• 66% of internet users scout around the web to find information about specific diseases or health issues (Pew Research).
  • 52% of consumers prefer to look for doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers online before visiting hospitals (Deloitte).
  • Google boasts of 100 billion healthcare searches every year. That is a whopping 273 million daily searches for healthcare-related topics (Yext).


The numbers are pretty much intimidating.

They excel in how much people want to rely on the internet for their healthcare requirements. Just like people scroll down the hotels and restaurants before a visit, they now prefer to check the hospital web portal before paying a physical visit.

Moreover, in the present covid-19 scenario, when the clinic’s crowded waiting room, pharmacies, and diagnosis centers, feel like all hell broke loose, healthcare websites are the viable options left for people.

Although plenty of hospitals and healthcare websites are out there, Prophet reports, 81% of consumers remain unsatisfied. 


Do healthcare companies require another wake-up call to organize their digital outlets better than this?

The average healthcare organizations struggle with creating compelling user experiences. Following are some healthcare website design tips to make exciting, user-centric healthcare websites to delight consumers.


The Characteristics of a Strong Healthcare Website?

Before we dive straight into the healthcare website design principle, let’s learn what characteristics make a website robust. The design principles aim to charge up a website with the following elements.

A robust and perfect healthcare website,

  • Grows brand awareness
  • Increases reliability
  • Offers Convenience

Concentrate on Data Visualization

Primarily linked to Business Intelligence tools, data visualization benefits almost every industry.

The healthcare industry is not out of the list.

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists report that 90% of the information processed to the brain is visual.
  • Piktochart has declared that 50% of the human brain becomes active with visual processing.

Data visualization holds a significant impact in the marketing and consumer space.

In healthcare website design, the data visualization concept is simple: showcase the complex information in an easy digestive manner. It will help the consumers to interpret healthcare-related information without any assistance.

When the internet has enabled the users to get everything they want with a single click, why would you make your consumers wait for a phone call or snail mail for better clarification?

Beautiful and intuitive healthcare websites use easy-to-understand data visualization to enable users to meet their health goals, ensuring better conversion.


Highlight Your Healthcare Services On Home Page

Does it sound it a no-brainer?

Think this way. A patient is scouting around the web for a specific healthcare service. When the patient will land on your home page, seeing the service he wants, wouldn’t it become an overjoyed moment?

It will become a sure conversion. Think of this as an effective way to grow your revenue.

You don’t need to list down all the services on the homepage. Highlight the top healthcare services to attract visitors.

If your hospital excels in urology, you can highlight that. Or, if you are a dermatologist specializing in skin cancer, bring your expertise under the spotlight on the website homepage.


Easy-to-Understand Actionable Insights

Most of the time, healthcare professionals use specific jargons and acronyms that seem to make no sense to the patients and their families. This unawareness of medical terms clouds the communication and relationship between patients and doctors.

A similar thing happens when consumers land on a healthcare webpage. The healthcare industry must embrace easily understandable features actionable insights to present the services and content interpretable.

Since the consumers don’t have the same knowledge as the medical practitioners, the digital interface of the website must get laid out in such a manner that the patients easily understand what it conveys.


Medical SEO and Keyword Research

The best healthcare website design agencies know the perfect ingredients to make a healthcare website stand out from the crowd.

  • The content development must stand on the robust pillars of keyword research and usage.
  • Skillful page-by-page SEO with the correct hashtags
  • Proper Meta Description
  • Suitable usage of linking and inter page linking

Without incorporating thorough keyword research and medical SEO optimization, your website will get lost forever under the piles of healthcare websites.


Website Search Functions

A website’s search function acts like a mini version of Google. It allows users to search for specific services or terms within the website ecosystem. A healthcare website will lose its potential customers if they fail to find the particular and desired healthcare solution.

So, never forget to put the search button on your website.


Patient Testimonials

Patient reviews are the exceptional psychological influencer boosting conversion.

Almost 70% of patients generate opinions from 6 to 7 reviews on specific healthcare solutions (Intrepy).

Showcase your old or new patient’s review on the patient testimonial section to retain consumers.


Wrapping Up

Hope you find these specific website design principles helpful in creating a stunning and efficient healthcare website to increase new patient leads.

A compelling healthcare website will not seem a hard nut to crack. Remember,

  • Always try to think from your patient’s point of view.
  • Consider what your patient’s essential requirements are?
  • Which aspects of website design you can consider less necessary.

Conversion is sure when the experience is engaging, insightful, and compact.

Do you require guidance regarding your healthcare organization’s digital transformation initiatives?

Orion eSolutions has successfully worked with the leading healthcare organizations as their website design and development and digital transformation partner.

We would love to help you!

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