Case Study: DoctorSpring

Considering the recent world scenario, where we are so busy to even take care of ourselves that it wouldn’t be wrong to call our lives “medicine driven.” Also, in our fast-paced lives, this procrastination can lead to several serious health complications.

So, in order to be cautious about these reckless health care habits, one can make the best use of the internet by visiting medical websites like DoctorSpring. It is an online platform where healthcare seekers can consult professionally licensed physicians online- anywhere, anytime.

This website was developed with the aim of bridging the wide chasm between the doctors and the patients. It is basically a humble attempt to make delivery of health care less complicated and to change the viewpoint of how patients seek medical advice and information since earlier.


The Challenge:


The idea originated with a belief that choosing the best suited local physicians should be faster, easier, without having to wait for appointments and avoiding travel.

And the mission was to help patients in need and cater better medical care timely and through expert opinions from online consultation platform.

Hence, they decided to build an online platform where all the specialized doctors gather and serve humanity.   The services would include the online chat with the experts in the respected aspect, provisional diagnosis, follow-up recommendations for all the major health issues from the common ones to the complex cases which need secondary opinions or multi-specialty consultations.

The Solution:

Realizing the fact that it is really hard to find trustworthy and personalized answers to health questions, they were in a search of the professionals who could develop such a platform for them.

Orion eSolutions really liked the sound of the idea that how all the specialized professionals of their field would together to help humanity just by making use of the internet connection.    

Orion eSolutions is a known provider of exceptional IT services. Our team uses the latest technology and software to work on any project.

And, since Dot Net is an exceptional framework for server-side scripting and this framework can be used for developing reliable and reusable enterprise applications.

We made the information architecture of the product and then get it approved.

The non-functional prototype was then made to make the understanding of the development process easy and transparent for both the client and our team.

At last, a fully functional website- DoctorSpring was ready.

The Benefits:

Now, through this website, get detailed and personalized explanations from certified doctors. The motive of these consultations is to understand the medical diagnosis, condition, treatment, and alternatives for future therapeutic considerations.

DoctorSpring services include: helping patients via finding them the best doctors, understand their health better, and make optimum health decisions. We help physicians better serve new and existing patients and enhance their reputation by demonstrating their expertise online.

Here is the list of benefits that they could garner through their website:

  • Specialized doctors gathered at one platform to reach out to the needy.
  • Increase in the number of people served.
  • Saved everybody’s time; the help seeker’s and the doctor’s precious time.
  • The patient could get help without having to travel and could also save money.
  • Could serve humanity with free medical advice.
  • 100% Satisfaction; the doctors could timely reach out to the patient hence, the doctor and patient both were satisfied.

Client Testimonial:

Here I am sharing my heartiest thanks to you guys for giving life to our abstract purpose. Undoubtedly, you guys did a brilliant job! DoctorSpring functions as per expectations. It feels so great to have worked with you. Thank you!

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