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For a secure and scalable online presence, power your web apps using the Zend framework.

Zend works on the PHP7 framework and is easily one of the most flexible and simple yet powerful web app development platforms out there. It is regarded as one of the best available MVC. Zend’s SEO friendly nature, clean code databases, and scalable service makes it a good choice for website and web app development.

The package dependency manager of Zend provide a built in framework post that allows multiple packages to be processed, thus increasing the speed of output. It means lesser load time. There exists a multitude of features within Zend such as RSS feeds, user authentication, resource management etc, and the entire framework works on multiple platforms. The foundation of Zend consists of different classes that it provides as separate libraries. This means Zend framework will not fatigue its operational modules or overuse resources, making it reliable and more secure. Zend’s object oriented platform for programming is an added advantage and businesses like the media giant Disney, ecommerce brand eBay, fashion mammoth Prada along with DHL, Cisco and Safeway have implemented this framework for their digital fronts.

Orion eSolutions is a Zend framework development company and we can help you scale your business through Zend. With our accumulated industry insights and years of web application development expertise, we can implement Zend based solutions for all your online business requirements. We undertake all Zend solutions such as web development, custom app development, enterprise solutions, and migration services. Reach out to us to identify which Zend application can give your business the much needed boost on the digital front.

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