Having an attractive and functional website is a significant need of the hour in the present world. In fact, it is even more important than having a business card in today’s world. However, just getting the website made does not help in achieving the objective of reaching the target audience. The important thing to consider here is if the website solves its purpose well.  The viewers of the website must increase for the business to succeed and develop at a quick rate. Holding and engaging the attention of the users is an intricate job and must be taken care of properly for the results to be productive.

There are multiple reasons why a website could prove inconsequential for the customers and drive them away. As a business owner, it is important to make sure that your website does not have any of those features. This will not just help in retaining the customers but it will make them come back over and over again.

A website must not give any reason to customers that drive them away from the website. To make sure this does not happen, we are listing some of the things that must be taken care of otherwise it is highly likely that the users will not stay on the website for long. Keep reading to get a better understanding of these reasons.


UNATTRACTIVE WEB DESIGNThe first thing that the customers notice right when they reach a website is its design. A boring or unattractive design increases the chances of a user going away from a website within a few seconds. Therefore, the design is one of the most important things that must be paid attention to. 

In addition to being an element for attraction, it must also be engaging enough to make the user stay on the website. Many businesses keep scratching their heads on this topic but unfortunately to no avail and the reason why is because they do not go for hiring a professional designer. 

It is necessary to bring a professional web designing and development organization when it comes to designing. Right from the color scheme, to the design of the logo or the placement on the website, a professional or a team of professionals is well aware of all the tips and tricks that make the design of a website attractive. 

Additionally, the design of a website should be contingent on the brand identity in all ways. Detailed contemplation must take place in making a web design in sync with the logo design or the branding colors. This gives the users an opportunity to connect with the brand which further makes them stay for long.


poor content

Another important thing that can make a person drive away from a website is poor content. The popular quote, “Content is King” is absolutely true. It is very important for the website content to be to the point, well written and in sync with the ongoing content strategies. 

You cannot afford to publish or use outdated content on a website. Also, it is very important to be mindful of the fact that if the content of a website is not updated then it will never have any visitors. The users come to a website looking for something interesting or which adds value to them. This is exactly what a website should be able to deliver to make the users stay. 

Attractive headers, interesting headlines, call to action buttons and the inside content, it should all be in sync with the website. All these things play a significant role in making a user stay on the website for a long time.


bad mobile friendliness

More and more people access the internet on their mobile phones at the present time. Whenever they want to search for products or consume any content that interests them, they prefer using their mobiles as compared to their desktops. By all means, it is a great way because it helps in getting information easily. 

Hence, this is yet another point of consideration when it comes to making the customers stay for long. In case the website fails to be responsive on cross platforms other than just a computer then chances are highly likely that the potential customers will go away from the website. 

Making the website responsive on all devices, particularly mobiles will ensure that potential customers are not being alienated. This can be done by ensuring that the design of a website is made in such a way that it is compatible with all the devices.


Slow Page Speed

In this exceedingly busy world, waiting for something turns out highly frustrating, especially when there is a lot of competition in anything. People are always running low on time and they look for quick solutions. 

When it comes to something like a website, instant results and gratification play an important role in making the customers stay for long. In case it takes more than a few seconds for the pages to load on a website then chances of it getting ignored are very high. 

Studies have shown that the maximum limit up to which visitors are willing to wait on a website is not more than 3-5 seconds which means that the pages on these websites must load within this time only. Nobody likes waiting on a website for a long time. 

Therefore, if a website has a slow loading speed or performance then it will definitely lose visitors. The businesses must focus on making progress in terms of responsiveness and loading time if they do not want the clients to go away.


Bad Navigation

In this modern era where digitization has taken over the entire world with immense prevalence, the attention span of human beings has started decreasing which is why website problems have increased. 

In addition to the slow loading time, another thing that could be really frustrating for a customer is poor navigation. Not only does it affect the content of a website, its design but also the pages of the website. 

Quick and easy navigation is preferred by all the visitors as it is intuitive, simple to understand and makes people stay on the website for a long time which in turn proves to be beneficial for the business. User experience can be enhanced to a great extent by making the users see everything that they want to see with easy navigation.


Too Many Pop-ups

There is absolutely no doubt the fact that Pop-ups are annoying especially when a website has too many of them it becomes very irritating to stay on a website for a long time. 

Although they have an important role in the marketing strategy for a user, these pop-ups are nothing more than an element that can make them leave the website. If the business owners wish for the users to stay on a website for a long time then it is important that they ensure the presence of minimal pop-ups on the website. P

Plus, there are many other ways for advertising on a website, it is best to not choose the pop-ups. Remember, the goal is to give these users reasons to stay on the website and not go away from it.


Unproductive SEO Strategy

Your website could have all the elements of being a good website but a big reason why it is not being visited as much as it should is that people are finding it difficult to find your website. This happens when the search visibility of a website is low and is not enough to get recorded in the web indexes. 

Not only does it make your website have fewer visitors but it also wastes all the work done to make a website look good. To make sure that this does not happen what you can do is make an SEO strategy that creates your brand positioning while making recommendations about a review or visiting a website. 

A website is ultimately dependent on three things that are relevance, accessibility, and prevalence. The SEO strategy should be made around these three qualities. This will not just increase the visitors but it will also make them stay on the website for long.


Automate Audios and videos

The automated audios and videos playing on a website are highly irritating and frustrating. Imagine clicking on a website with an unwanted sound playing right away. In most cases, this drives users away immediately. 

It is very important that a website asks for permission before audio or a video is played. The point to be noted here is that any unwanted or disruptive sound ruins the experience of a customer. 

It spoils their mood which then becomes a reason for them to leave the website. Hence, automatic music must be avoided as we don’t want to give the visitors any reason to go away.


Website Loopholes

This means that the website is broken with many loopholes and if this is the case then this is a big reason to drive the customer away. All that essentially falls in the list of broken features are under construction pages, errors on the website and unwanted specifications when it comes to the design and the functionality of a website. 

Broken features give the customers an idea that the brand is not professional enough to work on the website. Once the customers form this impression then they do not return which reduces the website traffic. 

Additionally, the website or a specific page on it is under construction then even that can be done a lot more creatively. For example; you could put up an interesting game so that the user stays interested in the website when the under-construction loophole is there.


Low Quality Images

Nothing makes a website as creative and engaging as the visual elements. In addition to being great for grasping the attention of users, these visual aids are great for delivering a strong message just with a good picture. 

It is amazing to get all the information by just looking at an image rather than reading through a long paragraph or watching a video. The website can be loaded with images that signify the relevance of the brand and its identity. 

With that being said, it must be noted that the images should not be copied or of low quality by any means. Using them can have a negative impression on the customers which can further result in driving people away from it. The focus must always be on using original, contextual and relevant images that can help in grabbing the attention of users and making them stay for long.


A good website is a combination of many important things like good content, design, user-friendliness, responsive pages, interesting images, and many other things. In order to make a website attractive, functional and a favourite of customers, it is necessary to put all these elements in place because missing out on even one of them can turn out to lose website traffic.

A useful trick to make a website stand out amongst the users is to look at a website from the perspective of users and not the owner of a business. When the business owners will be able to discern the look and functionality of a website as a visitor, coming up with a great website that will make the customers stay for long will become an easy job.

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