PHP frameworks are mostly full-stack web frameworks as compared to most others which are microframeworks but the functionality of widely used frameworks differ.

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PHP is a server-side programming language that keeps expanding and making waves in the industry every now and then. It has multiple frameworks that are used widely for web application development. The popular PHP frameworks 2022 play a significant role in elevating the output of developers as more and more tools are developed on a regular basis for enhancing programming efficiency.

It comes with built-in web development capabilities. Any code written in this server-side programming language can be embedded easily into the HTML code with the help of the Script tag. Not only does PHP help in effective web application development but the top PHP frameworks 2022 can also help in simplifying the entire process of web application development with a simple structure.

Multiple features and tools offered as benefits of popular PHP frameworks that aid the web development process without any need for writing complex or lengthy codes. Web developers can choose from a wide range of top PHP frameworks 2022. Most of them are open source and they can be used without any licensing fee.

PHP frameworks are mostly full-stack web frameworks as compared to most others which are microframeworks. With all the important introductory information being mentioned about the PHP frameworks; let us now have a detailed discussion on the benefits of popular PHP frameworks:

  • QUICK CUSTOM WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: The PHP programmers are required to write some of the most complex web applications based on different business requirements. Therefore, it is important for them to explore new and improved ways that make web application development a much better experience. PHP frameworks come with multiple tools, code, and features that help the developers for a quick custom web application development. This makes PHP frameworks one of the most helpful technologies to work with.
  • SIMPLE WEB APPLICATION MAINTENANCE: As opposed to the other programming languages, PHP does not pay attention to code maintainability and readability. The PHP frameworks make the process of web application development and maintenance simpler because of the MVC or Model view controller architecture. The web developers can take great advantages of MVC architecture by dividing it into models, views, and controllers. They can further use an MVC framework for PHP so that the user interface and business logic layer separated.
  • NO NEED TO WRITE ADDITIONAL CODE: Unlike other programming languages, PHP does not allow the programmers to express concepts without the need for writing long lines of code. Therefore, the PHP programmers are supposed to write detailed, lengthy, and complex code along with adding features or functionality to the website. PHP frameworks are beneficial because they reduce the coding time considerably by offering code generator features. This code generator feature provided by PHP frameworks assists the programmers to keep the source code absolutely clean, simple, and maintainable.
  • AUTOMATION OF WEB DEVELOPMENT TASKS: While building a web application, the developers are supposed to perform multiple tasks along with writing code. Some of the common web development tasks require the programmers to put in extra time and effort.
    PHP frameworks offer functions and tools that help the developers for automating common web development tasks such as session management, caching, authentication, URL mapping, etc.
  • EFFICIENT UNIT TESTING: At the time of building a custom web application, the developers have to perform unit testing regularly for evaluating individual units and components. A huge percentage of web application developers use PHPUnit for carrying out unit testing. Not only is PHPUnit an object-oriented unit testing framework but it also helps the developers to write and run unit tests by offering great coding assistance. Since PHP frameworks support PHP Unit natively, it becomes easier to perform unit testing smoothly.
  • IMPROVED COLLABORATION WITH DATABASES: The PHP programmers allow the ability to work with a wide number of used relational databases. These frameworks make the database operations easier with the help of object-relational mapping or (ORM) systems. All the programmers can make the most of the benefits of the ORM systems for performing database operations since there is no need to write any lengthy SQL code. The ORM systems also allow the programmers to write the object code directly in the PHP programming language.
  • PROTECTION FROM SECURITY ATTACKS: The PHP frameworks come built-in with tools and features that make it easy to safeguard the web applications from security threats. Using the PHP frameworks allow web developers to prevent facing the perils of data manipulation, forgery, SQL injection, etc.
  • NO OVERHEAD COSTS: Being an open-source server-side web programming language, PHP helps the users to avoid the extra web development costs significantly. The web developers have an option to choose from multiple open source web frameworks for PHP. They can easily avail of the tools and features provided by open-source PHP frameworks for the process of custom web application development without increasing any project overheads.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM FUNCTIONALITY: PHP frameworks have the ability to run on multiple platforms. One of the most important benefits of popular PHP frameworks is the fact that the developers don’t need to worry about the operating system the user might be working on. The PHP code can run easily on all kinds of operating systems making it one of the most preferable languages with cross-platform functionality.
  • GREAT CODING STANDARD: PHP frameworks come with great coding standards that help in maintaining the web development process efficiently. Coding convention is a set of guidelines for a specific programming language recommending programming styles, practices, and methods. Utilizing a framework makes the process of coding very easy for web developers.


In conclusion, web developers have the ability to choose from a range of top PHP frameworks 2022. However, it must be kept in mind that the most widely used PHP frameworks differ from each other when it comes to performance, functionality, and usability.

Additionally, there are considerable advantages and disadvantages of PHP frameworks. This is the reason why web developers should be clear about the project requirements before they make the most out of the benefits of PHP frameworks.

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