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Your search for a highly skilled Laravel Developer is finally over. We know that hiring a developer for creating your web or mobile application can be a tedious task. We also know that hiring quality talent consumes a lot of time and resources. We at Orion esolutions have helped thousands of clients with their web development needs. We are the most preferred and trusted tech solution company in the industry.

Whether you are looking for a full-stack development or migration of an existing application to the Laravel framework, our industry-certified developers offer you scalable and cost-effective solutions. We are known in the tech community as the company that provides web or mobile development services, which become the industry standard. Our commitment is to help you transform your business with technology. What’s more, when you hire developers from us, you save almost 70% of the development cost, as we offer you Flexi-pay plans. So, delay no more. Hire Laravel developers from us today to help you scale your business to new heights.


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Orion has set quality standards with its state-of-art tech solutions. We have won the trust and respect of our clients with our work. We are determined to provide you tech solutions that will enhance your business capabilities. Your business requires the best of the Laravel framework for an exceptional customer-end experience, and we are experts at that. Our clients hold us in great esteem for our following Laravel capabilities.

Exiting App On-boarding

You might have an existing application that needs upgrades. We will help you with a seamless transition of your existing application to the Laravel framework. The platform offers great flexibility to tune up the features of your existing app. It is frustrating to re-work the coding to cater to the requirements of different platforms. With Laravel, you can do that easily.

Enterprise Solutions

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-scale business, you require a proprietary web or mobile application to streamline your business processes. We do wonders when it comes to developing custom app solutions for enterprises built on the Laravel framework.

Custom Laravel Application Consultation and Development

Our developers have worked with thousands of clients from diverse industries. They understand the required capabilities for a web or mobile application.

App Maintenance and Management

Building a custom Laravel app is half the work done. You need to monitor, maintain, and manage it. Do not worry. We offer flexible management and maintenance contracts so that you are free to run your business.

Full-stack Laravel Development

Experience our unique full-stack development capability that takes care of front and back-end development.

Laravel e-Commerce Development

E-Commerce is the future of any business. To stay relevant and in business, you need a customized e-commerce application to retain and enhance your customer base. At Orion, we offer tech solutions that help you increase your business twofold.

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We offer HIPAA-compliant software solutions. Features like Claim adjudication, PACS/HIE APIs for enhancing improved medical care, etc., are readily available on the custom Laravel framework. The framework offers flexibility to save time and resources as you can code once and use it across various platforms.

Transforming the Industries with Our Tech Solutions

Technology is power. We believe that firmly. That is why we have been transforming business across industries with our technological capabilities. We understand the industry requirements and help you scale your business reach with our web or mobile solutions. We handpick only the best Laravel developers in the industry. You get complete control over the developer or the team of developers that we provide you. Our excellent Flexi-pay plans help you to save 70% of the development cost. Take a look at the industries we are serving.


Your customers will love the interactive UI we build for your e-commerce application. Your app will have unique and essential features such as chatbots, shopping portals, payment options, etc. We do wonders with your already existing Legacy Applications.


Efficiency and security are regarded highly in the finance world. The Laravel framework lets you create a secure yet highly interactive transactional application for you. The framework helps you create asset management apps, crypto wallet apps, POS, etc.


We have rich experience in building high-response and easily navigable applications. Travel and tourism require a high degree of customer-side considerations. We understand that and design apps with features such as virtual tours, AR navigation, payment gateways, kiosks, ERP, and e-Ticketing systems.


We help the Media giants to enhance the viewer experience through digitized content, which works seamlessly on their streaming apps. The Laravel libraries provide bandwidth to build iOS and Android applications.

How does it work?

How does it work?

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Orion in the period of 10+ years has been bestowed with various names such as ‘passionate developers’, ‘tech-savvy’, ‘skilled professionals’ but what differentiates them with others in the industry is their converging focus on building amazing User Experience and love for latest technology.

One-Door Solution Provider

Since 2010, Orion has focused on providing counter solutions for modern-day technology problems faced by the businesses. Their passion for ‘know-how –to’ in tech industry has made them an expert tech solution provider. Their progressive and end-to-end software development services have led to the emergence of quality-driven models and white –collared Web and Mobile Applications in the industry. We claim 99.99% customer satisfaction with a record of over 450+ satisfied customer base and 950+ projects well served.


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