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Dotnet Developers


More than 1,179,448,021 websites are using dotnet globally. 


Most popular programing language in the USA with more than 368,720 sites 


Dotnet is leading in Top 10K with 6.94%   


.NET Onboarding

You might have an existing website that runs on a different platform. To harness the full potential of your website, you need to upgrade it to the .NET framework. We provide an efficient and cost-effective transition of your existing website to the framework. We ensure glitch-free, fast, and cost-effective onboarding to the platfor


Database Management

.NET allows customization of the database with CMS. We offer development models that will take care of securing and managing your content on your website.


Custom .NET Application Consultation and Development

Every business is unique. So are its requirements. When you hire us for custom app development, we offer you our top-rated developers, who have figured out the art of building scalable and agile web or mobile applications. With the .NET framework, you save a lot of money as you can easily use the existing code on your application. Our developers have worked with thousands of clients from diverse industries. They understand what is required to develop a perfect web solution for you.


.NET Website Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and management of your existing website are always tiresome. You need to monitor, maintain, and manage it daily. It consumes a lot of your time. Well, we will ease this burden off you with our flexible management and maintenance contracts. When we do all the management and maintenance for you, you are free to focus your energy on your business.


Full-stack .NET Development

Experience our unique full-stack development capabilities that take care of front and back-end development.


e-Commerce .NET Development

An E-Commerce website works like a charm on the .NET framework. With in-built libraries, you can create a responsive website for your customers.

Node Developers


Node is used by Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and PayPal.


Enterprise applications are used by 43% of Node JS developers.


After adopting Node JS, PayPal experienced a 35% reduction in average response time on their page.


Node JS can boost application performance by up to 50%. It also saves 58 % on development costs.


of users will form a negative opinion about a brand if the mobile app experience is not up to the mark.

Orion Excellence at A Glance



Every application is unique, and so should be its server-side coding script. At Orion, we champion that belief and work hard to provide you with highly customized Node.js Application solutions.



Node.js allows for super speed and scalability. If you are looking forward to exploiting the e-commerce spectrum, you need to invest in developing Node.js web application(s) for your business. Our Node Developers are expert in developing online platforms and UIs that are user-friendly.



You have a vision for what you want in an app, we have the capability of turning it into a reality. We run a complete system-check to provide you with well-documented research. It will help you out to decide on the features that you want for your custom iOS application. We are experts at formulating, designing, developing, and launching iPhone applications that are the most suitable to your business



Any web development requires time and has the potential to disturb business operations. We are completely mindful of that. Therefore we work doubly hard to institute efficient Migration and Integration processes in our execution. It helps in seamless transition without affecting your business.



It is common for online web applications to have public-facing APIs. It makes possible integration of features like social media logins, credit card payments, etc. The standard tool for it all is REST. Node.js capabilities allow for forming a secure REST API backend.

PHP Developers


PHP is utilized by 77.9% of all websites that employ a server-side programming language that we are aware of. 


The most used version of PHP is version 7, with 70.8% of users.


Transition to PHP

You might have an existing website on a different platform. It might need upgrades as well. You can make a smooth transition to the PHP framework to harness the potential of your website. We will provide you with glitch-free, fast, and cost-effective onboarding to the platform.


CMS Development

Content management on your website is a deciding factor when it comes to having a user-friendly website. We have multiple development models that will take care of securing and managing your content on your website. Our developers have an in-depth understanding of various content management platforms.


Custom PHP Application Consultation and Development

Every business and its requirement are unique. We offer free of cost consultancy services to assess your requirements. Based on the discussion and evaluation, we can provide you best solutions to your needs. Our developers have worked with thousands of clients from diverse industries.


PHP Website Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and Management of your existing website is a demanding task. You need to monitor, maintain, and manage daily. It will require a lot of your time. Do not worry. We offer flexible management and maintenance contracts. We will free you from worrying about maintaining your website.


Full-stack PHP Development

Experience our unique full-stack development that takes care of front and back-end development.


PHP e-Commerce Development

E-Commerce website works efficiently on the PHP platform. To stay relevant and in business, customize your existing website on the PHP platform.

Angular Developers


Angular supports more than 219K unique domains


More than 422K websites built with Angular 


13.1.1 is the latest version of Angular. However, Angular 4 is the most preferred version. 


Cross-platform Application Development

It is frustrating to code specific to the platform you want your app to run on. We understand that, and that is why we create Angular applications, in which you can code once and use it across multiple platforms.


Business Solutions

Your customers need to access your business through your web or mobile applications. It is what will define the next generation of successful B2C and B2B businesses. We help businesses with the designing, customization, and management of their Business App, which is supported by the features in-build in the Angular framework.


Enterprise Solutions

To make your everyday work processes consistent, you need to communicate with your workforce securely and reliably. We have helped our clients to do so by creating tailor-made in-house applications. We can embed the tasks and the processes onto your enterprise web or mobile application.


Cross-platform iOS & Android App Development

One of the best aspects of using the Angular framework is you can easily design, develop, and deploy an app that works effortlessly and efficiently on an Android or iOS platform.


Seamless onboarding of the Existing App(s) to Angular Framework

If you have a legacy app or an already existing application that requires onboarding the Angular framework, contact us today. Our in-house team of developers understands the standard procedures to ensure speedy deployment of the existing application onto the Angular framework.


App Maintenance

Having a functional app is one thing, but having an up-to-date application is another. When you hire us for your app maintenance, we ensure that your app runs on the latest technology.

JAVA Developers


With 64.96% of the vote, Java is the most popular programming language


There are over 45 billion active Java virtual machines on the planet.


Java is the most popular microservices programming language.


There are almost 25 billion Java virtual machines on the cloud.


Java is the most popular programming language for DevOps, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, continuous integration, analytics, mobile chatbots, and social media platforms.


Mobile App Development

Orion, we believe in the concept of constant learning. Java ecosystem requires just that. Most mobile apps are on the Java platform. Our team of developers is up-to-date about the present trends in Mobile App Development. In today’s hyper-competitive business world, having a mobile app is necessary. More importantly, your mobile app must be responsive to your customers. Towards that end, we provide multiple solutions. We can transform your existing app, undertake Greenfield App development, and provide consultation, design, and development for your project.


Big Data Tech

Big Data involves powerful processing and storage services. AI and ML provide the foundation for Big Data technology. It requires the Hadoop HDFS platform, which is written in Java. We help you harness the true potential of Big Data Technology. Our Java team has delivered more than 100 projects successfully for small and medium businesses.


Cloud Based Apps

Cloud is the revolution in the tech world. Without spending on physical infrastructure, you can now have access to various technologies at a fraction of the cost. Java is a popular language used for developing Software as a Service (SaaS) and Logging as a Service (LaaS). Our team of Java application developers is competent in helping you take your web or mobile app to the Cloud or access Cloud facilities for your project.


Desktop GUI

User-interface is the most critical aspect to keep in mind while developing any web or mobile application. Your end-user is not comfortable with the interface that spells trouble for you. Our Java developers assist in developing Desktop GUI, which is creative, innovative, and appealing.


IoT Apps

Our world is, without a doubt, connected to the devices we use. Internet is powering this phenomenon. That is called the Internet of Things (IoT). We take pride in saying that Orion is helping organizations with this transition. From smart monitoring to workflow organization, IoT apps are rapidly changing businesses.


Web and mobile-based apps

Java has been powering the web and mobile applications for decades now. It is the preferred language of mobile or web app developers. We have a talent pool of Java developers, who have years of experience of developing smart, scalable, efficient, and cost-effective web and mobile applications. We also provide Java migration, customization, deployment, installation. Our expert Java developers can help in every way.

Machine Learning Developers


The death rate could be anticipated with 92 percent accuracy at the time of COVID-19.


Machine learning helped Netflix save more than a billion dollars.


Google translation mistake was decreased by 60% thanks to machine learning.


AI-powered Voice Assistant is used by 97 percent of mobile users.


The accuracy of Google’s Deep Learning ML software in detecting breast cancer is 89 percent.


AI has the potential to avert 86% of cyber-attacks and security risks.  


ML helps you Automate Repetitive Tasks

In routine, numerous tasks are repetitive. The ML tools can train the system to identify and automate such tasks. With AI and ML capabilities your system can learn to think and operate with critical thinking.


Makes the Business Run Efficiently

Once you adopt the ML tools, your business processes are streamlined and automated, which help you attain enhanced Efficiency and Speed. You no longer have to wait for important information. Our ML framework understands the data that are relevant to our business and can even provide you a possible business strategy to scale your business


Effective and Targeted Marketing

Once you understand the targeted audience for your business, you can develop marketing strategies to reach them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know whom you should target to drive-up sales?

Crypto Developers


Between 2012 and 2022, the value of cryptocurrency increased by 177,500%.


The overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is $1.76 trillion, the equivalent of the world’s eighth-largest economy.


The daily average volume of bitcoin trades has surged considerably to $93 billion.


Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, with a 42.2 percent market share.


There are 459 cryptocurrency spot exchanges in the world.


ICO Development

Raising money through digitally distributed coins is no small task. It involves careful planning and even a fail-proof Blockchain platform to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We have successfully helped over 100 clients with their ICOs.


ICO Marketing

We always communicate to our clients that when you hire Orion, you don’t just get a tech solution provider but a tech strategy provider as well. Once we help you out with your ICO development, we help you market it effectively so that you can make a successful launch of your product.



Non-fungible Tokens are revolutionizing the digital world, and we are helping our clients to make the best out of it. NFTs are typically emerging as a hot-selling digital symbol or property in the gaming world. We help you develop and trade your unique NFTs.


Cryptocurrency Development

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other such cryptocurrencies are lucrative investments. You can make a fortune with your currency concept. When you hire us, we work endlessly on designing, developing, and launching the currency based on the distributed ledger platform such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.