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  • The mobile app industry is thriving, with over 6.3 billion app users. (Statista)
  • By 2023, the total revenue generated by the mobile app industry will swell up to $935 billion. (SERPWatch)
  • The global market for mobile healthcare apps will reach US$102.35 billion by 2023. Research and Markets)


That’s impressive!

Mobile apps are not bringing about benefits to the retail and travel industry. They can make any enterprise operation across many industries agile and intelligent.

Why would the healthcare industry stay aloof from this fast-emerging and growing field?

The Health Works Collective reports show that the number of health and fitness apps available on mobile and tablet is more than 97,000.

Moreover, the report also states more than 52% of Smartphone users scout around the web seeking health and fitness-related information.

Since Covid-19 came like a bolt out of the blue in people’s lives, patients tend to avoid the dull and crowded waiting room to see the doctor or stand in an appointment queue.

Techgo has already mentioned that almost 97% of medical practitioners will be navigating mobile apps to deliver seamless services to their patients by 2022.


So, things turn out like this.

Hospitals have to consider developing mobile apps to improve doctor-patient communication streamline medical records and their services.


Still not convinced?

Let’s give you more clarity as to why your hospital needs a mobile app?


Reasons To Build Mobile App For Your Hospital

In a hospital mobile app, users usually look for functionalities like,


  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Cancellation
  • Prescription Generation
  • Tracking Medical Records, etc.


However, among the 97,000+ healthcare mobile apps, only 11% come with these mentioned functionalities. (Accenture)

This data alone showcases the immense scope for the hospitals and their staff to improve their services through mobile apps.

Below are some of the spotlight reasons to invest in your hospital mobile app development.


Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling

Think of Old times when people had to stand in the long queues to get their desired doctor’s appointment. Despite waiting for an hour or two, they couldn’t get same-day appointments.


Yes, hospitals have levelled up appointment scheduling to the telephonic conversation. Healthcare mobile apps will ease the appointment scheduling and rescheduling process further.

  • Patients can quickly check out the doctor’s consulting timing and book according to the available slots.
  • Patients can set a reminder not to miss their appointments.
  • Hospital authorities can free the receptionists from the appointment booking burden, engaging them in answering patients’ queries.


Fast Access To Medical Reports

This point focuses on lightening the burden from the shoulders of hospital laboratories.

  • Patients don’t need to rush to the hospital laboratory to receive their medical reports with a hospital mobile app.
  • Patients can get access to their online reports anytime from anywhere.
  • Cloud-based medical report collection mobile apps prove convenient for both the patient and doctor. There is no need to carry files of medical reports or fear misplacing them.
  • Report collection mobile apps reduce the paperwork for hospitals.


Billing Process Streamlined

In a tumultuous hospital environment, dealing with bill payments is hefty for patients and the hospital staff.

  • With mobile healthcare applications, staff doesn’t need to check the payments manually, which patients have paid the bills, who have not yet.
  • Hospitals don’t need to nag the insurance companies for bill clearance.
  • Patients can clear the hospital bill as per their preferred payment method.
  • Customized hospital mobile apps allow the hospital staff to go through the unpaid bills.

Mobile app development will streamline the payment process, turning it more comfortable.

Remote Location Healthcare Issue Solved

People living in the suburbs or remote areas can take better advantage of hospital mobile apps.

On the other hand, hospital authorities and medical practitioners can outstretch their services to people living in remote areas.

  • Mobile apps enable both patients and doctors to schedule online video appointments during any medical emergency.
  • Patients don’t need to travel to cities for routine health check-ups or consultations. Doctors can monitor patients through hospital mobile apps.
  • Through push notifications, patients or app users can receive essential healthcare tips and precautions on particular health issues.

Seamless Hospital Management System

With doctors across several departments, nurses, staff, managing a hospital or a clinic is a tough row to hoe. Mobile medical application development is an efficient option to ease the burden.

Amid the various call of duties management, the hospital management system gets overloaded and flawed.

Mobile healthcare app is an excellent way to improve hospital services, reduce cost, and organize business operations. The successful implementation of mobile apps enables the hospital authority to monitor the management operations, improving their reputation among the patients.


In a Nutshell

  • The Polaris Market Research report projects that the global healthcare and fitness mobile app market will reach $15.59 billion by 2028.
  • The IoT healthcare market will grow a whopping $332.67 billion by 2027.
  • As per Juniper Research, the healthcare wearables market will swing high to $20 billion by 2023.

IoT and other advanced technology integrated hospital mobile app solutions help medical staff, doctors, and patients in different ways. It is high time to invest in medical mobile app development for your hospital. If your hospital or healthcare service is yet to unleash the stamina of mobile apps, don’t delay anymore.

At Orion eSolutions, we have designed and developed high-tech and brilliant hospital mobile applications for reputable hospitals, health care businesses, and clinics in India and worldwide.

Let us help you appeal to your patients through a stunning hospital mobile app.

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