Our contributions spans across a plethora of technologies, services, industries, and products. With each undertaking, we understand the client requirement and marry it to our market understanding. This enables us to craft the most compelling solution possible.

Merchandising Brand

The business demanded a website that could lubricate their ecommerce and spread the idea of environmental concerns when it comes to outdoor gear wastes.

  • 2.14 B Audience expansion
  • 270% Estimated CRO


Rental Portal

This Hong Kong based online property rental portal demanded an online front with well crafted UX to smoothen their business functions.

  • 200% Potential CRO
  • $100 ROI for every $1


Recruitment Platform

The business needed to digitize its Human Resource management systems and a protocol to efficiently manage it.

  • 31% Improved candidate match
  • 93% Bigger prospect base

We Serve Multiple Industries, Globally

Orion eSoutions has crafted creative and functional solutions for a plethora of players in various cohorts. By following the Design Thinking approach, we ensure that whatever the magnitude of challenges may be, we are equal to it and able to deliver relentlessly and without compromise.


Avail Orion's robust development practices to skyrocket your business outcome.

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Do you have any projects?

Rating: 4.00/5. From 26 votes.
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