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Orion eSolutions has been at the forefront of assisting Indian and international enterprises in scaling their operations and revenue. The MERN interface differs differently from the MEAN interface, yet it provides you with the speed and efficiency to create an excellent mobile or online application.

When you employ us, you have the option of selecting from our entire team of developers. You can hire a single developer or a team to work on your project. You will be working with the best-in-class experts who have extensive knowledge of the MERN interface. You receive a partner who understands your business and its needs thanks to our cross-industry knowledge.

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Savings of 70% on developmental costs  


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Why does your business need a
MERN Stack Developer?


Quick render with React.js

When it comes to rendering on the screen, React.js is lightning fast. This react.js functionality allows MERN to deliver work more agile and timely. Its quickness will help your users feel like they aren’t waiting for your content to load in any situation.


JavaScript base

MERN Stack is a Javascript stack for deploying full-stack web applications easily and quickly. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node is the four technologies that make up the MERN Stack.


Benefit of MongoDB

The latest version of MongoDB contains features such as distributed performance, real-time performance, and caching enormous amounts of data, among other improvements over prior versions of the database.


Highly Scalable

The scalability applications of MERN are well-known. They’re all open-source and free. Reusable modules and full library support are also included. This saves a lot of time, also speeding up the development process.


Cloud Compatible

For web application development, the MERN stack takes use of libraries and public repositories. To reduce money on storage, MongoDB uses cloud technologies in the app. As a result, the MERN stack is an excellent solution for cloud-based apps.


Best for Real-time App

SEO can help you raise your sales and profitability. It has the potential to attract new clients while also retaining old ones. MERN stack development makes it simple to create SEO-friendly websites.

Orion eSolutions
MERN Development Competencies at a Glance


Open Source Technology

The MERN stack can build powerful web apps because all of its components are open source. These open-source frameworks let developers create more complex apps by increasing coding productivity and providing various tools. There is no vendor lock-in with open-source technology, so you won’t have to go through any additional hoops if you decide to move on or change something later.


Agile Development

You don’t have to start from scratch because the MERN stacks are built on open-source technologies that developers can freely use. If you want a blogging platform, for example, there’s a strong chance a popular framework like WordPress has already been established. This type of plug-and-play method gives you a leg up against larger companies that may be unfamiliar with new platforms.


Easy to use

It might be hard to decide which tools are worth learning about when developers have so many available. The minimalist design of these tools makes them easier to master because there are fewer moving pieces to comprehend to correctly use them. MERN is easy to use and requires only basic coding.


Full Stack Development

You’ll be responsible for both the application’s frontend and backend components because MERN uses a full-stack development strategy. This strategy combines ideas from user interface design and software engineering. It’s growing in popularity among startups since it saves them money by removing the need to hire separate frontend and backend developers.


Native Experience

Native apps are more dependable, secure, and capable of providing a more compelling user experience. As a result, hybrid frameworks like Ionic or React Native are commonly used by businesses when developing mobile apps. A mobile app built on MERN will use native functionalities such as camera access and seamlessly sync data between offline and online modes.



The development of an app involves a significant cash outlay. Basic familiarity with JavaScript is required to work with the MERN stack. MERN requires fewer developers to work on a project than competing frameworks. As a result, the price of creating an app drops.

Our Technological Competencies

By leveraging Orion’s MERN stack expertise to stay ahead of the competition; our clients get an incomparable technological advantage.




Upgrades and


MERN full
stack consultation


Transition to
MEAN stack


Custom app and website development


CMS Development
with experts

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Almost every business makes extensive use of technology. It’s a must-have item. Every company, we believe, should employ technology to increase sales. We also believe that any effort to increase your customer base should not put your budget under stress. As a result, we offer MERN stack development solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective. Because the code can be used on other platforms, the user interface also saves money. Orion is aware of the industry’s requirements. In various industries, we’ve worked with some of the best companies.



Each industry has its own set of requirements. It needs a user-friendly backend and frontend interface, common in the healthcare industry. Good database management and security system are also required. To provide a clean and effective full-stack development solution, our MERN engineers cooperated with the industry’s best healthcare providers.


Retail and E-commerce

Shopping is a sort of therapy for many people, and an increasing number of people are using the web and mobile apps to stay up with the latest fashion trends and buy products. As a result, if you own a retail chain or a fashion label, you must ensure that your clients have a flawless purchasing and browsing experience. Using React frameworks, our MERN experts can integrate crucial functions into your applications. We will design a fully customised, responsive, and UI-rich internet gateway for your company.


Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions place a high priority on delivering web solutions that are both efficient and safe. MERN’s full-stack development interface ensures the security of all web and mobile transactions by providing an end-to-end secured transactional framework. More than 15% of our customers are from the banking and finance industry. They trust us to deliver a reliable development solution.


Travel and Tourism

When developing an application or web solution for a travel and tourism company, there are many factors to consider. That is an area where we excel. We are the preferred choice of tour operator websites for highly specialised MERN stack solutions with a highly engaging UX. Customers rave about how easy it is to use and navigate our clients’ websites and applications.


Media & Entertainment

Around the world, we’re transforming the media and entertainment industries. Because of our understanding of the MERN structure, we can give a superior viewing experience. We’ve built over 200 applications for our media and entertainment clients to help them offer digital content that performs well on mobile phones.


Education & E-learning

We understand the significance of education. We salute our teachers, who are true heroes in our eyes. We are transforming the educational environment by expanding our reach to include e-learning businesses. We’re now aiding e-learning companies with developing a high-performance MERN stack.

How does it work?

We follow a very agile 5-step
development process from start to finish.


Defining Project

• Meeting
• Understanding Requirements
• Data Collection



• Wireframe
• Prototype
• Finalisation



• Coding
• Feedback



• Testing
• Revisions
• Launch



• Maintenance
• Upgradations

The Orion Advantage



Years of experience



Projects Delivered



Happy Clients



Client Retention

Our team of skilled technologists can work on projects of any size, segment, and scale. We strive to exceed your expectations with absolute professionalism in our approach. You connect with a team having technical expertise and a consistent growth mind-set to deliver the best.

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