Android enjoys 72.74% share of mobile operating systems. It has altered the manner of running businesses. This makes Android development one of the most crucial necessities of 2021. It is being demanded by the global economy. There are over 3.48 million apps available on Google Play Store and a large number of businesses are looking to tap into this space for better reach. If you are wondering why, let us throw some numbers at you.

  • In 2021, there are over 7 billion mobile users globally.
  • Just 8% of total mobile usage time is spent on browsers, the rest is dominated by apps.
  • The average mobile usage time is increasing by 20% year-over-year.
  • The total mobile app economy triggered a global user expenditure of $143 Billion in 2020.

If you are one of those businesses and is looking to hire an Android developer or partner with a development company, we have certain pointers for you. This blog lists down 7 critical competencies to consider in a developer to effectively exploit the magnificence of this paradigm. Now you might be wondering what the necessity of an exceptional developer is. Again, we have some numbers to answer you.

  • 71% of uninstalls are caused due to app crashes.
  • 47% of all apps that are rolled out require more time for testing.
  • 70% of app abandons happen due to longer loading time.
  • 43% of all users will not wait for more than 3 seconds for your app to load.
  • 65% of users will form a negative opinion about a brand if the mobile app experience is not up to the mark.

Now that is a lot of parameters to consider and you do not have the liberty to address this through trial and error. This is precisely why you have to hire intelligently and partner judiciously. Let us tell you what to look for.



  1. The Basics

The developer must be proficient in the basic coding languages such as Kotlin and Java. When it comes to markup languages for UI designs, the developer must have a good knowledge of XML and to link it to the files where the business logic is stored.


  1. SQL Proficiency

Android apps stores user data in the back end. Proficiency in SQL simplifies this task for the developer. It helps them to design a container to store huge amounts of data by storing and managing them locally.


  1. Interactivity

An app should always prioritize user experience. The interaction must be seamless, meaningful, manageable, and smooth. Any developer must be able to implement event response using callbacks and also execute gestures such as drag and drop to optimize the UX.


  1. UI

Neat functionalities may amount up to nothing if an app lacks a modern UI. Developers who can implement RecyclerView, use ConstraintLayout, apply animations, execute animations and menus, follow Material Design, and enhance UX using vector must be at the top of your priority list.


  1. Data

Working with data is a crucial part of Android app development and cannot be ignored by any measure. The developer must be adept at fetching server-sourced data, database sourced query data, and save preferences of the users to handle the files. Hence, the developer must know Room Database, Android Jetpack architecture, Content Provider, DataStore, Kotlin coroutines, and Flow. They must also know how to bind data in a declarative format using Data Binding Library.


  1. Security

The mobile security market is growing in leaps and bounds. From a valuation of $3 Billion in 2019, the market will be at $7.2 Billion by 2024. And any developer worth their salt knows the importance of cyber security in this day and age. The developer must be adept at implementing the built-in security features and execute measures to ensure user’s data privacy by using signature-based permissions.


  1. Version Control

Git allows experimentations with new features and techniques of coding. It is an open source version control software. The developer you shortlist must be able to take advantage of this software to make steady changes and constant updates in the app while backing it up so that they can safely move back to earlier versions in case of a mishap.

Considering these technical skills, combined with soft skills such as collaboration and communication will let you pin point the developer who will be instrumental in soaring your business to new height. With this, we conclude this discussion.


If you still don’t have a developer in contention, we have 10 more tips for you to decide that they are the right one. Look for absolute experts and do not fall for the cost trap. Feasible is right, cheap is not. Understand and scrutinize the portfolio of the prospective developer and estimate their knowledge of open source platforms.

If possible, get in touch with their previous clients for an accurate opinion and inquire about the team. Discuss the post-development activities and have a concrete understanding of the privacy agreements. Lastly, hire an established organization.

Still on the fence? Hire Orion eSolutions. We adhere to all the above-mentioned points and more. Our innovative approaches have delighted clients. Your business objectives will be met in a fantastic fashion and none of your competitors will ever be happy about you hiring us. For all your Android development needs, visit www.orionesolutions.com .


  1. The article is very nice, thank you for sharing it! I’m not fully through yet (it is extremely long) but it seems well researched and detailed.

  2. Android is the first preference to hire a developer or developing mobile and web applications. Thank you so much for sharing this blog this helps all those nontechnical persons who want to enter the tech world to develop the business.

    With the help of this blog, I hired a dedicated hourly basis developer from Moon Technolabs at a very reasonable cost.

  3. Android Development is the booming in recent times and is the need for every Business to grow. World has moved from Big Screens to Small Screens, people need every update in their hands and that too quickly. Android Developers need to have the mentioned skills as combination of all these skills make a complete effective Android Application. Comprehensive knowledge of programming languages, database and UI structure makes the android application stand effectively and finally the version control and security terminology makes the android application complete & ready to implement.

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