applications


Industrial tech solutions

Technology is power. We have been transforming businesses across industries with our robust technological capabilities. With our top Laravel developers, we help companies scale their reach with our web or mobile solutions. You get advanced tech solutions and complete control over the developer or the team of developers that we provide you.

How does it work?

We follow a very agile 5-step
development process from start to finish.


Defining Project

• Meeting
• Understanding Requirements
• Data Collection



• Wireframe
• Prototype
• Finalisation



• Coding
• Feedback



• Testing
• Revisions
• Launch



• Maintenance
• Upgradations

The Orion Advantage



Years of experience



Projects Delivered



Happy Clients



Man Years’ Experience



Client Retention

Our team of skilled technologists can work on projects of any size, segment, and scale. We strive to exceed your expectations with absolute professionalism in our approach. You connect with a team having technical expertise and a consistent growth mindset to deliver the best.

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