Interconnected economies and globalization have paved way for successful software outsourcing. Both enterprise level businesses and startups are adopting this strategy. This helps to find cutting-edge talent feasibly. Outsourcing efficiently can turn out to be a huge competitive advantage as well.

Here, we will glance at the 5 essential parameters to consider while outsourcing your IT functions. But first, some numbers.

  • The global outsourced services market stands at $92.5 Billion
  • Global contract value for IT outsourcing has reached $66.5 Billion
  • Global cloud SaaS market has hit a revenue of $145.5 Billion in 2021.
  • The cloud PaaS market, on the other hand stays at $80 Billion.

The popularity is clear, the penetration is thorough, and the adoption is intelligible. These stats lay a concrete foundation for the next section of this discussion. Let us now look at what to keep in mind while outsourcing software development.



Being detail oriented with a development mindset is crucial for any development partner you choose. Outcome must be prioritized over output. Here, the key consideration is that big is not better. Outsourcing must be done on a need-to-need basis with the right outcome in mind.

Track Record

A portfolio of successful projects must be your first consideration. Be sure to look for a partner with reputation in your niche. Strategic partnerships with long-term goals is rendered much more fruitful. Be sure to test their digital products to understand the level of expertise that they bring to the table.


Put the potential partner’s technical prowess under scrutiny. Product development is a dynamic process with no room for a one-size-fits-all solution. Multiple areas of technical expertise must be considered. In this ever-evolving technical landscape, tech should match the trends when it comes to development. Make sure the candidate in consideration is adept in all the latest nuances and advancements in the field such as databases, mobile platform, web platform, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics, CRM, and DevOps to name a few.


Reworks can be costly both economically and temporally. Partners who adhere to the Agile or Scrum practices and follows the CI/CD philosophy can help you eliminate this. Measurement, testing, scaling, and aligning the results to the business objective comes lucidly through this iterative process.

By keeping these 3 aspects in the back of your head while hiring, you can be sure that the partner is just right for your business. Next, we will provide you a 5-step framework to follow while selecting a software vendor for your business.



  1. Understand the niche business requirements. Assess the type of software required to be built, analyze the tech stacks required, and chart out deadlines before making the next move.
  2. Shortlist potential vendors. Check for reviews and ratings on B2B networking portals or refer to credible industry publications.
  3. Request for proposals. Get detailed proposals and negotiation brackets if necessary. Set goals, constraints, and responsibilities.
  4. Assess the responses and schedule demos or interviews.
  5. Negotiate and close.

Now that we are familiar with the steps to consider while outsourcing web development, let us conclude this discussion by briefly glance at why outsourcing is such a good idea.



Software outsourcing can add to the feasibility of the solution. Fixed costs of full time employees and the expensive option of training and retraining employees can be ruled out. You can also ensure faster time to market and scalability through outsourcing. You can access skills on-demand and the best technologies. This rapidly evolving dynamic market place leaves room for a lot of risks that can be effectively avoided.

If you have reached the end of this piece, we know that you are serious about outsourcing your software development needs. At Orion eSolutions, we take care of all such necessities in the most profound, meaningful, and efficient fashion. Connect with us today to know more. Visit  www.orionesolutions.com to know more.

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