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The mobile experience is the new normal. If you run a business and are do not offer your clients a mobile application, you are taking a risk. However, do not worry! Now, you can hire an expert Mobile App Developer from Orion esolutions to develop a highly customized mobile application.

When you hire from us, you get to choose from our flexible hiring models. You can go for a developer or a team of developers that will work exclusively for you. You get the best-in-class experts, who have at least five years of experience and hold Master's degrees, and have successfully delivered over 200 mobile apps each. What is more, you do not have to worry about hiring and retaining them. We take care of that in-house. We select only the best through our rigorous skills test. Only the top 1% of the performers are inducted into our elite group of mobile developers.

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Orion is the industry leader in offering state-of-art development solutions. We have successfully delivered over 1000 projects to our clients across the globe. With our cross-industry expertise, you get a company that understands your business and its requirements. Whether you are looking to develop Native Apps or Hybrid Apps, we will ensure that you get a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. With our agile workflow processes, you can save 70% of the cost involved.


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From shopping to movies, people are using mobile phones for everything. No surprise, every business is in a mad rush to offer its customers a unique and seamless mobile experience. We are India’s top mobile app development company, and our clients praise the skills of our professional developers. We are at the top because of our highly skilled developers. When it comes to helping our clients enhance their business potential, we offer end-to-end mobile app development solutions.

Our valuable clients trust us for their Mobile Development needs. Our domain-certified experts are there to help you with your project. You can hire them on hourly, weekly, or monthly models. What’s more, you pay for only the services rendered. Our top developers understand everything about the mobile app development process. We maintain strict transparency and non-disclosure practices.

Mobile Native App Development

Native apps offer robust safety to your data. When you hire us to create the Native app for you, we will ensure that it captures the essence of your business offerings. Your customers will love the feature-rich mobile application. Native apps also allow for seamless access to in-app stores for the customers.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps offer a high degree of flexibility as you can use the code and run it across multiple platforms. With few minor tweaks, you can get the same app interface on any platform. Our developers are experts at upgrading Hybrid mobile applications with a variety of plug-ins and faster app launches.

Mobile iOS App Development

iOS platform offers a high degree of security to your data. Banking on that, our team of experts offers highly customized iOS applications with enhanced features such as touch ID, face ID, app thinning, superior UI/UX, and more.

Mobile Android App Development

Android is the preferred platform for mobile applications. Over 60% of the applications that are used around the world are Android apps. With a hint of humility, we share that we have successfully delivered over 1000 mobile applications for the Android interface.

Mobile App Testing

As per industry estimates, over 25% of app users reject an app after one try if they do not like the experience of using it. When the stakes are that high, you cannot afford to run an app with bugs. We offer state-of-art app testing services. Our experts will ensure that your app runs without any glitch

Mobile App Maintenance and Upgrades

Creating an app is half the work done. App users want an app that is up-to-date and feature-rich. That is where Orion steps in and takes care of all the app upgrades and maintenance for you. We will ensure that your app reflects the changing customer and technology preferences.

“Our clients simply love us for helping them create an unparalleled technological edge over the competition.”

Our Industrial Footprints at a Glance

Almost every industry relies heavily on mobile technology. It is the need of the hour. Your customers access every possible service over their mobile phones. Mobiles are powering and driving industrial growth in today’s world. We believe you must offer your business offerings via mobile applications as this will ensure your business growth. We have revolutionized businesses with agile and cost-effective solutions. We understand the industry requirements because we have worked with the best of the companies across various industrial domains. Have a look at our industrial footprints.


Quick access to patient information is a blessing, and it saves lives. We have helped the leading healthcare providers in the industry. With years of experience working with the industry, we understand that technology has evolved and positively impacted the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, patients are now accessing their health stats on phones. Mobiles are increasingly being used to keep track of the patient’s well-being, and we are on the mission to provide our expertise to revolutionize the industry.


Shopping is a therapy, and more and more people are browsing the latest fashion trends and retail offerings over mobile phones. It is estimated that over 60% of the shopping will be done over mobile phones by 2025. Therefore, if you are a retail chain or a fashion brand, you must offer your customers a mobile application. We will develop a highly customized, responsive, and UI-rich web portal for your e-commerce brand.


Offering highly efficient and secure web solutions is possible with Mobile applications. Platforms such as iOS and Android offer an end-to-end secure, transactional framework so that every transaction done over mobile phones is safe. That is why more and more banks and finance companies are developing mobile applications.


With our expertise, you can offer your customers an amazing mobile application to access your web content. We are helping and transforming media and entertainment companies to offer an enhanced viewer experience. We have delivered several mobile applications that relay digitized content, which works seamlessly on mobile phones.


Right from our humble beginning, we have made efforts to work with education companies. That is because we know how meaningful it is to educate. With mobile applications, you can provide cheap and easy access to millions of children around the world. Today, we are helping e-learning companies with smart and highly efficient mobile solutions.


Advertising, News, & Publishing (ANP) industries have transformed at a fast rate. The transition from print to the internet meant providing highly responsive web and mobile applications for the viewers and the readers. We have delivered a host of .NET framework-based mobile, web, and PC-based applications to many ANP companies.

How does it work?

We follow an agile development process from start to finish. Have a look at our 5-step process.

How does it work?

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We are India’s most trusted, well-experienced web and mobile development company. As a leading tech solution provider, we have successfully delivered over 1000 Mobile app development projects. You want to save on development costs. Hire us. You want utmost data security and transparency. Hire us. We sign an NDA with our clients to keep confidentiality. We are your best bet for your development needs. 

That varies from project to project. The cost varies with development needs. To give you some idea and estimation, we sit down with you to understand your requirements. We provide you with multiple solutions and the costs involved. That will give you better clarity on the cost involved in developing a mobile app. No one can beat the price we offer you. It is a guarantee. 

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