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Orion is known for delivering value-for-money tech solutions to its clients. Our team of developers will provide hassle-free assistance for your .NET development.

The .Net framework has been powering web portals for over two decades. It has been instrumental in the success of many businesses across diverse industries. We have the talent pool of developers, handpicked by us, to work for you. You want a flexible hiring model; you got it! We have the daily, weekly, and monthly hiring models that will suit your need and budget. Do not worry about training and recruiting capable developers anymore. We do it for you. We hire only the top 1% of the .NET developers by making them undergo a rigorous skill evaluation test.

If you are looking for a full-stack development or migration of an existing application to the .NET framework, we are there for you. We work with a single-minded focus on helping you scale your business capability. We have helped more than 2000 clients all over the World. What’s more, when you hire developers from us, they help you save almost 70% of the development cost. Do not wait anymore. To take your business to the next level, hire domain-certified developers from Orion today!

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Web Development Services

Our in-depth expertise in .NET Framework, .NET CORE, and more is possible only because of our highly skilled developers. They hold advanced or Master’s degrees and have 7+ years of experience working with the platform. We understand it has been the most preferred framework and that most websites still run on it. We ensure a smooth transition to the next-gen .NET framework of your existing web portal. With our developers, you are sure to get a high-functioning, scalable, and user-interactive web portal for your business. We are committed to providing you agile tech solutions that will enhance your business capabilities.

.NET Onboarding

You might have an existing website that runs on a different platform. To harness the full potential of your website, you need to upgrade it to the .NET framework. We provide an efficient and cost-effective transition of your existing website to the framework. We ensure glitch-free, fast, and cost-effective onboarding to the platform.


.NET allows customization of the database with CMS. We offer development models that will take care of securing and managing your content on your website.

Custom .NET Application Consultation and Development

Every business is unique. So are its requirements. When you hire us for custom app development, we offer you our top-rated developers, who have figured out the art of building scalable and agile web or mobile applications. With the .NET framework, you save a lot of money as you can easily use the existing code on your application. Our developers have worked with thousands of clients from diverse industries. They understand what is required to develop a perfect web solution for you.

.NET Website Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and management of your existing website are always tiresome. You need to monitor, maintain, and manage it daily. It consumes a lot of your time. Well, we will ease this burden off you with our flexible management and maintenance contracts. When we do all the management and maintenance for you, you are free to focus your energy on your business.

Full-stack .NET Development

Experience our unique full-stack development capabilities that take care of front and back-end development.

e-Commerce .NET Development

An E-Commerce website works like a charm on the .NET framework. With in-built libraries, you can create a responsive website for your customers.

Our valuable clients trust us for their Development needs. Our domain-certified experts are readily available to help you with your project. You can easily hire them on hourly, weekly, or monthly models. What’s more, you pay for only the services rendered. Our top developers understand everything about the .NET framework and development process. They have in-depth knowledge in-

“Our clients say that we have helped them create an unparalleled technological edge over the competition.”

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Almost every industry relies heavily on technology. .NET has been a reliable partner that has driven industrial growth for decades. We believe in the framework’s ability to transform web or mobile solutions. We have revolutionized businesses with agile, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. We understand the industry requirements very well. Take a look at our industrial footprints.


Quick access to patient information is the key to saving lives. We have helped the best healthcare providers in the industry. With years of experience working with the industry, we have successfully zeroed on to the important features for ideal web or mobile applications. We integrate HIPAA-compliant software considerations in the applications we develop for our clients. Compliance and Service features such as Claim adjudication, PACS/HIE APIs for enhancing improved medical care, etc., are also integrated with the .NET framework.

Retail & Ecommerce

The retail and E-commerce industry is using the .NET framework for decades. The reason for that is the framework allows for a highly customized, responsive, and UI-rich web portal for e-commerce, and we are helping the industry to make the most out of it.

Banking & Finance

Offering highly efficient and secure web solutions is possible with the .NET framework. The framework is known for its robust security features, which make it an ideal development framework for banking and finance companies. The framework also allows for seamless integration of the legacy apps.


Advertising, News, & Publishing (ANP) industries have transformed at a fast rate. The transition from print to the internet meant providing highly responsive web and mobile applications for the viewers and the readers. We have delivered a host of .NET framework-based mobile, web, and PC-based applications to many ANP companies.

Media & Entertainment

With our expertise, we are helping media and entertainment companies to offer an enhanced viewer experience. We have delivered several .NET (Visual Basic) applications that relay digitized content, which works seamlessly on streaming portals.

Education & E-Learning

Right from our inception, we have made deliberate efforts to work with education companies. That is because we understand how meaningful it is to educate. .NET framework has helped us deliver web portals that work on Windows. Today, we are helping e-learning companies with smart and highly efficient web and mobile solutions that work on smart devices. We are revolutionizing the education delivery process.



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Frequently Asked Questions

You are right. .NET is basically used for developing websites for PCs. With updates done to the platform, you can use it to create cross-platform applications that work on Windows, iOS, & Linux. .NET framework can help develop mobile applications, Cloud-based applications, IoT embedded systems, games, and more. 

It is because you want a trusted, well-experienced web and mobile development company, and we are India’s leading tech solution provider. We have successfully delivered over 1000 .NET projects for our clients all over the world. You want to save money on development. Hire us. We offer the best-in-class payment plans that will save you loads of money. You want data security and transparency. Hire us. We sign an NDA with our clients to keep confidentiality. You see, we are your best bet for your development needs. 

The cost of the project varies with development needs. To give you the estimate of the project, we sit down with you to understand your requirement and then offer you a host of solutions. When you select the solution that suits you, we suggest our Flexi-pay plans. No one can beat the price we give you. It’s a guarantee.  

How does It Work?

We follow a very agile development process from start to finish. Read on for our 5-step Development Process.

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