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Efficiency, agility, rich UI are the buzz words in the technology world. However, we make them the core of our services. Orion eSolutions has been at the forefront of helping businesses in India and abroad to scale their operations and revenue. Our development expertise is the industry standard. MERN interface is slightly different from that MEAN interface; however, it offers you speed and efficiency to develop a stellar mobile or web application.

When you hire from us, you get to choose from our full range of developers. You can select a developer or a complete team that will work exclusively for you. You get the best-in-class experts who have at least five years of experience working with the MERN interface. You do not have to worry about hiring and retaining them; we take care of that. We retain only the best through our rigorous skills test. Only the top 1% of the performers are inducted into our elite group of developers.

Orion is the leader in offering state-of-art development solutions. We have delivered over 1000 development projects to our clients across the globe. With our cross-industry expertise, you get a partner that understands your business and its requirements. When you hire us, we will ensure that you get a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. With our agile workflow processes and React.js libraries, you can save 70% of the cost involved.


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Web Development Services

Our domain-certified developers are there to help you with your project. Hire them on hourly, weekly, or monthly models. You pay for only the services rendered. Our developers understand everything about the development process. We follow strict transparency and non-disclosure practices.

We are India’s top development company, and our clients appreciate and praise the skills of our professional developers. We are the ‘numero uno’ because of our highly skilled developers. When it comes to assisting our clients to scale up their business potential, we offer end-to-end MERN full-stack solutions.

CMS Development

Your application or website must be optimized to showcase your content. MERN framework allows the intelligent management of your content. We have 5+ years of helping businesses with their CMS needs. We ensure to follow security-based CMS development and deployment.

Enterprise Solutions

Orion has been at the forefront of helping businesses enhance their productivity. We offer our knowledge and expertise to provide you with applications that can be used within your corporate network.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Creating an app is half the work done. The users want an app that is up-to-date and feature-rich. That is where Orion steps in and takes care of all the upgrades and maintenance for you. We will ensure that your app reflects the latest technological interface and customer preferences.

MERN Full Stack Development

Whether it is the front end or the back end development and management, our experts will deploy the full range of React libraries to customize and develop the app you desire. What’s more, the framework allows the developers to use the code across any platform you want your applications to run on.

MERN On-boarding

You might have an existing legacy application. You might want to onboard it to the MERN interface and optimize it. Our team of developers will work round-the-clock to ensure a seamless transition to the platform without interrupting your business operations.

Custom App Development

If you have even the slightest idea (or not) about what kind of app you want for your business, we will turn it into a working reality. Our MERN developers have delivered over 1000 customized application solutions around the globe.

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Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Almost every industry relies heavily on technology. It is the need of the hour. We believe every business must harness technology to enhance sales. We also believe that any such effort to enhance the customer base must not pinch your pockets. That is why we offer you MERN stack development solutions, which are flexible and efficient. The interface also saves money as you get to use the code across multiple platforms. We understand the industry requirements. We have worked with the best of the companies across various industrial domains. Have a look at our industrial footprints.


Every industry has its unique set of requirements. Typical to the healthcare sector, it requires a smooth backend and front-end interface. It also requires robust database management and security. Our MERN developers have worked with the top healthcare providers in the industry to provide sleek and efficient full-stack development solutions.

Retail & Ecommerce

Shopping is a therapy, and more and more people are browsing the latest fashion trends and retail offerings on the web and mobile applications. Therefore, if you are a retail chain or a fashion brand, you must offer your customers a seamless shopping and browsing experience. Our MERN developers can deploy relevant features by using React libraries onto your applications. We will develop a highly customized, responsive, and UI-rich web portal for your business.


Offering highly efficient and secure web solutions is the top priority for banks and financial institutions. MERN's full-stack development interface offers an end-to-end secured transactional framework so that every transaction done over the web or mobile applications is safe. More than 15% of our clients are from the banking and finance sector. They trust us for robust development solutions.


There are thousands of permutations to consider while developing an application or web solution for a travel and tourism company. We excel at that. We are the first choice of tour operator websites for providing them highly customized MERN stack solutions with a highly interactive interface. Our clients say that their customers love their websites and applications as they are so easy to navigate and browse through.


We are transforming media and entertainment companies around the world. With our expertise in the MERN framework, we are able to offer an enhanced viewer experience. We have developed over 200 applications for our media and entertainment clients, which have helped them relay digitized content, which works seamlessly on mobile phones.


We understand that how meaningful it is to educate. We salute the teachers, our true heroes. We are transforming the education landscape by providing the reach to e-learning companies. Today, we are helping e-learning companies with highly efficient MERN stack development solutions.



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If you are looking to provide your customers with state-of-art UI experience, you must hire a MERN developer. MERN is a full-stack web or app development framework, which helps you to create amazing web or mobile applications. 

That varies from project to project. Our MERN developers will help you save over 70% of the development costs by understanding your requirements and then providing you the best solutions. 

How does It Work?

We follow a systematic development process from start to finish. Let us have a look at our workflow process.

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