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Build robust web applications in collaboration with Orion. We provide innovative tech solutions. Our team of experienced full stack developers can help you save time and cost and ensure the delivery of highest quality solutions.

Full stack development combines front end, backend, and database development. Undertaking a full stack development option ensures easier maintenance and a seamless design structure. The full stack development team at Orion is proficient in a wide range of client side and server side technologies. We understand the variation of requirements for each business and hence follow a flexible engagement model where you pay only for the services you require. No need to stress about recruiting developers anymore. We have already done it. We have handpicked the best developers in the market through rigorous testing processes.

Look no further for a seamless full stack development experience. We sculpt end to end full stack development solutions regardless of your business model. We look forward to exploiting our experience for the greater good of your business. Why? Because that is what we have been doing all this while for over 2000 clients and we love it. We assure timely delivery and the best possible quality of solutions. We also ensure zero compatibility issues. Want to boost your business? Hire the development doyens from Orion because we are exactly what you are looking for.

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Full Stack Development Services

Our innovative solutions and seamless integration of the same into your business for scalability is possible with the vast experience of our developers. The full stack development teams at Orion has an average of 10+ years of experience and are qualified in web development through various prestigious institutions and hold esteemed certificates. We understand businesses will want to go for a full stack development process due to the complete control it gives them. We ensure a smooth onboarding process and instant results.


Our developers are familiar with the flexibility and performance optimization possible through React. We build cleaner modular structured solutions with React. Through React, we develop rich user interfaces and custom components. Our unique coding style also enables faster rendering and SEO friendly solutions.


Ember.JS has built in best practices and 90% of the choices made by the framework are right. It is easy to integrate with large teams through Ember.JS. Our team exploits Ember’s coherent development tools to enhance productivity and organizational agility.


Our Backbone.JS services allow you the benefit of building applications that automatically updates itself. We make proper use of its open source libraries to derive the most innovative and fresh solutions every time. We build well organized and well structured client-side web applications.


Angular.JS brings an innate flexibility to all the applications developed using it. We exploit its code reusability and plug-and-play components to improve the application functionality and to reduce turnaround time. The output is robust since our team is experienced in the parallel development that this framework allows.


Polymer is the future of web app development and we are already on top of it. We create rich, reusable, robust, and powerful web components using polymer. You can be sure about the superiority of functionality because Polymer permits composing CSS, HTML, and encapsulated js. We do Polymer templating, data binding and shadow DOM.


We can create scalable applications using Node.js with cross-browser compatibility. With a huge number of tools at disposal as well as code sharing and reusability, we can create more efficient and functional applications for you. Node.js is a robust tech stack with enhanced speed and performance of applications. It is an event based scalable technology for micro-services as well.


PHP is versatile and has a strong community support. It is fast and secure as well. It has been tried and tested and is well connected with databases. There is a lot of legacy code as well. Combine this with our 10+ years of web development experience and you get solutions that are second to none.


It has cross platform compatibility and is a mature framework. It is very secure and cost effective as well as flexible and supported by a large community. And what’s more? We know it like the back of our hands. Our experienced developers will sculpt the most customized, result driven, and robust .NET solutions for your business.

The greatest advantage of hiring an expert full stack development team like the ones we have here at Orion is the flexibility it provides. Our team has experts in all fields and minimal overlapping. This means we will undertake all your needs in the most efficient fashion. Our flexible engagement models further add to the feasibility of hiring us. Some of the tech that our development doyens are proficient in are-

“Our clients are very happy with our services. They say they have experienced almost immediate results by joining hands with us.”

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

We understand that businesses within any industry would be turning to full stack development options simply because they can have better control over the projects and outcomes. We believe full stack development has already taken over the industry and are happy to be a driving force of this revolution. We further understand the nuances exhibited by each industry and appreciate its diversity. Through this appreciation comes acknowledgement of the fact that each industry deserves a unique approach. And this is exactly what we do at Orion eSolutions.


We undertake our healthcare partnerships very seriously. We understand the trust and sensitivity that the industry strives to produce and our full stack development is in line with this emotion. Our solutions are designed to simplify and speed up the healthcare processes that you provide. We seek to enrich healthcare and enhance medical care delivery through this.

Retail & Ecommerce

Our solutions make sure that the experience provided by you to your customers is as seamless and as trustworthy as they come. We hope to enrich UX through the use of a seamless and highly functional UI along with a powerful and robust backend. We further provide solutions integrated with user friendly interfaces, responsive pages, intuitive chat bots, and an easier checkout process to name a few.

Banking & Finance

Our full stack developers boast real time efficiency to boost the quality of your banking and financial provisions. Skyrocket your efficiency with our enterprise-grade solutions sculpted to meet the ever growing demands of a dynamic industry like Banking and Finance.


Our developers help provide result driven and user focused solutions to skyrocket the elegance of businesses working in the Advertising, News, and Publishing industries. Our full stack solutions include a powerful backend that make the user experience at the front end seem frictionless and intuitive. The front end elements designed by us are aesthetically pleasing.

Media & Entertainment

We chisel our development and solutions in accordance to the industry it caters to. And we do it for the media and Entertainment industry as well. The dynamic nature and the flavor of this industry is taken into consideration while designing our full stack solutions. Apart from an attractive front end which enhances user experience through an intuitive UI, you also get a robust backend that adds to the functionality of the entire framework.

Education & E-Learning

This sector has been affected profoundly by the ongoing digitization of sectors and industries. We understand that a seamless student or teacher experience along with an interface that stands out is the way to go in this industry. All your admin functions also may need to be addressed. We take these nuances into consideration and a deep understanding of the industry before starting to work on any projects related to the Education and E-learning sector.



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We follow Agile principles. This means that your work will be done in the most efficient fashion. We deliver quality solutions, constantly. We make sure that you get prompt project delivery and we believe this is what makes all our clients so happy to return to us. We promise customized solutions and continuing support and maintenance measures.

Flexible hiring and engagement models, accelerated development process from the best talent within the market, scalable applications, enhanced productivity, and added security through the use of the best available tech in the market are just few of the reasons.

First we assess your requirements to match project ideas and team skills. We understand your needs and assign the required developers, coders, and designers. Then we set the paperwork in motion. We then start the project development process along with continuous reporting and interaction with you. Finally the time comes for delivery and launch post which we offer our complete support for scaling and maintenance.

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