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The world has changed.

Customers’ requirements have also changed.

In respect of the present business landscape, the significance of clear communication is an uprising. Businesses have understood that poor communication will bring limited revenue growth.

Since social media platforms have replaced the conventional ways of customer interaction, there is no turning back.

More than ever, companies require Customer Relationship Management or CRM software to level up their business operations. CRM software lets businesses track, evaluate, and store customer data and use it to make critical analytical decisions.


At present, the global CRM technology market will reach $128.97 billion by 2028. (Fortune Business Insights)

Customer Relationship Management is the one-stop solution when it comes to managing business and customers at once. Moreover, CRM systems enable firms to offer peerless customer experience, driving sales growth.


47% of companies have assessed that CRM systems immensely impact their customer satisfaction rate. (Thrive My Way)

Countless CRM software is available out there. The CRM suitable for large business enterprises, in particular, may not suit the small businesses.

By and large, we have evaluated the finest CRM systems based on functions and usability to help you find the most suitable one for your business.


Top 6 Customer Relationship Management Tools For Growing Businesses




First, Salesforce is a well-known name in the global Customer Relationship Management tool space.


The popularity of Salesforce is for a good reason.


  • The advanced functionality, extremely user-friendly design, exceptionally effective reporting tools, Etc., are some of the top reasons behind the overall popularity of Salesforce.
  • The features and functions of Salesforce regarding customer relationships undoubtedly cover the standard three requirements of businesses. And that are sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction.
  • In terms of marketing, Salesforce allows companies to automate their email marketing efforts.
  • Salesforce makes social media listing and content posting a piece of cake.
  • Additionally, companies can integrate their sales and lifecycle with the sales cloud.
  • Furthermore, a personalized dashboard, customized contact management, Etc., enable companies to manage their workflows across customer verticals.
  • Businesses can upgrade the Salesforce CRM plans for cross-team management as the company grows.
  • Lastly, from startups and small businesses to large business enterprises, Salesforce is suitable for all.


Really Simple System CRM


  • First, Really Simple System CRM is an all-rounder Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • This CRM is primarily suitable for small-to-medium business enterprises.
  • The marketing tools in Really Simple System CRM aid businesses in tracking their potential leads, and dragging them to the business website.
  • This CRM enables businesses to automate sending newsletters to their customers. The automated email marketing facility relieves employees from workloads.
  • Moreover, Really Simple’s recently added service support tool allows businesses to track and manage their client support cases. They can keep them recorded in the CRM record.
  • Additionally, this CRM allows businesses to integrate their business operations into Zaiper.




  • Freshsale is another remarkable CRM software that suits small to medium businesses mostly.
  • Undoubtedly, the advanced level of customization and superb usability is playing a significant role in the popularity of Freshsales.
  • This Customer Relationship Management tool is perfect for effective sales pipeline management. The intelligent AI-driven feature, Kanban-driven dashboards, and advanced contact management tool boost the sales team’s productivity.
  • Companies can integrate their email clients into the CRM to automate the outgoing of newsletters.
  • Moreover, the customer support team can record the audio of customer interactions. The in-built record tool automatically updates the customer interaction for future decision-making.
  • However, in terms of lead generation tools, Freshsales holds limitations.




  • For companies looking for an effective Customer Relationship Management tool reinforcing sales management, Pipedrive is the best for them.
  • Pipedrive has outstanding features that a business requires to increase sales while unloading the work burden.
  • So, if your company holds a small sales team that engages in complex and time-consuming sales processes, embrace Pipedrive.
  • With Pipedrive’s customizable reporting feature, sales reporting becomes effortless for employees.
  • Moreover, the CRM confirms high usability. The user-friendly nature allows companies to focus less on the functions and features and more on the business process.
  • Companies can integrate Pipedrive with Google Drive, One Drive, Etc., to simplify the email distributing process.
  • Furthermore, from the Pipedrive blog, companies can dig out useful information regarding scaling up their businesses, employee management, motivating workers, Etc.


Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • The efficiency of Microsoft products is beyond any doubt.
  • In fact, in the CRM space also, Microsoft has carved out a superb CRM product that helps countless companies worldwide.
  • By and large, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best CRM in the market for tracking and managing demographics.
  • Like the name, this remarkable CRM allows companies to experience a 365-degree view of their targeted and potential customers.
  • The Artificial Intelligence-integrated Customer Relationship Management tool enables employees to automate the sales process. It saves both time and effort.
  • In addition to sales process automation, Dynamic 365 also enables the users to watch over the current ales trend and make predictions.
  • Microsoft gives the users freedom in choosing cloud-based Dynamic 365 and on-premise installation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 best suits BI companies, large business enterprises, and startups with high ambitions.




  • Zoho is another remarkable Customer Relationship Management tool that works magic in sales management.
  • Zoho is an expert CRM that manages all the fundamental tasks associated with sales management. For instance, This CRustomer Relationship Management tool facilitates contact management, workflow management, customer communication tracking and management, report generation, and so on.
  • Moreover, Zoho is a powerful tool that aids companies in lead generation. But how? Zoho drives client contact details from social media platforms and business cards to boost lead generation and sales.
  • Companies can integrate Zoho CRM with the other Zoho products and third-party products to maximize Zoho’s functioning.
  • Furthermore, Zoho also allows enterprises to experience the benefits of an AI assistant named Zia. Zia helps companies determine their lead focus, draft emails, and create workflow assignments.




To conclude, it is an established strategy: the better you grow your customer relationship, you will generate more leads and sales.

At the core of business operations, an effective customer relationship management tool aids businesses in managing and improving their customer relationship. In a word, if you want to grow your business fast, you must take care of your customers’ requirements and initiate clear communication with them.


72% of companies globally admit that CRM allows them to reach out to their customer data most effectively. (Thrive My Way)


In that case, the efficiency of the Customer Relationship Management tool is peerless.connect with Orion e solutions to create a meaningful CRM tool.

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