Laravel Developers: Skills To Look For In 2024

Here, we will discuss about the most crucial skills you should look for in a Laravel developers in 2024. We implement the AGILE approach.

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Laravel is among the market leaders when it comes to development frameworks. The special features that make it a popular framework is its support for MVC architecture, unit testing capabilities, database migration systems, and enhanced web app security. According to Datanyze,

  • Laravel has a 37% market share.
  • It is the 19th most popular development framework.
  • Currently, there are 1,863,689 websites designed using Laravel.

Developers will have a better control over their codebases on Laravel. This is because the architecture separates the application, business, or domain from the entirety of the user interface. A hashed and salted password mechanism adds to the security of the websites developed using Laravel. It also comes with Artisan, a built in command line tool that essentially acts as a copy-paste function helping coders to save money and energy.

We can safely assume that the framework is no source for any disappointment. And the websites built using Laravel definitely has its competitive supremacy. However, businesses have to be cautious about the developers they hire. In order to squeeze out the entire potential of a framework like Laravel, the coders and developers need to be at the top of their game.

Here, we will discuss about the most crucial skills you should look for in a Laravel developer in 2024.


Crucial Laravel Developer Skills

Web Development

CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are important when it comes to Laravel developers’ web development expertise. Fundamental web technologies are crucial to pull off any Laravel development schemes.

Database Management

Laravel developers must have the necessary skills to manage databases by organizing data. This makes it easier for the end users to share it across the company or the organization. Make sure that the developer you seek is proficient in database management systems like Oracle 12c and MySQL.


The developer must understand MVC and OOP elements like classes, objects, methods, and traits. The MVC architecture sure makes the work easier for the coder. However, the developer must understand the architecture and possess the skills to efficiently navigate it.

Project Management Frameworks

Laravel developers must be able to focus on the most efficient tools, the most lubricated processes, and the essential tasks needed to deploy a project in its entirety. Frameworks like Agile has been proven to provide a competitive edge and the developer must adhere to the culture completely.

The 4 points mentioned above have covered the most essential and fundamental skills to look for in a Laravel developer. Additionally, the developer must understand the overall architecture and must be able to use Laravel features like unit testing. Client side scripting and a good command over Linux will also polish the skill set of the developer.

Apart from the technical prowess, any developer is expected to have a range of softskills. This includes group work, dynamism, creativity, time management skills, and great communication skills. These skills work in the favor of companies that try to implement the Agile or Scrum frameworks. It also promises better workflow and team integration.

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