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Java – A general purpose computing platform that enables development of applications.

Developed under Sun Microsystems, Java is a programming technology that has a huge impact on our everyday lives. Its orientation is based on objects (single elements within the code), and the language is concurrent and also class based. Java transcends tech and platforms, and has wide ranging application possibilities ranging from data centers and personal laptops to Internet and super computers. It is easier to implement, thanks to a programming model dependent on object orientation.

Java is an ever relevant piece of technology, since it finds ways of seep into our lives even at the current pace of newer technologies coming in. Any piece of Java code written on any system can work seamlessly on any other supporting platforms seamlessly. Complexities seen on the C++ platform such as overloading of operator, pointers etc are done away in Java. Using RMI (Remote Method Innovation), any file can be accessed through any deice over the internet. A census has revealed that over 9677 global brands implement Java on their platforms. This includes Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, and Amazon among a plethora of many others.

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