We have listed down the top PHP frameworks that are used in the process of web application development, Like (Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony and Zend.

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It has been mentioned time and again that PHP is one of the most widely chosen languages for web application development and rightly so. Since it makes the process of web development safe, quick and simple, there is no need to create codes from scratch. Additionally, it guarantees safe web development while also reducing the workload.

The good thing is that comes with multiple frameworks. However, the question is why should one use PHP? The right answer to this question would be that since it enables the development of a stable application with complete security and lesser issues, it is much more preferred.

PHP has multiple frameworks that have robust technical capabilities. In this blog, we will list down the top PHP frameworks that are used in the process of web application development. Let’s begin:

  • LARAVEL: Laravel is a free, reliable and open-source PHP framework that comes with the capability of handling complex web applications with safety measures and a quick pace. The laravel development services enable the simplification of processes such as routing, authentication, caching, etc. In addition, with its endless features, Laravel allows developers to customize web applications as well. Most businesses prefer to hire dedicated laravel developers when it comes to developing or maintaining websites.
  • CodeIgniter: For a very long time, CodeIgniter has been one of the best PHP frameworks. It makes the web development process simpler and faster. Even the beginners can set it up since it has a simple setup procedure. Other benefits of CodeIgniter are high-speed development, libraries, built-in security questions, data abstraction, community support, an illustrated database, etc. Businesses can hire a CodeIgniter developer to speed up the development process and for better application development.
  • CakePHP: CakePHP comes with a 100% backward compatibility that makes it highly upgraded. Further, this makes CakePHP one of the best choices for the creation of a rich and visually appealing website. One can simply install it with a copy of the framework and web server. It also comes with high-security measures including cross-site scripting protection, prevention of SQL injection, input validation, etc. It is also used increasingly for commercial applications since it has many helpful coding features such as validation, security, inheritance, support portals, fast build, and documentation, etc.
  • SYMFONY: Irrespective of being one of the oldest frameworks, Symfony is accounted for as a highly trusted, mature and reliable platform. It is the only PHP framework that follows PHP and web standards precisely. Considered as a high performing, stable and a well-documented framework, it is commonly used for the modular projects. Some of the features of Symfony such as reusable elements, engine independent database, and stability make it suitable for utilization. It allows getting quite a lot with its vendor libraries, designing patterns, etc.
  • ZEND: Zend framework is entirely an object-oriented framework. It uses features such as inheritance, interfaces which makes it pretty extendable. Having been built on the agile methodology, Zend helps in creating high-quality applications for enterprise clients. Some features of Zend include MVC components, data encryption, simple cloud API, session management, etc. It is extremely customizable and abides by the PHP best practices. This is an important thing for developers who want to add project-specific functionalities. The Zend framework is pretty amazing for the development of complex and enterprise-level projects. Therefore, it is preferred to handle projects involving large IT departments, banks, etc.


Given above are some of the PHP frameworks that are preferred and used widely in web application development. In order to get the website deployed, it is important to check these frameworks while ensuring which one works best, meets the needs and enables you to reach near the goal that you wish to achieve.

Website design and development is the fundamental step of enabling a business to grow. You can hire a PHP developer from a reliable web application development company in order to ensure that the best PHP framework is used for web development.

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