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iOS Developers


In the first quarter of 2021, Apple delivered more than 55.2 million iPhones. That’s a 50.4 percent raise over the previous year.


In 2021, Apple made $365 billion in revenue, with iPhone sales accounting for 52 percent of that total.


With a market share of 29.24 percent, iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system.

Custome iOS web application development

You have a particular requirement for an iOS web or mobile application, we can fulfill that. With Orion, you get industry-certified iOS developers who have at least four years of experience. You have the complete authority to test the skills of our developer or the team. We are sure they’ll pass with flying colors. Our iOS developers will provide you with highly customized, extremely responsive, and user-friendly mobile application.

iOS migration and upgradtion

If you have a Legacy App that needs capability enhancement, Orion has just the perfect iOS developer for you. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of Objective-C, SWIFT, HTML-5, CSS3, and X-Code programming languages. We provide complete overhauling of the existing applications and migration to the Cloud Ecosystem speed

iOS app

You have a vision for what you want in an app, we have the capability of turning it into a reality. We run a complete system-check to provide you with well-documented research. It will help you out to decide on the features that you want for your custom iOS application. We are experts at formulating, designing, developing, and launching iPhone applications that are the most suitable to your business

iOS based CMS development

IOS BASED CMS DEVELOPMENTIn today’s World, if you have the knowledge or data, you have the power. That is where our efficient iOS Customer Management Services (CMS) come into the picture. Our team of IOS web developers is trained to build an iOS-based custom CMS using the MVC architecture. It will provide you modular, maintainable.

iOS cloud

We highly recommend that a small or medium business utilize the Cloud Ecosystem to reduce the cost of developing a physical tech infrastructure. As someone wise once said, a penny saved is a penny earned. We understand the nitty-gritty of taking your system to the Cloud in a low-cost.

API intergration development

Our team of iOS developers is highly skilled in private, public, and internal APIs to offer a hassle-free experience and integration of third-party services.


Apple is an industry-standard for having the most aesthetically designed products. In the same way, we are the industry touchstone in helping your customer experience a seamless and aesthetically pleasant UX interface of your iOS application.

Smart wearable applications

We admire the sheer brilliance of that genius, who thought of bringing technology to the realm of fashion wearable. Industry estimates suggest that smart wearable technology will continue to develop at a fast rate. To offer your customer one seamless experience of your applications on smart wearable, we provide our expertise in designing, developing, and optimizing your iOS web or mobile application.

Android Developers


of uninstalls are caused due to app crashes.


of all apps that are rolled out require more time for testing.


of app abandons happen due to longer loading time.


of all users will not wait for more than 3 seconds for your app to load.


of users will form a negative opinion about a brand if the mobile app experience is not up to the mark.

Why Does Your Business Need An
Orion Andriod Developer?

Android is the lifeline
of business

Android has made it possible for businesses to reach and cater to their customers with great flexibility and ease. You want to take your business to the next level, partner with Orion to access the talented pool of expert Android Developers, who have years of experience. You can build customized, scalable, secure, and robust applications, interfaces, and software with the help of Orion Android Development.

Efficiency @ affordable

We offer diverse payment options to suit your budget. We understand that every dollar saved is a dollar earned. Therefore, when you hire Android Developers from Orion, you will get highly efficient business solutions. What’s more, you pay only for the services rendered thereby saving your resource.

No recruitment or training

With thousands of tasks demanding your attention, we want you to focus on the aspects of your business, which need your attention. When you collaborate with Orion, we provide you with a host of Android Experts from our team, thereby saving you hassles of training, recruiting, and retaining the workfor

Save on operational costs

Orion provides you with industry-certified Android Developers who work from remote locations. As a result, you do not have to spend resources on physical infrastructure. You can hire them to work from a remote location with flexible engagement, be it monthly, hourly, or fixed cost money

User friendly web-solutions

Android Developers at Orion e-Solutions have expertise in end-to-end integration with the Android Ecosystem. You benefit from that as it provides great flexibility and scalability to your business

Intergrity and transparency

We follow high-degree protocols in ensuring transparency and integrity when we work with you. You have put trust in us, and we make sure we deliver. Our Android Developers work day-and-night to keep your data secure. We run multiple test runs to rule out any glitches. Our team works on fixing bugs at the backend so that your customers can have a seamless experience on your Android App.

Breadth of Competencies


Develop applications with cross-platform affinity.

Microsoft Tech

Hire developers adept in Microsoft-based technologies.


Hire Java experts for platform-independent development.


Hire Orion experts with proficiency in various ecommerce
and CMS deployments.

Benefits of Hiring from Orion

Zero-error coding

Agile practices

DevOps enabled culture

Skilled developers
with experience of 10+ years

Reduced operational

Orion’s Mobile App Development Expertise

Custom Apps

API and Integration

eCommerce and

Big Data

Real-time Apps

UI/UX Designs

Blockchain Apps

QA and Testing

Migration and

Support and


The Orion Advantage


Years of experience


Projects Delivered


Happy Clients

Our team works round the clock to respect your deadlines and to provide solutions that are second to none. We understand the nuances of each business and we marry it to our understanding of the industry. What you get is a augmentated team who are not just technically adept but empathetic to your business needs. We ensure professionalism and diplomacy in our approach. We undertake projects of any size and nature and deliver consistently across any verticals.

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