The Necessity of a Custom App and Top 5 Reasons to Hire Orion eSolutions for Development

The Necessity of a Custom App and Top 5 Reasons to Hire Orion for development It is paramount to deploy your ideas in the most relevant manner.
Custom App and Top 5 Reasons

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The Necessity of a Custom App and Top 5 Reasons to Hire Orion eSolutions for Development It is paramount to deploy your ideas in the most relevant manner. What has been conceived should exactly be what is created. Mobile apps are synonymous to this philosophy. It should serve the exact purpose and promise that you perceive would delight your customers.

Off-the-shelf apps do this too. But in a less sophisticated and inapt way. The developer might convince you that you will not feel the difference. But who are we kidding right? Being the online face of your business means it should be crafted specifically for the solutions you serve.

This brings us to custom mobile app development. To build a strong case, let us take a look at few numbers to underpin our arguments:

  •  The number of smartphone users is estimated at 6.6 billion globally. This means that with an optimized custom app, you can easily find your way into the pockets of nearly 83.3% of the world’s population.
  •  According to Grand View Research, the global mobile app development market is valued at $206.73 Billion in 2022. Adding to the delight, the rise of cloud-based scenarios will shoot up to a staggering $356 Billion by 2025.
  •  The year-on-year growth was projected at 20.45% in 2021. From 2020 to 2025, the market will hit a velocity of 20.65% CAGR. The demand will rise even further with the aggressive global adoption of wearables and IoT-based innovations.

With these delightful statistics in mind, let us understand the concerns that most businesses face while adopting a custom mobile app into their business strategy. A substantial majority of the concerns stem from not knowing what to expect in the entire process of app development. But first, let’s address certain concerns.


Is A Custom Mobile Application Necessary?


From our interactions with some of the most promising businesses in the market today, we found that the most pressing questions include:

  1. Should I even consider building a custom app for my business?
  2. What are the parameters to consider if I outsource?
  3. How to choose the best agency to outsource to?

To transcend these, let us first look at the intrinsic advantages of a custom mobile application.

  • It is tailored to your needs.
  • It can be scaled at your pace.
  • Enhanced security,
  • It is a highly effective marketing channel.
  • It boosts productivity, profits and prominence.
  • Optimized data collection.
  • Accurate customer insights.

The above points are self-explanatory. The real foreboding is about the actual process. What should one look for in an app development partner? What are the red flags? What challenges will this partner proactively solve?

This is where Orion eSolutions, as your mobile application development company, shows grit. With our development doyens at your disposal, you can be assured that your app is conceived magnificently. We also make sure that the best-practices are followed post publishing your app as well. We leverage learnings and decrypt data to continuously optimize the developed product.


Let us dissect these claims.


Why Hire Orion for Your App Development Needs?


  • Focus on your core business

Yes, we will pick your brain. And we will pick it to an extent that no depth of information remains unplumbed. But once that is over, you are free to look into the other important aspects of your business. All hands on deck is a sine-qua-non in fast growing organizations like yours. So focus on your core. Leave the app development bracket to us. Trust us to delight you.


  • Top talent, on demand

Want to focus on just one aspect of app creation? Or maybe you just want us to optimize it for you. Whatever may be your necessity, our pioneering programmers are at your disposal for you exact demand. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.


  • Cutting the cost, constructively

Cost cutting should not translate to compromise. By hiring us, we can ensure best-practices, bleeding-edge functionality, avant-garde features and state-of-the-art usability. All at mind blowing feasibility.


  • Continuous optimization

We understand that a finished product is just the beginning. It is only through continuous optimization that the app will start adding real value to your business. Prudent optimization is a consequence of probing, analyzing, reviewing and auditing. And this is exactly what we undertake.

We know that needs differ from business to business. So, we make sure that our operational actualities are sufficiently flexible to meet and match your business needs in the most productive manner possible. We follow a design thinking approach to collaborations. We listen. And we start conceptualizing only after the exact gap has been identified and we only deal out solutions that match industry standards.


Now, what’s next?


Let’s Get in Touch


Innovation always captivates us. We will be delighted to discuss the prospects and possibilities that could stem from this collaboration. Let’s get in touch to take this forward.


Here’s to developing apps that simply WORK!




Question 1. Will a custom app work for every business vertical?

Answer:  Yes. The necessity here is to find a way to add a touch-point to the lives of your audience. An app provides the smoothest, non-intrusive and the most welcome manner to do that.


Question 2. What makes an app user friendly?

Answer: A seamless user interface that is intuitive in a sense that it lubricates the entire journey that you want your customer to take. That is the epitome of user friendliness


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