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Data drive your business. However, to make sense of the data so that your business can drive value out of it is a very tiresome task. This is where Machine Learning comes into the picture. Now, you can automate and streamline processes with the help of expert Machine Learning Developers from Orion. As one of the most trusted web solutions companies, we have helped businesses in India and abroad. We understand that hiring and retaining developers is quite a task. That is where we are there to help you out.

We have a dedicated in-house talent pool of Machine Learning developers. We hire only the top 1% of the performers after testing their technical skills so that you get the best. As the top web solutions provider, we make sure that we hire ML experts who have masters and advanced technical degrees. Our team of experts understands AI and ML-driven frameworks and can help you make informed decisions by analyzing complex data. What’s more, you can now save up to 70% of the development cost by hiring from us.

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Orion has carved a niche for itself in the tech solutions space; our clients love us for our commitment to excellence. Few reasons that we retain 100% our clients:


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The sheer amount of data that is generated today is unbelievable and unmanageable. To achieve your business goals, you need to formulate a strategy; this strategy depends on your understanding of the data. What is important; what is not important; Machine Learning helps you with that. No surprises then that top tech companies in the world rely on AI and ML-powered systems to create an edge over the competition. In this competition, a business that doesn’t use ML tools will become a DINOSAUR (read: EXTINCT). If that sounds reasonable, here are few more reasons to convince you more to collaborate with Orion for transforming your business with Machine Learning.

ML helps you Automate Repetitive Tasks

In routine, numerous tasks are repetitive. The ML tools can train the system to identify and automate such tasks. With AI and ML capabilities your system can learn to think and operate with critical thinking.

Makes the Business Run Efficiently

Once you adopt the ML tools, your business processes are streamlined and automated, which help you attain enhanced Efficiency and Speed. You no longer have to wait for important information. Our ML framework understands the data that are relevant to our business and can even provide you a possible business strategy to scale your business

Effective and Targeted Marketing

Once you understand the targeted audience for your business, you can develop marketing strategies to reach them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know whom you should target to drive-up sales?

You Save Money

Transition to ML framework comes with savings. With tools like Chatbots, Analytics, and more, you save money on retaining the workforce.

Industries We Have Helped With Machine Learning Solutions

What makes us so confident that we can help you achieve the next big business transformation? It is the fact that we have helped various enterprises across diverse industries. It has provided us deep insights into the workings and requirements of such industries. Our Industrial Footprints are as follows-


It is believed in the Healthcare sector that reliable information can help save lives. When life is at risk, you cannot risk data paralysis. Orion has helped many healthcare companies to understand their data. We develop systems that can go through, understand and transmit important health-related information to the practitioners, so that they can make informed decisions.

Retail & Ecommerce

E-commerce experiences millions and millions of transactions every day. For a business going through each transaction to understand customer behavior is almost impossible. That is where our ML developers come into picture. We provide information on customer buying patterns or behavior analysis. That can help you enhance your business revenues.

Banking & Finance

Machine Learning capabilities are streamlining Banking and Finance Industries, and we are doing the same to our clients' businesses. AI-powered chatbots help automate customer relationship services. Your customers will admire your quick response time to their queries.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is subject to the whims of the travelers. Our expertise in building high-response and easily navigable Machine Learning-based applications has helped the best in the industry. Our experts are adept at providing customer behavior analysis and traveling patterns for you to develop your targeting marketing campaigns.

Media & Entertainment

If you have ever come across this message, “You watched____. Other Similar Shows/Movies” on your Netflix Home Page then you realize what ML can do. We can help you identify the viewing habits of your customers so that you understand them and develop content accordingly.

Education & E-Learning

The education world is moving at a breakneck speed towards digitization; so are we. We collaborate with a few of the best education companies to provide them with powerful and innovative AI and ML applications to deliver their lessons. We offer inbuilt AI & ML-powered evaluation tools, 3-D content, and more to make learning interactive.

Orion Machine Learning Developers are Experts at Enhancing Business Capability by Using AI and ML Tools.

Our Best ML Practices at a Glance:


AI-powered Chatbots

Automated Customer-response services can create a competitive edge. AI-powered Chatbots can learn to respond intuitively to customer queries, so that your customers no longer have to wait. We can help you lower your HR expenses by almost 50%.


Facial Recognition Software

If you have ever experienced Apple’s facial recognition feature, you understand what facial recognition software does. However, systems can use facial recognition features to provide enhanced capabilities. The potential is unlimited. At Orion, we are developing cutting-edge, state-of-art ML-based security and surveillance systems.


Advanced Business Analytics

With our ML expertise, we can help lay a super-growth pathway for your business. You can make sound decisions based on reliable analytics.


Suggestion Systems

Based on the purchase histories of the customers, you can customize suggestions or recommendations for them. That helps you earn revenue through suggestive selling.


Process Automation

Our ML developers can automate the repetitive tasks, which provides speed and agility to your business operations

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Data mining

Our clients rely on our ability to crunch data and transform it into usable information. We can analyze your business data for you and transform it into understandable and intelligent data.

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You can opt for that. A dedicated web solutions company is more suited to your ML development needs. With such a company, you get a dedicated developer or team of developers, who ensure that your project is completed within time.

The best way to know that is to contact a web solutions company such as Orion and have it assess your business and your requirements. It can draw up estimates of the cost involved for the project.

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