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The Blockchain platform transformed the ‘transactional’ interface, as we know it. It is based on the distributed ledger technology, which provides heightened security, but with no centralized control. It is a perfect technological interface. Orion e-solutions is considered an industry standard for all Blockchain-related development.

If you are looking for a tech solutions company with an excellent record of accomplishment in timely and cost-effective delivery of the project, we are your ideal partner. Whether you want a mobile application or a digital currency, or a secure currency wallet, we have a team of industry-certified developers who will work on your project. When you hire from us, you get to handpick the best developer(s) and the payment plan that suits your budget. With more than 200 successfully delivered projects under our belt, we are India’s top Blockchain development company.

Why do thousands of our clients trust our services?

It is simple! We work relentlessly to ensure that your project is completed on priority. Here are few more reasons for you to hire us:


Guaranteed Response within One Business Day!

Why are we the Best in the Industry for Blockchain Development?

Web Development Services

We have successfully helped thousands of clients from diverse industries. We are not just a tech solution company; we are your tech strategists who provide real-time enhancement to your business. Our team helps your business to grow. We provide cutting-edge solutions that become the industry standards. Have a look at our Blockchain expertise:

Universal Wallet

A universal wallet is like a ‘locker’ where you can park all your crypto-currency. You have access to all the information in one place. Our full-stack developers can help design and develop a secure universal wallet for you with enhanced safety measures

Banking Solutions

More and more banks around the world are integrating Blockchain-based distributed ledger platforms into their systems. We can help you automate KYC features, Anti-money laundering features, and more

Blockchain Mining Software

Mining is the process of verifying transactions. Our team of talented developers provides your mining software with powerful upgrades. Our developers are experts at providing you with sleek software that connects your hardware computing power to the mining pool.

Wallet Development

If you are looking for a secure online or mobile wallet with high security, Orion is your best bet. We have successfully delivered multiple projects to businesses around the world.

Cryptocurrency Development

We have the expertise in developing advanced crypto-currencies, tokens, coins using cutting-edge technology. We can also design a custom digital currency for your business needs.

Crytpo-currency Integration

We have in-depth expertise to help you integrate crypto-currency into your legacy systems.

Our Industry Footprints: Businesses we are helping.


We work endlessly to help you convert your dream into a reality. Our team of developers works hard to provide you the best tech capabilities. We want you to realize the true potential of your business. There is potential to scale your business and it lies with the full-stack Blockchain deployment. We have worked with different industries and have successfully provided our expertise to help scale thousands of businesses. Our industry-specific footprints at a glance:


Healthcare is making a transition to the digital interface with leaps and bounds. We offer healthcare solutions through Blockchain technology. We offer HIPAA-compliant software solutions and applications. The need of the hour in the healthcare industry is to have the ready-access to the patient’s treatment history. With a distributed ledger, this access is possible. When every moment counts, we at Orion make sure that our healthcare partners get the best of our services to save lives.

Retail & Ecommerce

Blockchain technology is transforming the E-commerce giants. They are experiencing unprecedented growth. The high degree of safety that a Blockchain network provides to a transaction makes it ideal for retail and e-commerce applications to transition to the distributed ledger technology. We are helping them make the best out of it.


Blockchain technology will become the backbone of the Finance industry, as it provides independent verification, reliability, and faster transactions. We help deliver agile, secure and robust financial solutions through our expertise.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is a highly volatile business, sensitive to the whims of the travelers. Our expertise in building high-response and easily navigable Distributed ledger applications has helped the best in the industry.

Media & Entertainment

Digitize the media and entertainment experiences with applications such as video streaming, CRM, brand management, AI chatbots, etc.

Gaming Industry

If you have ever played a video game and have purchased in-game ‘skins’ (specialty feature products sold within the game), you have experienced something similar to the Blockchain Network. We are helping the best of the Gaming companies with the development of NFTs.

Why is Blockchain technology right for your business?

It is sequentially updated and distributed digital records with cryptographic security features. It works as a linear chain of blocks, with each block connected. Thousands of top businesses are now using this technology to scale their business. If you want to find out more reasons for using it, read on.


Independent Verification

There is no third-party transactional verification as the existing ledger is an open-source technology. The ledger is open for public access for verification.


Data Safety

It is based on cryptography for enhanced data protection. Each new block of data connects with the previous block in a chain in a tamper-free way.


Enhanced Flexibility

With Blockchain technology, you do not need multiple parties for decision-making.


No Middleman

As this platform is an openly distributed ledger, there is no middleman. That means reduced transactional costs, which in turn means more savings.


Seamless Integration to Legacy Applications

You don’t have to let go of your existing system. It can be onboarded to the interface with ease.

Why Hire Orion?

Blockchain Developers From Orion eSolutions?

Orion is known in the industry as the ‘solution provider’ for various web services, and we maintain that reputation by working hard and with integrity. These qualities reflect in our work of our developers. It is because of our commitment towards our clients that we have successfully delivered 2000+ tech solutions to businesses around the world. The wide range of experience of our developers allows us to achieve innovation when it comes to providing secure Blockchain solutions. We make sure that the developers that work on your project are the best. You get to interview and test the developer before you sign the contract with us. Read on and discover reasons that make us an ideal partner for your success.


Budget-Friendly Solutions

We understand that developing a project from the ground up requires a large amount of capital. When you hire us, we provide you the estimated cost of the project. We guarantee that you will not be able to find a better quote than that. Once we agree on the budget, we work very religiously to deliver within the agreed budget. There is full accountability for every penny that you pay to us. What’s more, you pay only for the services rendered by selecting any of the Flexi-pay payment plans.


No recruitment & Training Hassles

Your business requires a workforce. Isn’t it great that you don’t have to worry about hiring and training the professionals? We do that for you! Our in-house, full-time developers are selected after a rigorous selection procedure. We hire only the top 5% of the performers. When you hire from us, we free you from worrying about your project. Our team can provide you a host of solutions for your project, such as designing, developing, and launching your project.


Innovative Solutions

Innovation is the most clichéd word in technology. However, we ensure that every project that we undertake, we work on developing a completely ‘out-of-the-box problem-solution. We promise to provide great flexibility and scalability to your business operations. We offer seamless integration of your existing legacy application to the Blockchain interface.



We act in accordance to our core values. That is what makes us reliable. We are steadfast in earning the respect of our clients with our work ethics. We follow high-degree protocols in ensuring transparency, integrity, and maintaining trust when we work with you. Our developers work day and night to keep your data secure.


Huge Savings on Infrastructural Costs

As the developers you hire from us work remotely, you do not have to spend resources setting up physical infrastructure. That brings down the overall cost of running the operations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

No Blockchain interface allows for seamless integration of the existing application. You don’t have to start from scratch. We retain data and legacy features and draw up a stack to set your application on the platform.

The platform for its secure yet transparent ledger system. Your database will be 100% secure. Additionally, we suggest security measures to provide enhanced security.

No developer less than three years of experience working with the Blockchain interface.

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