Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare

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The digital transformation allows the traditional system to have a smooth digital shift. This shift benefits businesses to scale up and sustain effectively. Like every other sector, healthcare is no exception to it.

  • Statista’s report gave insights into the global digital health market in 2019. It was USD 175 billion. Additionally, it is expected to reach USD 660 billion by 2025.

It can be overwhelming to decide the better system or technology for transformation in healthcare digitally. So, we have briefed you about a few digital transformation trends in healthcare to make it easier!


Digital transformation trends in healthcare


Below are a few notable and influential digital transformation trends in healthcare.


Wearable medical devices

Virtual transformation in healthcare has impacted a lot on medical products.

  • According to Globe Newswire, the wearable medical devices industry valued at USD 18.1 billion in 2021. It seeks to rise to USD 38.9 billion by 2026.

Wearable medical devices combine the requirements of the healthcare field and the power of technology. It is easier to keep track of a patient’s health parameters with these devices. Additionally, it improves health maintenance.


Furthermore, these devices give patients a personalized experience. It eventually personalizes the complete healthcare knowledge and lets them become more responsible for their health.


AI screening

Artificial intelligence is powering many industries with its tremendous potential.

  • Allied Market Research’s report says that, in 2020, it had a value of USD 8.23 billion and an estimation of USD 194.4 billion by 2030.

Artificial intelligence enables the hospital team to understand which person requires to be treated first. Furthermore, it guides the patient on the proper track. To decrease the medical center’s burden and monitor patients effectively, many hospitals have adopted AI systems globally.

A phone system based on AI is one of the best cases of AI screening. It gathers the information of the person called and can direct the communication to the concerned person.

A chatbot is yet another excellent case of Artificial intelligence. Recently it has been used for Covid tests. A chatbot enquires about patients by asking a some of the preliminary information and queries and advises the individual if they require a test or not. So, it decreases the people waiting for tests.


Big data

Be it keeping track of current patients or maintaining a history of patients; medical centers deal with a lot of data daily.

  • Emergen’s analysis says that in 2019, the big data in healthcare was USD 19.93 billion. It may rise to USD 78.03 billion by 2027.

Data aggregation with the help of big data can be beneficial for hospitals and pharmaceutical centers. Big data fetches all data jointly and builds a detailed patient profile. Further, it significantly decreases the time spent with patient data.


Virtual visits

Digital technology trend enables virtual visits with doctors. It permits patients to get a consultation from their doctor online via video meetings rather than meeting them in person. Especially in Covid-situation, this feature has helped patients a lot. While connecting with them virtually, doctors could treat patients properly without physically examining them.


Web portals

One more effective trend is the patient portal. These digital portals enable patients to handle their health records. For example, it can keep track of patients’ health ratings, medicines, visits, etc. Additionally, it offers transparency between a doctor and patients. So, using a patient portal is beneficial for both doctors and patients.

Advantages for patients

Digital transformation in healthcare furnishes significant advantages to patients with various solutions. It avails better ways so that doctors and patients can communicate effectively. It is very convenient to plan appointments digitally. It is efficient to build health records and analyze them with multiple devices and online tracking methods.


Orion’s part in digital transformation

Orion eSolution’s research says that 89% of all companies 89% have embraced digital transformation across the globe.

Contributing to this massive endeavor, Orion marks its significance by offering clients enhanced processes and services. From IT to healthcare, we help various industries transform their businesses digitally.



Advancement in technology is leading the healthcare industry to shift digitally. Basically, there are many benefits of moving digitally and making processes work more smoothly for every sector. If you are looking for a partner to shift your business digitally, connect with Orion eSolutions!


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