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Backend Development

An application that communicates between the database and the browser can be developed effectively on the server side.

Back End Flairs

Backend development focuses on the scripting, databases, and architecture of application or website. The backend code enables browsers to interact with data stored in databases. Serverless applications will rule the back end development environment in 2021. As mobile app development and IoT integrations grow in popularity, the conventional strategy of separating the front end and back end is gaining traction. Separating layers also enables for individual testing, deployment, scalability, and process management.apps and web pages.

We are specialized in MySQL and PHP that are the most commonly used tools in backend programming, with expertise in Java, Python, Ruby, and.NET which are the most popular programming languages. DBMS technologies such as MongoDB, Oracle, and Redis are increasingly gaining popularity. Web development, database, caching, and API development abilities are all required for backend development. A background in Linux is required for server administration, as is knowledge of Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, and Microsoft IIS. In 2021, REST and SOAP API will be in high demand. For back end development to be as robust as necessary, Django for Python and Laravel for PHP, as well as a basic understanding of front end tech such as CSS and HTML, are required.

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We at Orion eSolutions have a thorough understanding of the numerous technologies that surround back end development services. We also have over a decade of experience designing back end systems that are intuitive, functional, and scalable. We can handle all of your development demands and create market-ready solutions to give your company the boost it deserves. We are active in data science analysis and system architecture, as well as managing cross-device APIs. We create frameworks that make programming easier. We go to great lengths to understand the essential demands of your organisation in order to create a back end that is tailored to your needs.

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Our team works round the clock to meet your expectations and deliver superior results. We grasp the intricacies of each firm and combine them with our knowledge of the sector. What you get is a back end development team that is not only technically proficient but also understands your business requirements. In our approach, we ensure professionalism and civility. We take on projects of any size or nature and reliably deliver across all verticals.

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