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Orion eSolutions is India’s leading Java Script firm, with some of the best MEAN-stack developers in the country. You can benefit immensely by hiring them as you get specialised solutions from the best at the most cost effective rates.

Our offshore developers can be hired based on an hour, week, or month to work on your project. When you hire us, we ensure to make your project a priority and on-time delivery. You may rely on Orion’s competence to acquire a value-for-money solution, whether it’s app development, testing, maintenance, and support, or migration to the MEAN-stack interface solution. 

Today, take your business to the next level with expert MEAN Stack developers from Orion eSolutions!


Savings of 70% on developmental costs  


2000+ satisfied customer base


97% + client retention


1000+ MEAN stack projects delivered


More than 4200+ projects launched


24/7 support with reduced time to market

Why does your business need a
MEAN Stack Developer?


Interactive UI/UX

From research to implementation, a full-stack designer works on all aspects of the user experience design process. As a result, MEAN is preferred for UI/UX design that is more interactive.


JavaScript base

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-only framework. As a result, it may be used to create both client-side and server-side applications. It also works with various operating systems, including Windows and Linux.


Benefit of JSON

JSON is the most valuable component of MEAN Stack web development, where developers do not have to repeat coding for the same functionality. They will save time and effort as a result of this. Developers can also use PHP to import data and process it using an MSQL server. It also allows developers to work with external APIs, which reduces Workload.


Highly Scalable

MEAN is well-known for its scalability applications. Each of them is open-source and free. The components also include reusable modules and full library support. This both speeds up the development process and saves a lot of time.


Cloud Compatible

For web application development, the MEAN stack uses libraries and public repositories. MongoDB makes the best use of cloud features in the app, lowering disc space costs. As a result, the MEAN stack is an excellent solution for cloud applications.


Best for Real-time App

Real-time web applications necessitate highly optimized module performance to provide an exceptional user experience. To offer the most significant outcomes for real-time web application development, use the Node.js MEAN Stack.

Orion eSolutions
MEAN Development Competencies at a Glance


Easy To switch between client and server

It’s easy to transition between the server and client sides when using the MEAN stack for app development. The usage of a standard coding language makes this possible. You don’t need a third-party server like Apache any longer. Node.js enables developers to open the application on the server and deploy it immediately.



MEAN Stack provides developers with a great deal of freedom. Following the development phase, the framework makes it simple to test the app on the cloud platform. The development, testing, and deployment processes to the cloud are all completed seamlessly. Adding an extra field to the form makes it simple to include additional information. MongoDB aids in the development of cloud-optimized applications by providing automatic replication and complete cluster support. 


Quick to develop MVP

MVP denotes a product that meets the most basic requirements. This refers to an app with only the most basic and necessary functionalities. These features represent the essential minimum of what users look for in a product. It’s vital to construct an MVP in the least amount of time possible to save money and test the product in the market. Because the framework is so fast, the MEAN stack allows you to quickly construct an MVP.


Isomorphic Code

Anyone interested in developing an app for iOS and Android must create separate projects for each platform. But MEAN apps have isomorphic code that can run on numerous platforms without requiring changes to the base code. This reduced the developer’s work in half and improved the quality of the work.


Single programming language

The programming language used by MEAN Stack technologies is JavaScript. The developers benefit from a better working environment, which helps them create products that attract users’ attention by meeting their needs. A single programming language also ensures that when the program expands, the backend response unit will process client requests fast and efficiently.



App development necessitates a sizeable financial investment. Working with the MEAN stack requires a basic understanding of JavaScript. Compared to other frameworks, MEAN requires fewer developers to work on a project. As a result, the cost of developing an app decreases.

Our Technological Competencies

By leveraging Orion’s MEAN stack expertise to stay ahead of the competition; our clients get an incomparable technological advantage.




Upgrades and


MEAN full
stack consultation


Transition to
MEAN stack


Custom app and website development


CMS Development
with experts

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Over the previous ten years, Orion worked with over 1000 companies in various industries. We’ve realized that the appropriate technology may give a company a fresh lease on life. We have a thorough understanding of industry-specific requirements. With cost-effective solutions, we have revolutionized organizations. Take a look at our industrial footprints to see what we’re talking about.



The appropriate information can help people live longer and healthier lives. As a result, the systems that enable this access must be reliable, frictionless, efficient, and secure. We specialise in developing and executing healthcare-related solutions. We assist leading healthcare organisations and practitioners with data management and access. In the MEAN stack, Mongo DB provides a critical database platform for data access and security.


Retail and E-commerce

According to industry predictions, more than 60 percentage of clients will shop online by 2025. As a result, if you own a retail or e-commerce business, you’ll need an interactive application to allow your clients to shop online. For your e-commerce brand, we will create a custom-built, responsive, and UI-rich online site. As a result, brand awareness and market position improve.


Banking & Finance

MEAN-stack development improves and simplifies communication between the client and the server, providing safe transactions. We assist banks and financial institutions in deploying scalable solutions to better serve their customers.


Hospitality Business

Gone are the days when hospitality was based on a set of rules. Customers nowadays expect full access to services on their laptops and mobile devices. As a result, you must provide what your clients desire. We assist restaurants, hotels, and hospitality industry businesses in attracting customers through great web and mobile experiences.


Media & Entertainment

Provide your customers with flawless viewing options with our expertise. We’re reshaping the media and entertainment sector by creating interactive web and mobile apps that improve the viewer experience.


Education & E-learning

There should be a universal education module, and individuals should be aware of its significance. As a result, creating efficient, engaging designs and user interfaces is a top concern for us. We are utilising cutting-edge MEAN technologies to assist education firms in reaching out to youngsters and assisting them in learning more effectively.

How does it work?

We follow a very agile 5-step
development process from start to finish.


Defining Project

• Meeting
• Understanding Requirements
• Data Collection



• Wireframe
• Prototype
• Finalisation



• Coding
• Feedback



• Testing
• Revisions
• Launch



• Maintenance
• Upgradations

The Orion Advantage



Years of experience



Projects Delivered



Happy Clients



Client Retention

Our team of skilled technologists can work on projects of any size, segment, and scale. We strive to exceed your expectations with absolute professionalism in our approach. You connect with a team having technical expertise and a consistent growth mind-set to deliver the best.

MEAN Development

Hire a MEAN developer to create a full-stack MEAN application that is highly responsive and interactive, with an Orion guarantee.

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