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Create exceptionally secure large scale web apps with ease using the Yii framework.

Yii framework simplifies the process of building large scale and highly functional web applications. It is a pragmatic PHP framework with a number of default functions that lubricates the entire development process. It is known for having minimal overhead, built in code optimizers, and better code generation capacity. In other words, choosing Yii framework development makes the development process fast, secure, and efficient.

Yii supports automation of redundant tasks. For instance, Gii assists the developer in automating the creation of code templates. This can be applied for models or forms or extensions, thus greatly reducing the efforts. XSS, CSRF, and cross site scripting capacities of Yii makes the framework exceptionally secure. Yii also provides flexibility in configurations, and an extensive community support through forums, chat, and hall of fame. These capabilities that come built in within this PHP framework makes it popular among businesses like Fujitsu, Deloitte, and General along with Lenovo.

For boosting your business using Yii and having large scale web apps in place for increasing customer engagement, partner with a Yii framework development company like Orion eSolutions. We offer elegant solutions based entirely on your business requirements and market standards. Our Yii framework development solutions include shopping carts and CMS development along with plug-in and web development strategies. We also offer migration and integration services including 3rd party app integration.

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