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.NET - A preferred framework to build scalable, reliable and interoperable solutions.

.NET is still considered as the gold standard in the development community and is one of the most scalable and stable frameworks out there! With recent advancements and the addition of several new features in latest releases, .NET continues to be the popular and preferred choice for both organizations and tech community to build simple – to – advanced web applications. With several use cases expanding to newer domains such as IoT and mobile app backend, .NET development powers and caters to all kinds of requirements.

One of the most popular examples of .NET CORE development is the loved case of Stack Overflow, which is like a daily dose for most techies and has been successfully written in .NET. As a highly stable framework it does a great job in holding the Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Class Library (FCL). FCL is powering a seamless user interface, web app development, network communications, database connectivity, offering an environment that runs swiftly and is fully capable of handling high level requirements of complex web apps that involve advanced concepts of data binding.

Orion eSolutions has a rich & diverse experience in developing cutting edge solutions in dotnet development, ASP.NET core applications, ASP.NET core web API’s, ASP.NET MVC and have also successfully deployed solutions that combine AngularJs, ReactJs, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, and Vue.JS combination with ASP.NET CORE. With over a decade of delivering excellence in the field of .NET core development services, our entire approach – right from kick-off to sprint planning & execution to thorough documentation handled by experienced PM’s, Orion is your partner in building the solution you desire most!

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At Orion we have an highly experienced team of .NET CORE developers and we offer both custom offerings as well you directly hire developers from us to cater to your specific development need. We have the bandwidth & the processes in place to execute even high level enterprise level projects and assure of the highest level of professionalism and dedication in working on .NET CORE projects.

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