8 Reasons For Hiring A Laravel Developer

8 Reasons For Hiring A Laravel Developer

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“An elegant, expressive and freeing syntax.”

Taylor Otwell’s Laravel is one of the most popular and powerful web application frameworks. If you are looking for creating functional and feasible web applications in a simplified manner, Laravel is the way to go. Common tasks such as sessions, routing and authentication are simplified. The MVS (Model-View-Controller) pattern of design is easily understandable as well. And moreover, it is open source.

It is popular among both large enterprises and promising startups. Here, we will discuss why a Laravel developer will prove to be one of the best investments for your company’s future. But first, as usual, let us take a look at certain numbers.

  • Over 1,621,831 websites use Laravel according to Builtwith.
  • This includes 96,076 unique domains.
  • Laravel has a market share of 0.28% according to Slintel.
  • It has over 60,000 stars on Github.

Web development, software development and digital marketing verticals are the top three users of this framework. Laravel is the most popular among other PHP frameworks such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, and Zend. Now let us look at why a Laravel expert is a crucial addition to your company and why companies like Pfizer, BBC, Magneto IT Solutions, and Crowdcube use this server side framework.


Advantages of Hiring a Laravel Developer


The benefits of Laravel go far beyond the ORM, security and dependent management advantages that are widely known.

1) Speed

Through shortcodes and an in-built library of templates, Laravel offers a faster turnaround time. An expert can tap into these benefits to pull up a functional web application in no time.


2) Security

Laravel experts can leverage the Bcrypt feature to ward off hackers. This hashing algorithm offers extremely powerful authentication.With an expert at your disposal, you can restrict access and be ensured that any data you consider valuable is safe beyond doubt.


3) Zero Overhead

Experts in the Blade template engine offered by Laravel can ensure added flexibility to your web application deployments. This means that these experts can move away from the plain PHP codes and display data through the inheritance of templates. All these points to web applications with zero overheads.


4) PHP, not SQL

A well equipped Laravel developer can make use of object relational mapping to render the interactions easier. Databases can be modified, updated and augmented by relying on PHP instead of SQL. This enhances efficiency but can only be performed by an expert with knowledge of all the moving parts within this framework.


5) Safeguard Against Vulnerabilities

Security is a huge concern. However, a Laravel expert can help you navigate these bottlenecks. OWASP Foundation found that the major vulnerabilities stem from cross site scripting and SQL injection along with request forgery (mainly cross-site). Your SDLC can be majorly impacted by these. Laravel developers are very much familiar with these. Moreover, Laravel provides active safeguards against these and can lubricate your software development life cycle.


6) Automated Testing

Any developer worth their salt knows the big red flag of not testing an app properly. It needs to be bug-free, no questions asked. This is where a Laravel developer can help. By default, this framework offers automated testing capabilities. A developer can further make it less time-consuming. Analyzing outputs, making requests, and form clicks can be automated to save you time, thanks to the Unit Testing feature of Laravel. By optimizing the web code, the developer can make sure that the app is running bug free and able to delight the users in no time.


7) Going Omnichannel

Laravel developers can equip you with a multi-channel sales presence. POS systems and online inventories (among a plethora of others) can be added. This provides an integrated experience for your customers. And today’s customers are looking for delight that transcends channels and platforms. With an able Laravel developer, you can implement this in no time and skyrocket your business.


8) Future-Proof Your Business

A Laravel expert can help with the tech-side of your business needs. They stay abreast of the latest developments. They investigate innovations and can figure out the best manner to integrate that into your business. This helps in establishing a modernized, up to date, and highly flexible web deployment that stays ready to integrate further updates that might come up.


Culminating Comments:


A Laravel expert will prove to be a valuable asset to your brand in 2022 and going forward. However, one must realize that a single developer cannot do the wonders mentioned above in a short period of time. You need a team. A team with the latest insights and adept technical knowledge of this framework. Only then can your deployments delight and developments deliver. Only then can your business move from what it is to what it can be.

This is where Orion eSolutions come in. Our development doyens are in sync with the latest technical updates and has expertise over a wide variety of frameworks, enabling seamless integration and updation. Connect with us today to know how well our team of experts can support your business in the most productive manner possible.


Query 1: Why should a Laravel developer know?

Response: Web development, database management, understanding of project management frameworks, OOP skills, MVP expertise and basic soft skills.

Query 2: What is middleware in Laravel?

Response: Middlewares bridge request and reaction. It verifies application clients.

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