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Our services reflect the skillful expertise of our team and vast experience, coupled with strong client partnerships. We provide a diverse range of software solutions and software development services aligned with industry norms.

Custom App Development

We offer easy-to-use and creative services for developing custom apps, ensuring continuous connectivity. Our applications come with valuable features, providing a seamless experience on all devices.

Web Development

Utilize our specialized software development services in New Zealand to develop interactive and appealing web applications. Our developed websites will increase sales, enhance efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Mobile App Development

We create fully functional mobile applications aligned with the latest technologies and market trends. Whether it’s for Android, iOS, or any cross-platform need, our solutions enhance customer loyalty and boost brand value.

Bespoke Software Development

Connect with our specialized professionals to build personalized software solutions that align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your project. Our unique and cutting-edge solutions come equipped with value for money.

IT Staff Augmentation

it augmentation
Boost your team’s performance through our IT Staff Augmentation solutions. We provide your professionals with next-gen solutions to leverage in project undertakings, ensuring peak efficiency, and facilitating your enterprise to remain agile and responsive.

Devops Management

Our DevOps management services reduce downtime and expenses and enhance system security while offering ongoing updates & maintenance and automating business workflow efficiently.

Digital Transformation

We employ state-of-the-art technologies to optimize your business workflows, elevate customer interactions, and drive innovation, enabling your business to evolve and flourish.

Managed IT Services

Orion eSolutions delivers complete IT services strengthened by the combination of technical and strategic expertise. We aim to optimize your IT framework, enhance end-user interactions, and uphold peak operational efficiency for your business.

Cloud Migration Services

Elevate your business functions through our cutting-edge Cloud Migration solutions. Our expertise facilitates a seamless shift to cloud-centric platforms, enhancing scalability, strengthening security protocols, and optimizing cost-effectiveness.
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DoctorSpring is an online healthcare platform connecting patients with qualified doctors for consultations. Patients can communicate via chat, voice, or video with doctors who provide medical advice and treatment recommendations. It offers convenience, accessibility, and privacy in seeking healthcare services, saving patients from walking out of their houses for checkups or medications.

Technology – ASP.NET, MSSQL

Viz Explorer

VizExplorer is a SAAS application specializing in providing data analytics and visualization solutions for industries like gaming, hospitality, and manufacturing. Their platform offers tools to analyze data, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions. VizExplorer offer various products tailored to specific industries, all aimed at helping businesses leverage their data effectively.

Technology – Rust,ReactJs