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React Native - React is a platform that allows developing native mobile apps that run separately on IOS and Android. It has its basis in the JavaScript framework known as ReactJS.

React Native is an advanced version of ReactJS. This mobile app development framework comes from Facebook. It is an addition to the widely followed development method of cross platform support. React Native cuts cost and improves speed and is thus a good choice for developers. Most of the major players of multiple industries use React Native mobile app. The finance giant Bloomberg uses it for equity trading along with analytics, the Facebook app runs on React Native, and the elegantly designed Airbnb app runs on React Native. Other users include Pinterest, Skype, and Wix. A great deal of the major industry players trusts React Native and its robust applications.

React Native sports many pre built components. It also has codes that are reusable. This is a huge plus for the developers since it cuts cost and time and almost 90 across operating systems. An example is when Walmart decided to revise and revive their mobile app. Using React Native, about 96% of their code could be shared between the two major operating systems. This lessened their turnaround time for both platforms significantly. The advantage is that react native does not compromise user engagement and customer delight for functionality or responsiveness.

Orion eSolutions is a React Native app development company with a proficient team who have a proven record of expertise in native and cross platform app development. We can implement React Native solutions for a wide variety of needs: Are you looking to revamp an old app? Are you interested in taking your app to multiple platforms or operating systems? Or are you interested in building an app from scratch? We can guide you through all the dos and don’ts of the entire process.

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Outsource your React Native development needs to us and watch your mobile application take form to be reliable, secure, scalable, and extremely customer friendly.

Our React Native team is proficient in both native and cross platform app development and the dedicated marketing team makes sure that your mobile app adheres to all the current market pedestals. We undertake end to end framework support all the way from ideation to implementation.

To make the best use of Facebook’s React Native app development services, get in touch with us. Watch your ideas being integrated into an attractive UI of a native mobile app as ideas turn to reality!

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