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AngularJS is one of the most widely used and popular JavaScript frameworks dominating the arena of open source web application development ever since its release in 2009. The invention of MVVM based architecture amongst multiple benefits of using AngularJS has enabled it to gain a massive adoption rate.

Some of the essentials required for systematic and successful software development are scalability, security, clean, and performance-driven features in a framework. AngularJS equipped with functionalities offers just about everything that is needed for a successful web application development.

In reasonably less time, this framework has become one of the best and most chosen ones among the front end developers for the creation of feature-rich, simple, and highly attractive websites. With all that being said, the main question that arises is what makes AngularJS so popular that most front end developers prefer choosing this framework over all the other options that are available?

In this blog, we will be listing down 5 benefits of the AngularJS framework for web application development.

  • TWO WAY DATA BINDING: Out of all the AngularJS advantages, two-way data binding is a significant one. It basically enables automatic synchronization of data between the model and the view components. This essentially means that the model becomes the source of truth and stores the information in a way that no data gets repeated or stored exactly once.
    If the update gets made to any data, it will not get reflected in the entire system because of this feature. Additionally, any change made to the model component gets reflected in the view component and vice versa.
    Two-way data binding offers a holistic and integrated approach to working for web application development projects. It also simplifies the programming model, offers a trouble-free testability controller, an overall reduction in the amount of boilerplate code required to keep the model and view in sync, etc.
  • SIMPLE ARCHITECTURE: The AngularJS framework has a very simple design and architecture as compared to other frameworks. This architecture allows AngularJS to work very effectively when it comes to handling and developing heavy web applications that usually consist of complex components and requirements.
    Very commonly, frameworks are unable to handle web applications that consist of larger, heavier, and bulky components. However, AngularJS makes it easier to maintain and manage these applications because of its improved design architecture. The architecture is such that it assists the programmers to find and develop code in a way that it no longer becomes difficult to work with web development even if you are new in the process.
  • DEPENDENCY INJECTION: Out of other benefits of AngularJS, another important one is the fact that AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem that simplifies the process of unit testing. This feature allows the programmers to ask for dependencies rather than wasting their time hunting for them.
    In a simple language, when the programmer wishes to gain access to the core AngularJS services, there is a requirement to add service as a prerequisite. Dependency injection takes over, detects the needs of the programmer, and offers the services instantly.
  • ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY: The assistance of using filters allow achieving much more flexibility in the application. These filters sort the data way before it reaches the view. In addition to this, the filters also perform other important functions such as formatting the decimal places and reversing the entire order of an array.
    Similar to the derivatives, the filters have the capability to work as standalone functions entirely separate from the application. As a result, the web application is way more flexible in its operation.
  • LESSER CODING: Another one that counts in the benefits of AngularJS is that it allows the web application development process to become extremely easy with lesser coding. AngularJS decreases the coding time for each application substantially because of this benefit.
    With a decisive UI, two-way data binding, POJO information models, and filters, the web developers have to compose lesser code that achieves more efficiency while diminishing the general intricacy of the project implementation.
    In addition, the data models are simple to write and require no getters or setters. It can be easily manipulated using filters and without modifying any controllers.


Since the AngularJS advantages outdo many other frameworks, it has gained a significant attraction in the world of web development. Since it is maintained and supported by Google, it serves as one of the most efficient and robust frameworks for developing web applications that offer an engaging experience.

Multiple tech giants are presently holding onto AngularJS as their chosen framework when it comes to web application development. It is a significant part of tech stack which affirms the fact it is one of the best and most renowned frameworks.

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