How Machine Learning Is Redefining Web Development In 2022

Orion eSolutions is always excited to take up new opportunities in venturing into untapped vistas of business potential through digital solutions. Partner with us today to merge the might of machine learning into your business operations.

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The need of the hour is scalable solution along with better customer experience. Web development, in its conventional format, is almost reaching the pinnacle of its existence. Recently, there is a lot of valuable noise being made by the machine learning paradigm. It has seeped into various spheres.

For quite some time, ML has been a major part of software solutions and now it is benefiting companies collectively by redefining web development in 2022.

The numbers speak favorably of ML as well.

  • The global ML market will experience a CAGR of 44.06% from 2017 to 2024.
  • The market was at $1.58 Billion in 2017 and will reach $ 20.83 Billion by 2024.
  • The AI software market will reach a new high in revenue of $126 Billion by 2025.
  • The CAGR expected to be experienced by the AI market from 2018 to 2025 is 41%.
  • WSJ expects a 14% impact on global GDP by AI on the Internet paradigm by 2030.
  • 65% of all global brands are have already introduced ML into their businesses already.

Plenty of ML and AI enabled frameworks have been set up by industry leaders like Google and Facebook. These free platforms enable other brands to engage in avant-garde diversions within their businesses. Now let us look at some capabilities of ML when it comes to web development.


  1. Chatbots

Chat bots are the most widely used and popular example of a ML element in web development. Research Dive is expecting a CAGR of 28.7% from the chatbots market from 2019 to 2027. The market will reach a valuation of $19,570 Million by 2027. Globally, 85% of consumers use prefer chatbots for customer support in 2020. Minimal human error, literal round-the-clock support, and prompt responses make this feature stand out.

  1. Content

AI and ML based content generators are not rare. Machine learning can churn out relevant, insightful, and immensely versatile content at the click of a button. It reduces overhead costs and delays. This is especially useful in the news industry where hard facts have to be published without biases.

  1. Email Marketing

Over 100 Billion business emails are sent daily according to Emerj. The major concerns for any email marketer are CTR, open rates, and personalization. Through strategic use of ML and artificial intelligence, all these concerns can be addressed in the most profound fashion. It helps in increasing engagement, calibrating timings, and finding new customer segments through proper tonality and content variations.

We have barely scratched the surface of machine learning elements in web designing. However, the above-mentioned trends are currently taking the industry and business landscapes by storm. The question arises – why? What exactly are the functional merits and the practical perquisite attached with the tech? Let us quickly glance at four of them.


  1. NLP for Code

Imagine being able to speak to the system and describe an idea in natural language. The system then creates executable codes for the same. Sounds too far fetched but with the right amount of strategic training to NLP and AI enabled ML faculties, this shift is not far away.

  1. Better Estimates

Software project estimation is still clouded with inaccuracy. However, through ML and predictive analytics, better and more accurate estimates of time and effort can be provided to scale businesses more efficiently.

  1. Automated Decisions

Prioritization of tasks or backlogs can be done with productivity at its core. Machine learning can analyze patterns and application priority to understand which requirements need to be implemented first. This could also result in generation of automated test scripts.

With these benefits, ML is sure to take over web designing basics in the coming years. This can also prove fruitful for the brands and companies who are early to jump on this bandwagon. On that note, let us conclude this discussion.



Mimicking human reasoning is the next step in revolutionizing tech. And the baby steps are already being taken. It is important for a brand to understand the potential of ML and neural networks. It is also important to marry that reason to business objectives and produce scalable solutions. For this, you need a partner. Orion eSolutions is always excited to take up new opportunities in venturing into untapped vistas of business potential through digital solutions. Partner with us today to merge the might of ML into your business operations.

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