Essential Skills To Look For While Hiring A Node.js Developer

Node.js is the latest programming rage in 2024. The platform is JavaScript based and its popularity has been on the rise according to Stack Overflow.

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Node.js is the latest programming rage in 2021. The platform is JavaScript based and its popularity has been on the rise according to Stack Overflow. Let us look at some statistics to back up this claim.

  • The platform reduces development cost by 58% according to NetGuru.
  • Application performance is increased by 50%.
  • According to W3Tech, this technology is used by over 20 million

It is also a known fact that there is a sizeable gap between the talent available in the market and the demand. It is easy to learn and follows the “One code, one deployment” principle. It is scalable and promises a faster turnaround time. It allows you to quickly craft an MVP and has a large and active community for support and feedback. The following statistics speak favorably of the tech.

  • 96% of the companies that employed this tech have experienced significant business advantages.
  • According to PayPal, the average page response time dropped by 35% while using this framework.
  • Hackernoon claims that this platform reduces loading time by 50% – 60%.

If you are thinking of hiring a Node developer or partnering with the likes of Orion eSolutions, chances are that you are trying to leverage the entire potential of this platform. In order to enjoy this, there are certain parameters you need to keep in mind. Here, let us understand the 6 absolutely critical skills that you must look for in a developer.

Essential Skills For Node.js Developers

Front End Expertise

Node developers mainly focus on the back end. However, they also need to visit the front-end time and again to sculpt an enjoyable user experience. Hence, it is important for any developer to know front end technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In 2021, the most popular front-end frameworks are React and Vue.

Database Management

Knowledge about persistence layers such as databases and proficiency in storing dynamic data are important. This is because a codebase is not enough to run an application. In this framework, the best way to interact with a database is through an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool.


Another crucial element to look for while hiring developers is their ability to deploy applications to a cloud platform. A good grasp on AWS or Azure or even Now, Heroku, or Netlify is as important as knowing the tech itself in 2021.

Asynchronous Programming

It is necessary for the developer to know his or her way around asynchronous programming and it workarounds. This helps in reducing waiting periods. This in turn increases productivity as asynchronous or non-blocking I/O lets two or more functions to be executed at the same time.

User Authentication

Authorization across multiple systems, servers, and environments is a skill that needs to be considered inevitable among developers.

MVC Familiarity

If the context is a large business or enterprise, it is imperative that the coder understand MVC frameworks. This enables customized and data driven web APIs.

With these six skills intact, you can be sure that you have one of the best JS engineers at your disposal. However, this is not a comprehensive list, but a compulsory one. There are other aspects such as package management, source control, web app frameworks, data security, error handling, and RESTful APIs among others that need to be looked for. If this feels slightly overwhelming or if you keep second guessing about the necessity of hiring a Node developer, keep reading. Let us sum this up on a fantastic note.

Summing Up

In 2024, this open source cross platform JavaScript environment is making its presence felt. Scalability, speed, flexibility, performance, accessibility, efficiency in caching, quicker turnaround, real time communication, and efficiency of queuing requests are the advantages attached with this. However, all these are just jargon if you cannot exploit it efficiently for your business. This is where Orion’s can be of assistance. We have already hired the best developers, and have already created some of the best infrastructures. If you have reached here, then we realize your need for a Node JS developer is strong.

Now all you have to do is connect with us and understand how we can help you achieve that well deserved boost to your business. Let our development virtuosos show you how well a Node deployment can positively impact your vision. Get in touch with Orion eSolutions today.

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