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NFTs can extend beyond digital treasures to physical, tangible assets such as buildings. Brands have jumped on the bandwagon as well, with Taco Bell auctioning off NFTacoBells, a sequence of GIFs.

NFT — a data unit maintained in a blockchain that denotes the uniqueness of a digital asset. It is non-fungible since it is not interchangeable and ensures the uniqueness of the data set it represents. "Beeple's Art," a work of art, was auctioned for $69 million. And instead of a tangible picture, the winning bidder received a code known as NFT. Similarly, WazirX, a crypto currency online exchange platform, has launched a marketplace where Indian artists may display and sell their work via the NFT exchange. Items that are interchangeable are referred to as fungible. As a result, NFT is a guarantee of uniqueness.

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Secure identity


protection against swindlers


Streamlined data


Good for KYC


Hard to tempered

The uniqueness and non-replaceable nature of NFTs has resulted in a surge in the number and use of these tokens around the world. We at Orion eSolutions pledge to be your NFT development business and provide you with a solid foundation for NFT transactions. We can serve as the backbone of your blockchain solutions and effectively streamline services.

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