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If you find it hard to hire a reliable DevOps Engineer to help you scale your business, you are not alone. As per industry-estimates, more than 60% of business enterprises face trouble hiring and retaining DevOps Engineers for their project. Worry no more.

With Orion, you get a trusted partner to provide state-of-art automation to standardize and fasten your software development life cycle. That is a tremendous feat, as it allows for even faster testing and ‘time-to-market stages for your software.

DevOps is an umbrella term that compasses various roles such as-Tech Transformation, Infrastructure Automation, Containerization aboard Cloud, etc. Orion maintains a talented workforce of DevOps engineers, which consists of industry experts in handling various aspects of Development and IT operations. Our engineers or the team of engineers, work in collaboration with you and your team to ensure smooth workflow, right from ideation, designing, development, testing, and launching.

Our DevOps Engineers will work tirelessly to ensure quality solutions for providing scalability to your business. At Orion, we take pride in the fact that we have successfully retained 97% of our clients year after year. We are looking forward to being a valuable partner in your success.

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Why do you need to hire DevOps Engineer from Orion?

We are a leading tech solution provider for businesses around the World. As a trusted partner, Orion DevOps engineers are well-versed with DevOps tools and technology such as GIT, Kubernetes, etc., which form the basis of development and IT operations. Our engineers would help you automate the complete Software Delivery Process. Take a look at our area of DevOps expertise.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our DevOps engineer is trained to run cost analysis tools to help them manage the resources at their disposal. With Orion, you are not just hiring a DevOps Engineer; you are hiring a professional who understands that a penny saved is a penny earned. What’s more, you pay only for the services rendered.


We hope not that you have had to experience the unpredictability of working with freelancers. Your business demands every minute of your time. We help you do just that. We free you from the overall development and standardization process. At Orion, we hire DevOps engineers who have worked with at least 100 client-projects, minimum of 3 years of experience, and a high retention rate. We hire the best for you, thereby saving you hassles of training, recruiting, and retaining the workforce.

Efficient Resource Utilization to Reduce Overall Cost

Orion provides you with industry-certified DevOps Engineers or a team of engineers who work remotely. It saves your resources as you do not need to maintain physical infrastructure.

Complete Project Management

Our DevOps engineers take care of your delivery cycle and ensure that best-in-practice processes are followed to automate the complete IT operations. They take care of hiring and managing DevOps developers who will work on Infrastructure planning, Security, Automation, Cross-platform Integration, and more.


We follow high-degree protocols in ensuring transparency and integrity when we work with you. You have put trust in us, and we make sure we deliver. Our DevOps engineers work day-and-night to keep your data secure. We believe in speedy execution. However, we ensure that the system processes run without glitches.

Orion DevOps Excellence at a Glance

DevOps Consulting Services

Every business comes with its own set of needs, strengths, opportunities, and problems. Therefore, every business is unique. We provide our consulting services to help you scale your business to heights. We either understand your needs or help you in seeing your system-capabilities to be competitively relevant today.

DevOps Cloud Solutions

Cloud services have been a game-changer in the tech world. We highly recommend our clients onboard their Development and IT operations on the Cloud ecosystem. With just a fraction of the total cost in setting a physical infrastructure, you can enhance your business capabilities by harnessing cloud services. We help you make a smooth transition to the cloud services that are the most cost-effective.

Deployment Automation

Our DevOps engineers have an in-depth understanding of various stages of the software development cycle. Our engineers understand SCM, CM, Cloud computing platforms, and more. They will help you lower the turn-around time for the launch-to-market stage by standardizing the delivery system.

Testing & Automation

To ensure the seamless DevOps process, testing of the complete system is critical. Our DevOps engineers are competent in deploying DevOps tools such as App Dynamics, Splunck, etc., to ensure that your system delivers its best.

Infrastructure Management

Our engineers provide their expertise to adopt Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) to automate deployment. When you hire from us, our DevOps Engineer ensures that the complete management of DevOps capabilities is maintained throughout the Automation process.

Source Code Management

SCM provides efficient control, enhanced code inspection capabilities. Our DevOps engineers have an in-depth knowledge of GIT, GITHUB, etc. Additionally, they have the requisite skills to manage other stages of DevOps. They are proficient in Puppet, Chef, Python, Testing tools to evaluate CI/CD pipelines.

How does it work?

As the saying goes, a system is as strong as its weakest link. However, we at Orion work tirelessly to strengthen our work processes day in and day out. That is why we have developed a simple and effective workflow process.

How does it work?

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If you hire a DevOps engineer, he or she is proficient in recruiting, training, handling the DevOps developers.

While it is true that a freelancer comes at a much lower cost, it is highly risky. Freelancers are often unpredictable and unreliable when it comes to delivering the project on time.

When you hire a web solutions company, you get a dedicated DevOps engineer to work on your project. You can even go for a team to handle every aspect of the project. It might cost you a little more; however, it reduces your troubles significantly.
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