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Ionic App – It is a platform specific mobile app development framework based on AngularJS framework and is an open source entity.

Ionic mobile app development promises the fastest loading apps. This is supported through its built in hardware acceleration and pre-rendering practices along with AOT compilation. It was popularized in 2013 as an SDK model for mobile app development. Ionic uses a single codebase that transcends various platforms. It is framework agnostic. Many cross platform applications have been developed through this. Some of them include the MarketWatch app in the financial reporting sector, a fitness app called Sworkit, a merchandising app by Diesel, and the automotive giant Mclaren.

Ionic is essentially a Node Package Manager module and prefers to function as part of the wider Java system through Node.js. For application development, Ionic employs popular front end design services such as CSS and HTML. The documentation requirements for any Ionic app development company include migration guides, stencil library, repository of cordova and capacitor plugins as well as integration page.

Orion eSolutions is an Ionic app development company that focuses on user behavior to create responsive and attractive apps. We understand that the app is a piece of your company in every user’s pocket. Our aim is to understand your needs and merge it with our marketing and technological expertise, thus crafting a foolproof plan to execute the perfect cross platform mobile application for your business. Rich and robust mobile apps increase brand retention and encourage user engagement for your benefit.

Why Orion eSolutions is the best Ionic app development company?


Why Orion eSolutions is The Best Ionic App Development Company?

Ionic Development is perfect for:


Get access to our experienced Ionic app development team for all your mobile, desktop, or multi-platform application development needs.

At Orion, we undertake Ionic app development from the user point of view. By understanding your needs and the position of the company in the market, we can help you to choose the best user interface and the most appealing functionality at a reduced rate and faster turnaround time. Our Ionic app development company also undertake body shopping tasks and breathe some fresh life into it.

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