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Orion has an extensive portfolio of happy clients who trust us for our quality backend development solutions. Our team of experts will provide you with cutting-edge backend technology to boost your business.

Coming to the software development process, proper backend development allows it to run in various environments without compromising functionality. Businesses use it to make information sharing easier and improve user experience. Our efficient tea of backend developers makes sure your customers’ needs are taken into consideration while development. This adds to the customer satisfaction that your business can provide. Our development routine is derived from the best industry practice and we employ the Agile culture. We promise full-cycle support and stunning technical proficiency.

Partner with us if you are looking to improve your business standards through elegant backend development. We can help you scale your business by providing flawlessly designed backend that adds to the functionality and technical aesthetics. We have over 1500 clients worldwide. We offer flexible engagement models and a dedicated team at your disposal. To understand the true power you can harness with an astutely designed backend, hire the Orion team right away!

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Web Development Services

Our team of developers is proficient in all backend development technologies like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java to name a few. We also boast 10+ years of experience in developing backend solutions. Our solutions are flexible and scalable to take into consideration you exact business need. We ensure added functionality and smoother front end elements.


We will undertake all your ERP development requirements. Each business has a unique set of ERP needs like finance, inventory management, HR, supply chain management, invoicing, forecasting, and reporting among many others. We provide end to end ERP backend development to seamlessly integrate all the necessary functions for your business to run smoothly.


We provide customized DMS backend development services to organize and manage all your electronic documents and images. We have a unique approach to parent child folders hierarchy, chatter, archives, and security as well as access controls. Simplify storing and tracking all your paper-based information with our DMS development services.


We develop decoupled CMS that can store user created content while incorporating a content management operations interface. We understand that a CMS is not just a backend framework for content management. It must be able to host an infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with the front end elements of the system.


We offer the most secure and robustly designed e-commerce platforms. Our solutions include a highly functional blend of product search engine, electronic data interchange framework, web pages, and shopping cart. We make sure that your online store offers the smoothest and most transparent services possible in order to skyrocket customer delight.


A CRM is necessary to manage your clients. We provide both open source and custom CRM solutions. Get a simplified interface to accumulate all client data and to analyze it. Identify sales opportunities, store prospect information, record issues with the services, and manage campaigns effectively through our CRM solutions designed to fill in business gaps with opportunities.


Our API backend development service allows you to easily link up with development software kits. Our solution can let you link your software to a cloud-based storage.


Our version control system designs allow you to easily track the changes made by your teams to your services. This promises work streamlining and a seamless flow of tasks in the right direction. Furthermore, lubricate the business functions and have a better grasp on the outputs and related functions through our version control systems.


We make sure that your website has a mobile app partner and we create robust mobile app backends for you to leverage the entire functionality. We also allow cross system integrations.


We create servers, databases, and applications for a robust website backend. Our team specializes in creating cleaner codes that add to the functionality of the website’s front –end. This also enhances engagement with your site and adds to the user experience of your visitors.

With our flexible engagement models, you can hire our developers for a host of these services as per your requirements. Our developers are proficient in the tech stack required for elegant back end development services and can go above and beyond your expectations with innovative solutions to all your business requirements. To be more specific, Orion has developers with excellent capacity in:

Languages including but not limited to JavaScript , Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Perl, Kotlin, Scala. Frameworks like Express, React, Vue, Angular, Flask, Laravel, CakePHP, .NET, TAP, and Apache among others.

“We offer the best that the industry has to offer. Our clients claim to have incrementally improved their business functions through our support”

Our Industrial Footprints

Backend services are required across industries and offerings. We understand this. We also take into consideration the nuances of backend development that need to be followed for each industry. Our web and mobile solutions are designed keeping in the industry trends in mind. This allows us to present our client with the most robust and to-the-point services as and when they require them.


We cater to the healthcare industry with added advantages such as improved security, user authentication, auditing, transaction support, comprehensive patient models, and validation services. We understand the complexity of the healthcare industry and the sensitive nature of the data developed. Our service-oriented backend architecture simplifies the entire process through healthcare specific backend services.

Retail & Ecommerce

E-commerce services require transparency and ease of use to engage and convert users. Our solutions are scalable, responsive, and rich in feature and functionality. The front end reflections of our backend services exhibit extreme user friendliness and enhance the entire user experience for the retail and e-commerce industry.

Banking & Finance

We understand that security is the major concern for any backend developed for the banking and finances sector. However, we do not compromise on the functionality while keeping the security intact.


Highly responsive and attractive web and mobile solutions are crucial to the advertising, news, and publishing industry. We provide end to end solutions with our technical prowess while keeping in mind the pace at which the industry evolves.

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment industry requires fully integrated solutions in the agreed specifications. Our team promises client and server side functionalities without compromising on the performance.

Education & E-Learning

Education is transforming into a remote service at a significant pace recently. E-learning is becoming the norm with faster adoption than what was seen in the previous years. To fashion a seamless education experience, a robust backend framework of high functionality and integrated features is crucial. Our proven expertise in the backend development field extends to the education and e-learning industry in profound manners.



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Each backend language has its own nuances and solves its fair share of problems. We employ developers who are proficient in multiple languages with minimal overlaps. This means that our team can provide the solutions you seek to any business necessity that may arise.  We specialize in languages like JavaScript , Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Perl, Kotlin, and Scala among many others. The frameworks we deal with include Express, React, Vue, Angular, Flask, Laravel, CakePHP, .NET, TAP, and Apache among others.

Our solutions are sculpted specifically for your business needs and according to the industry you thrive in. This means that you can be assured the solutions are the best you can expect from the market. Added advantages of partnering with us include a flexible engagement model, cleaner codes, and transparent communication.

It is unlikely that you will ever find any of our developers not worth their salt. With 10+ years of experience and over 1500 clients, we make sure that our solutions are second to none and that your business needs are met in the most meaningful manner. In the rarest of the rare chance that you identify an issue with our team, our Service Manager will be directly in touch with you to understand the issue and suggest an outcome best suited to the situation.

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