REACT vs ANGULAR vs VUE : Which is Best?

The main difference between Angular and React is that React comes with a virtual DOM that carries better performance as compared to Angular. Vue JS is one of the most progressive frameworks.

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A significant decision to make while developing a new application is which front-end technology will be the most suitable? The JavaScript frameworks are quite popular when it comes to some of the biggest tech giants making the most of their benefits during web application development. Because there are so many frameworks available, the web app developers always need to be sure about their choice.

This ever-evolving and the technology-efficient world require web application developers to develop an interactive web application for different businesses. Regardless of whether you are a web app developer or a business owner, your tech guide must be kept handy so that you make better decisions.

Most web application development companies in India increasingly argue over choosing the best tool for JavaScript web applications. In an attempt to solve this confusion we are here with a blog on Angular vs. React vs. Vue: Which is best out of these?

Here will compare all three technologies dependent on multiple factors, similarities, and potential differences. In addition, we will also find out what is it that makes these frameworks stand apart and how are they useful in the custom software development world.

Let’s begin:


Started by Google in the year 2009, Angular is an open-source front end web application framework that has MVC architecture. It makes the process of web development, maintenance, and the testing of applications much easier for web developers. Because of its extensibility feature, it has the capability to work pretty well with other libraries.

Since it is supported by a huge development community, web application development becomes easier while working with Angular. If businesses make the decision to hire Angular developers they can expect great results because this framework is highly suitable for building interactive web applications. Although it is one of the most preferred choices for engaging web applications, it is quite popular for single-page applications.

Some of the popular companies that use Angular JS are Microsoft, UPS, Apple, Adobe, YouTube, PayPal, Telegram, Google, Nike, Crunchbase, GoPro, etc.


  • The MVC architecture of Angular enables automatic and easy data synchronization between the model view and its multiple components.
  • Any web application that is built on Angular is capable of running in most browser environments regardless of the platform that we are talking about.
  • The pre-built material design components embedded in Angular help in building an extremely interactive and easily navigated UI for the mobile or web apps.
  • The Angular Command Line Interface also ensures quick and easy updates of components from third parties while reducing the overall time to create and deploy applications.
  • The feature of two-way data binding makes sure that the data change in the model starts to reflect in the view almost immediately. As the data in the view aspect changes, the model starts to update too.


  • Many different structures such as components, injectables, modules, pipes, etc, make it relatively harder to understand this framework as compared to Angular JS vs React JS and Vue JS which are only embedded with a component in mind.
  • It has a slow performance based on different benchmarks. Also, the Change Detection Strategy which leads to managing the process of components manually. 


Supported by Facebook, React is considered as one of the easiest and interactive frameworks. It comes with a library that can be utilized for creating highly attractive UI components. Not only is React highly suitable for the components that represent the data changes frequently, but it can also be used to build reusable user interfaces. 

The core ideology of React.js is to allow developers to learn once and then write anywhere. Developers prefer working with React because creating mobile applications becomes a relatively easier task. It presents the use of JavaScript XML and JSX which is actually a syntax extension to JavaScript. Although it does not require the use of JSX necessarily but using proves to be supportive in building UI components and fixing errors.

Some of the most prominent companies that have created successful applications with the use of React are Facebook, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Netflix, Dropbox, New York Times etc.


  • The React JS components are highly reusable and flexible.
  • This framework allows the use of JS for the development of Native IOS applications.
  • It is easy to understand for beginners because it comes with a small API.
  • It comes with a virtual React DOM which is useful for randomly updating the part of the framework that has been changed or those or should be updated.
  • It uses Redux which is helpful in simplifying, storing, and managing the component stages in large applications.
  • Feature of unidirectional data binding helps in making the code stable while supporting future development as the data flow is in a single direction only.


  • It leaves the developers to make choices about the best method for web development. This is something that can only be solved with enough experience, skill, leadership and a streamlined process.
  • It is moving away from class-based components which possibly acts as a barrier for developers when it comes to getting comfortable with Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Integrating the templates with JSX can prove to be confusing for some developers in the first look.
  • The community of web developers is divided on how to write CSS in React, split between the traditional sheets and CSS in JS

Vue JS

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that has the capability of developing single-page applications when used in combination with modern tools and some supporting libraries. It can be used for the web application framework because it helps in simplifying the process of web development considerably. For some time, Vue.js has successfully attracted a good share of attention from some of the best web developers from across the world because it comes with an ability to create great applications.

Popularly known as one of the most progressive frameworks, it is used for building eye-catching UIs for web and mobile app development. Started in the year 2014 by a famous Google developer, this framework was created to exclude the limitations of Angular. Although it comes with many benefits, one of the most important ones because of which it is selected is its ability to work seamlessly without creating problems.

Some of the companies that use Vue are Alibaba, Adobe, Behance, Codeship, Reuter, Grammarly, EuroNews, etc.


  • It helps in building small, reusable, and robust components that help in adding components required at any time.
  • An important benefit of Vue.js is the fact it has a small size. This factor helps the user to take less time for downloading.
  • Vue.js comes with detailed documentation that helps the developers for building small and large scale templates while saving time.
  • It also allows the developers to write templates in HTML files, pure JavaScript file and JavaScript files using the virtual nodes.
  • The MVVM architecture it comes embedded with makes it pretty easy to handle the HTML blocks.


  • Due to a lack of resources, Vue.js has a small market share in comparison with Angular vs. Vue and React vs Vue. This precisely means that the aspect of knowledge sharing in this particular framework is in the beginning phase only.
  • Another prominent drawback is the risk of flexibility. There are times when Vue.js shows problems during the integration of big projects. Although they are expected soon but until now, there are no tangible solutions to curb these problems.


Although Angular offers a comprehensive framework, React provides unmatched simplicity and flexibility. The main difference between Angular and React is that React comes with a virtual DOM that carries better performance as compared to Angular.

Being one of the most progressive frameworks, Vue can be integrated into any existing project. It comes with a huge set of tools and libraries which allow the framework to respond accurately to the needs of enterprise-grade applications. Therefore, it can be concluded that Vue is an affordable solution for small and medium-sized applications.

Everything said and done, it must be noted that although there are peculiar differences in all three frameworks, there is no special difference in which framework should be chosen as it will take time to get used to all of them. The web development company or web developers should just make sure that the right choice is made in every single case at the time of development.

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