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Are you contemplating about front-end development using React? The n you are possibly wondering what skills to look for while hiring an efficient partner for the job. Here, we will discuss the 5 absolutely crucial skills any such developer must possess in 2021. This is not an exhaustive list but an essential one. But first, let us understand the market associated with the technology.

React JS is a JavaScript library used to make modern applications. It is compatible for both web and mobile applications and was released by Facebook.

  • According to Stack Overflow, it is the 2nd most popular web framework out there.
  • It is used by 7% of all websites.
  • That amounts up to over 90,00,000 websites globally.
  • Version 16 is still the most popular one with a share of 50%.

With these staggering stats in consideration, let us move to the next part which details the skills to consider while hiring.




Knowledge about languages like HTML and CSS are inevitable for any front-end developer. User interface and the experience that stems out of it is a huge concern for all businesses across industries and the way to deal with it is to hire a developer who is proficient in these particular techs. Any React developer worth their salt must know semantic HTML tags, CSS selectors, CSS reset, box model and border-box, flexbox, and responsive web principles.


One of the most significant aspect of this front-end ecosystem is that the developers work with syntax extensions. This is called JSX or JavaScript XML. It is an abstraction on top of the API. The issue with scaling APIs is resolved through this. And it is definitely more enhanced than HTML proper.

  • ES6

Developers need to know the JS fundamentals and ES6 to properly leverage the rest of their related skills efficiently. These skills include variables, scoping, array methods, functions, arrow functions, arrays, objects, event handling, and DOM manipulation along with callback and other higher order functions. The skills also include object creation and prototypal inheritance as well as ‘class’ and ‘this’ keywords.


This was developed in coherence with React’s handling of state updates and how it tends to get asynchronous. This is a built-in state management function that also enhances scalability. It is not a framework in itself but more of a way of looking at and working with data. Functional programming, immutability, and tailor-made solutions are some key aspects of Redux.

  • NODE

This may seem ironic. Node is a server-side technology while the developers in question are supposed to have skills in client-side aspects. A concrete understanding of npm registry will aid the developers in expanding the React library. Knowledge about this cloud storage for dependencies thus becomes vital.

The above-mentioned skills constitute a crucial part of expectations from React developers. Knowing both client-side and server-side technologies makes the hire more alluring. Over and above these proficiencies, Git is also preferred. Knowledge about solutions such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab further shoots up the preference. The developer will be able to track changes as well as add, commit, pull, and push. This will also allow branching strategies or merging them as well as handling merge conflicts.

That brings us to the conclusion of this discussion. Let us sum up with the major considerations to apply while hiring a React development partner.



The following list will help you decide wisely. Any React developer must know:

  • HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, Stylus, and SVG for creating visual elements
  • JavaScript and Fundamental TypeScript
  • Npm, Yarn, Node.js
  • Automation tools such as Webpack, Parcel, Rollup
  • Libraries such as jQuery, MomentJS, Underscore, and Lodash
  • TDD, BDD, unit tests, and tools like Jest, Enzyme, Karma, Mocha, and Selenium for testing
  • Cloud platform knowledge across SaaS, AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

If you are looking for all these skills and then some, you are at the right spot. Orion eSolutions is happy to boast that we have engineers proficient in all these technologies, frameworks, and tools. We also decorate this wide breadth of expertise with in-depth experience. Our digital wizards can help you with your React requirements with utmost diligence for your enhanced delight. Visit us at www.orionesolutions,com for more information.

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