Case Study: RentEasy

Hong Kong is a small country, but finding an apartment there is not an easy task. There are a lot of different areas to consider.

Our client from Hongkong wanted to build a product where people can easily rent or buy properties.

He had the concept in his mind which we turned into a working product with our well-defined processes, the experienced team of UX designers, Front end developers, and Back end developers.

The final product is RentEasy. It is a web application where people can go and seamlessly browse apartments and properties to BUY or RENT in Hong Kong.

Here’s how Renteasy works!

Our Product development Process

Our processes are very clear and well defined so we divided the whole project into three major parts as per our software development process.

1. Empathizing with the client to truly understand their product requirement

During this phase, we had a lot of meetings with the customer remotely and agreed on the scope of work.

We designed wireframes and shared with the customer to understand the flow of information on the website.

“Technically, this is called Information Architecture.

After the approval of Information Architecture, a non-functional prototype was designed in which we defined each and every aspect of the Renteasy which we were supposed to build. The prototype helped in setting up clear expectations about the product that our client will be receiving at the end of product development.

2. Development of product

Upon approval of the non-functional prototype, our development team started working on the product and delivered it in milestones.

Each milestone was duly approved by QA.

We followed best coding practices and standards to ensure that our codebase is highly optimized, and flexible enough to make any changes in the future.

3. Testing and Quality Assurance

Finally, we conducted the testing phase. It was a type of acceptance testing which is done before the product is delivered to the customers.

We started with  Alpha testing followed by Beta testing which was done by our Q.A.  team. Basically, It is a process of executing a program to determine whether the product meets specified requirements or not.

In this, we fixed all the technical or non-technical errors which were found by our Q.A. team in the final product.

Technologies Used

  1. Framework: .NET MVC
    It is one of the most widely used and popular framework for web development. .NET is also viewed as the main competitor to Java and PHP.

  2. Hosting: Windows web server
    Renteasy is deployed on a Microsoft IIS Server solution which is reliable, efficient, and cost effective.

Project Results

A fully functional web application platform where people can browse the properties in the areas they are interested in. They can either BUY a property or RENT a property by adding their listing.

People can also browse all the properties in an area and choose those which are according to their budget and other requirement.

Here we have attached few screenshots for easy reference of this web app.

An Ecosystem for Landlords and Tenants
Find the property of your choice easily
Make an offer, begin rental process, Get keys, and move in

Client’s Opinion

“Wow. I got everything as per my expectations. I am blown away. You guys are truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!”
– Chiou Hao Chan


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