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The world of the Internet is moving ahead with an ever-advancing development. Thousands of new and improved websites keep coming up on a daily basis and the numbers keep increasing. When it comes to choosing the right programming language for making these websites, the choice becomes rather tricky.

There are so many programming languages available on the internet that more often than not, it can get pretty difficult for the programmers to choose one language. Regardless of this fact, the programmers are used to choosing one or more than one language in order to stay focused on the process of programming.

Any expert, skilled, and knowledgeable web developer will always prefer to acquire expertise in one language rather than several others. In most cases, that one language is PHP. So, the answer to the question of is web development done with PHP is outdated is no, it’s not.

When you get into the market, you will discover that any reliable, experienced, and well-known web application development company will advise the businesses to hire PHP developers for building a feature-rich application. Even today, over 78.8% of websites are built using PHP. Some of the most popular websites that have built with PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.

In this blog, we will look at some of the reasons that clearly explain the popularity and relevance of PHP beginning with the benefits of the language:

  • OPEN SOURCE: The fundamental and one of the most important things that make PHP a widely chosen language in the community of developers is the fact that it is an open-source language. It is free and is backed by a large community of talented developers. Not only do these developers use PHP every day but they also consistently work to bring new and important changes in the language. The PHP programmers have the capability to learn faster while implementing the cutting edge solutions at the earliest. Furthermore, PHP comes with its own support community which is unlike many other programming languages. These benefits play an important role in bringing the introduction of new frameworks, components, and other important tools that make it even better to work with PHP. This is why the language is so widespread.
  • SCALABILITY: While building a website or any web application, the PHP developers are only looking ahead to attaining future growth. For this very reason, a scalable language is extremely important since it allows the websites to grow and manage the increasing traffic in an efficient way. The websites that are created with PHP can be very easily extended with the help of more servers at the time when it is needed. PHP supports all the important web browsers. Therefore, scalability is an added benefit.
  • HIGH SPEED: As a language, PHP has its own memory. The workload and loading time of this language can be significantly reduced. Therefore, the processing speed of this language is rather high which serves as an added benefit for not just the developers but the clients as well. With a substantially high speed, the clients are able to get their products delivered sooner. This is why more and more businesses prefer to hire PHP developers.
  • SECURITY: It is a common misconception in the market that PHP is not secure since it is an open-source language. However, this is not true. The fact of the matter is that almost all programming languages are vulnerable. They become unsafe to work with if they are not used in the right manner.
    The security level of a language anyway depends on the expertise of a developer and the practices that are followed. For instance; a really effective way to avoid any security breaches is with the help of software testing. If you hire dedicated PHP developers then they make sure to do the same as an important milestone of every project. This makes their web development much safer and productive.
  • AFFORDABLE LANGUAGE: The fact that PHP is an open-source language also makes it extremely affordable. There is no additional expense required to work with it. The web developers do not have to pay any extra fees and they can work without any restrictions. In addition, since there are so many integration options, using PHP is completely free which decreases the overall development cost in a major way.
  • CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT: Server-side PHP is one of the best tools for creating any custom websites since it is not limited by any options. The web developers can create any web platform based on PHP language while matching the exact needs of the clients. If web developers combine PHP with JavaScript, they can create a highly functional and attractive website at the same time.


There are some programming languages that have the ability to decline as time evolves. However, with PHP, the scenario is pretty opposite. Multiple new demand enhancements and the yearly updates make PHP a highly preferred language. Additionally, a considerable number of tasks such as data gathering, redirection, and mobile integration can be easily done with the help of PHP.

With all the important things being mentioned, it can be clearly concluded that PHP is a highly efficient language that can handle diverse tasks, all at the same time while staying user-friendly and cost-effective.

Therefore, working with PHP is comfortable, simple, has multiple libraries, allows detailed documentation and provides the support of a huge community. There is a part of the developer community that calls this language an old one but the majority of professionals consider it as their first choice.

Mostly, the choice of web development language is a valid compromise between the advantages and disadvantages of various options. PHP can be used to build any kind of website, right from landing pages to simple and complex ones as well. So, PHP is completely in trend and is not outdated by any means. Rather, it will not be wrong to say that PHP is a classic in the world of web development.

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