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MEAN ( M – Mongo DB, E – Express JS, A – Angular JS and N – Node.js) is one of the widely used technology stacks that is actually a combination of four very powerful javascript libraries that is used to build highly advanced, complex, dynamic, scalable and secure web applications at an incredibly fast pace. Here angular if the preferred choice for frontend and the other three can be used for backend development, depending upon the particular requirement. At Orion we can confidently vouch for the fact that we offer the best mean stack development services owing to a fantastic team that has a successful track record of delivering over 40 projects in the last year.

With a plethora of options available to add several interactivities and some advanced AJAX functions, MEAN stack is definitely the best option that saves both time and effort in building smart and advanced web applications. With JSON being the standard across all four technology stacks, data flows seamlessly between them. MEAN stack has clearly emerged as a hybrid approach for developing intuitive web applications, world over and being open-source and extremely flexible has also catapulted its adoption by developers.

At Orion eSolutions our team of experienced MEAN Stack developers have mastered the art of drawing the maximum from this popular framework to build some of the most secure and advanced web apps. Having extensively deployed MEAN stack across several industries, from E-commerce to Health to Retail, our indigenously developed practices and processes have enabled us to draw utmost customer satisfaction as we have delivered 100% of our projects within the stipulated timelines in the most cost and effective manner. At Orion we also offer dedicated servers to also ensure that your web apps are running seamlessly and in a secure environment. Orion as clearly emerged as the best MEAN Stack development company in India by virtue of the diverse set of projects that have been executed and effectively delivered globally.

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Orion offers the best MEAN Stack development services in India and has undertaken eclectic work across various industries, making it a compelling choice for all your MEAN Stack development needs. We have an indigenous library of codebases that allow us to help you realize your dream offering faster than anyone else. Round the year support, consultancy and a key eye on providing you with the most secure environment to deploy and run your web app, Orion is your ideal partner for all your MEAN Stack development needs.

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