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Be it your first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or coin development project, your search for talented developers ends with Orion!

Orion, India’s top-rated web solutions company, excels at building decentralized and extremely secure networks founded on Blockchain technology. We have been keen on driving our client’s success by providing scalable, cost-effective, and agile web solutions. Our developers work towards making your vision for your business a reality.

Our clients have been prominent contributors to our success. We help our clients to comprehend the value of investing in developing Decentralized Apps (DApps) or additional services. These services have a base of peer-to-peer level decentralized networks. We designate the best Crypto Developers in our team to work on your project on ‘as-and-when, or long-term projects. Our Flexi pay payment models even suit your budget!


Savings of 70% on developmental costs  


2000+ satisfied customer base


97% + client retention


1000+ MERN stack projects delivered


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Why Does Your Business
Need An Orion Crypto Developer?

Today, data can be a valuable commodity for enterprises, provided they make meaningful insights. Most companies are unable to manage the vast amount of data. Today’s business strategy requires an in-depth understanding of data and Machine Learning helps enterprises with that. To stay relevant and ahead of completion, companies are relying on AI and ML-powered systems.

Orion offers transformative business practices with the help of Machine Learning applications.


Connect easily with developers

We very well understand the risk involved in the utilization of cryptocurrency. We consider ourselves accountable for providing easy access to the efficient Bitcoin exchange developer who will cater to all your needs and aspirations. Also, they will work on delivering secure, centrally controlled, and unbreakable financial transactions with Bitcoins to ensure the relevance of the business of our beloved customers.



With strict adherence to the NDA, we maintain transparency for all the cryptocurrency-based projects associated with our clients. Additionally, we understand and respect your privacy and use advanced security parameters to protect your data.


Best in-class solutions

Our team of developers comprises able crypto exchange developers with expertise in developing exchange software and custom cryptocurrency trading solutions. It enhances the business fortune of our customers. What’s more?

Our deep understanding of the latest technologies helps us to create a solution for developing a well-equipped cryptocurrency marketplace.


Highly professional team

We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified crypto developers with a high sense of professionalism. We are keen to provide cutting-edge crypto solutions to our esteemed customers. In addition to this, our team will ensure that a sound monetary transaction system is provided to the people in the most convenient ways.



We connect with our clients in such a way to maintain transparency. We believe it creates trust and results in a better project outcome.


Flexible models

One of the most important benefits of connecting with Orion is the Flexi pay model. Based on your specific requirement, you can hire our developers monthly, part-time, hourly, or fixed cost basis.

Orion eSolutions Crypto
Competencies at a Glance.


ICO Development

Raising money through digitally distributed coins requires thorough work. We offer precise planning and a fail-proof Blockchain platform to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


ICO Marketing

Orion provides an amalgamation of tech solutions and marketing. Once we help you out with your ICO development, we help you market it effectively so that your product becomes a success.



Non-fungible Tokens are significantly elevating the digital world, and we are happy to help our clients to make the best out of it. NFTs are generally appearing as vast-selling digital symbols or property in gaming. We help you develop and trade your unique NFT.


Cryptocurrency development

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are significant investments. You can make a future with your currency vision. When you connect with us, we work endlessly on designing, developing, and establishing the currency based on the distributed ledger platforms.



Decentralized Application (DApp) operates on a highly-secured, peer-to-peer level network that no one controls. We help you probe the true potential of your industry application by creating a safe and powerful DApp for your business.


Cryptocurrency wallet

We offer end-to-end Blockchain services. We help you create and scale a Cryptocurrency wallet that powerfully works for all Cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, your wallet provides a safe space for users to keep their Cryptocurrency safe with enhanced safety measures.

Our Technological Competencies

With Orion’s ML expertise, our clients gain an unsurpassed technological edge to stay ahead of the competition.


Expert Blockchain


mobile apps


Distributed ledger


Reliable Blockchain


Cross-border payment


Inclusive financial platform
with 24/7 market

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

We are confident in honoring our commitment to providing you an efficient and secure Cryptocurrency Network Solutions across different industries. It is because we have helped thousands of clients worldwide with their development needs. Our team of developers has rich experience in working with clients from the following  industries.


Travel and tourism

The travel and tourism industry experiences high volatility because of the whims of travelers. Our expertise in building high-response and easily navigable distributed ledger applications has helped many customers stand out.


Retail and E-commerce

Ecommerce and Crypto both are larger entities. Crypto Exchange Network is letting the E-commerce giants explore their real potential. The increased extent of safety that a Blockchain network provides to businesses makes it excellent for the retail and e-commerce applications to transition to the DApps ecosystem. We ensure they make the best out of it.



One of the utmost vital sectors that benefitted greatly from the rise of Blockchain is the Finance sector. Our expertise with these streams manages and scales up your business.


Crowd Sourcing

The tourism sector is an evergreen one and a valuable contributor to the global economy. However many challenges are impacting the industry and limiting its potential. Technology plays a significant role in empowering organizations. ML in tourism can generate customer engagement and predict outcomes and travelling patterns.



If you have ever played a video game and have bought in-game ‘skins’ (unique feature products sold within the game), you have undergone something similar to the Blockchain Network. We are connected with the best of the Gaming companies, helping them develop NFTs.

How does it work?

We follow a very agile 5-step
development process from start to finish.


Defining Project

• Meeting
• Understanding Requirements
• Data Collection



• Wireframe
• Prototype
• Finalisation



• Coding
• Feedback



• Testing
• Revisions
• Launch



• Maintenance
• Upgradations

The Orion Advantage



Years of experience



Projects Delivered



Happy Clients



Man Years’ Experience



Client Retention

Our team of skilled technologists can work on projects of any size, segment, and scale. We strive to exceed your expectations with absolute professionalism in our approach. You connect with a team having technical expertise and a consistent growth mindset to deliver the best.

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