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Angular - A solid framework to build high performance and dynamic applications

Angular is a framework that has been developed by Google and since its launch has caught the imagination of developers and organizations the world over. A platform that runs on JavaScript; it has a unique two way binding feature, facilitating the development & testing of both MVC and MVVW powered web apps. It largely supports SPA (single page applications) for a faster and seamless near native like experience for the user.

As a preferred framework in recent times, Angular JS has powered the development initiatives at several industry leaders like Snapchat, PayPal, Gmail, Netflix and several others to build SPA’s by combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver scalable and highly intuitive solutions. It allows developers to make use of HTML and build highly proficient client side dynamic web applications. Angular JS makes the handling the CRUD processes much easier and significantly improves key metrices such as load time, delivering a seamless solution. It makes use of DOM (direct object model) approach to enhance testability and output.

At Orion eSolutions our team of proficient Angular JS developers deliver optimum, readable, quickly deployable angular experiences by making an informed use of directives to create scalable HTML syntaxes and develop a reusable codebase, doing away with complex DOM scenarios and other CSS related issues to deliver dynamic SPA web apps that draw from key Angular JS features such as MVC, dependency injections, directives and testing features to meet the development needs.

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At Orion we have successfully delivered Angular JS apps across multiple industries and are always striving to challenge our capabilities by taking up complex Angular JS development projects as we believe that we offer the most comprehensive suite of Angular JS and Angular2+ app development services. At Orion we offer you the best Angular JS services in developing single page enterprise level applications with MVC capabilities that are responsive and scalable.

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