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The world has encountered a dramatic shift from floppy discs to Bluetooth devices and mobile applications.

Amid all the digitally interactive elements, enterprise applications and mobile applications have swept the feet off the world.

  • The global enterprise applications software market will hit $259.51 billion by 2022. (Statista)
  • The global enterprise application market will grow up to $ 527.40 Billion by 2030. (Allied Market Research)
  • The global revenue from mobile apps will reach $613 billion by 2025. (Statista)

These whopping numbers showcase that the enterprise application market, including mobile apps, is growing leaps and bounds.

Enterprises require applications to,

  • Improve their business agility,
  • Deploy advanced business strategies,
  • Overcome business operational barriers.

Business operational expenditure reduction seems one of the prime priorities of enterprises these days. Companies always look for novel ways to cut costs and gain a competitive edge. Business enterprise app development, including mobile apps, enables companies to gain a competitive edge, lubricating their business operations.

2022 will offer more opportunities for business corporates and enterprise application development companies.


Why Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise application development and integration streamline the departmental tasks of a company, ensuring better business processes and operational management.

  • It automates and accelerates communications
  • Lowers operational cost
  • Reduce downtime
  • Easy optimization of internal process
  • Efficient Customer Support

Now let’s dive into the significant trends of enterprise app development.

What 2022 holds for the enterprise app development companies?

The Major Enterprise App Development Trends

Low-Code Application Development Platform

The Low Code Development Platform market worldwide will reach $39790 million by 2027. (PR Newswire). (PR Newswire)


AI-powered software development has given rise to low-code application development. The fast comprehensible visual interfaces drag and drop features are the pillars of the fast-growing popularity of low-code applications. It allows developers to tweak or develop mobile and business apps without profound programming knowledge.

  • As per U.S. Labor statistics, the global shortage of skilled and talented software developers will rise 85.2 million in numbers by 2030.
  • Companies across the globe risk losing $8.4 trillion in revenue due to the lack of talented developers. (Forbes)


Since skilled software developers are short in numbers, low-code application development enables enterprise development companies to fill the skill gap.

The challenge in hiring developers also gets diminished.

Additionally, as low-code development does not incorporate high-level programming knowledge, the enterprise app development can deploy SaaS and PaaS.



While developing security enterprise applications, the effectiveness of DevOps is peerless.

DevOps allows security practitioners to transform their old method into agile, fine-tuning the delivery process.

Companies can boost efficiency in their production by deploying DevOps. The cross-functional team immersing developers, business operational specialists, security professionals allows the business enterprises to make the development process smooth and flawless.


Software Automation

  • Fortune Business Insight has revealed the global automation market will hit $355.44 billion by 2028.
  • The analytics enhancements and AI automation capabilities will redefine almost 30% of IT operational efforts by 2024. (Gartner)
  • 40% of product and platform teams will deploy AIOpsto automate risk analysis in the DevOps pipeline by 2023. (Gartner)


Business operation automation has been one of the significant trends in 2021. It will remain with the same glory in 2022.

Automation allows companies to reduce their operational costs, leveling up production efficiency. The amalgamation of AI, Machine Learning, process mining, business analytics, etc., boosts business process and functional proficiency in the enterprise app development paradigm.



With several devices and applications driven by the power of the Internet of Things, IoT is undoubtedly a relentlessly growing trend in enterprise application development.


Globe News Wire predicts that by 2028, the global IoT market size will swell up to $1854.76 billion.

The enterprise app development companies have to surf through the hot waves of IoT to stay relevant in the market.

IoT enables enterprise app developers to load their applications with advanced features, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.


Blockchain for Enterprise Applications

Blockchain is one of the most exciting trends fascinating industries after industry.


  • The Blockchain market worldwide will grow to $67.4 billion by 2026. (Markets and Markets)
  • On the other hand, Blockchain enterprise technology sales will paddle up to $13.2 billion by 2024.


Industries handling massive yet sensitive information like insurance, finance, and healthcare can leverage Blockchain technology-driven enterprise applications.

Blockchain in enterprise applications helps companies safeguard their business data and its access. It showers transparency, robust security features, and decentralization on enterprise application development.

Amid the hustle on the digital landscape, enterprise application development is the most practical decision that companies can count on for their business growth. Scalable and user-friendly business apps help companies optimize their business process move their business revenue to the next level.

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