MERN stack is a tandem of JavaScript frameworks that allows a breakneck pace for businesses to scale. Since all the contributing technologies are JavaScript based, developers can easily switch between front end, back end, and full stack development modes. This makes MERN one of the absolute favorites among developers.

In this discussion, we will be touching upon the What, Why, When, and the Who of hiring MERN stack developers. However, before that let us understand MERN. The underlying tech of MERN which are Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS have some numbers to boast about.

  • Datanyze has estimated Mongo BD to have a 66% market share with over 12,185 websites developed.
  • Node JS was downloaded over 360 Million The average is 1 Million downloads per day according to Nodesource.
  • React JS is used by 1% of all websites. This translates to a market share of 2.6%.

Pretty astounding right? Once we get to know the benefits of MERN stack development in 2021, we can see that these stats are well earned.

The tech has been introduced. Now let us dive into the main essence of his discussion. We will be answering 4 questions here:

  1. Why should you hire a MERN stack developer?
  2. What to expect from MERN stack outsourcing?
  3. When should you outsource MERN stack development?
  4. Who would be a trustworthy MERN stack development partner based on your business needs?

It is important to ask these questions because outsourcing MERN stack should not be taken lightly. The tech is ever evolving and the possibilities are ever expanding. However, keeping up with these must not mean compromising your core business philosophy. The parameters to consider are many. The decision is crucial. And the answer to these questions can help.



A MERN stack developer can easily switch between front end, back end and full stack development modes. This means you will have an end to end idea of where your web app stands. This also facilitates ideating better infrastructures and enhanced functionalities for your provisions during the production stage itself. They can also leverage the Mongo DB and Node JS tools to deliver your offering in the most secure manner possible. MERN allows you to craft an idea, scale a business, automate processes, and cut costs. At Orion, we have championed the MERN stack development cycle to offer the best and the most efficient SDLC for all your development needs.



By outsourcing your MERN stack development needs, you can be assured that the best developers are running your projects. For instance, a company like Orion eSolutions hires only the crème de la crème of developers available in the market. This means you can throw your hiring concern out of the window.

Dedicated developers can use the MVC architecture to ensure smoother process flow. Hiring developers thus gives you an opportunity to employ the best talents available in the market and streamline their proficiency into a scalable and lucrative business opportunity.



Each business has unique needs. And it is in tandem with these requirements that the necessity of a tech arises. However, when it comes to MERN stack development, there are certain focuses that you can pinpoint upon to determine if it is time for you to hire MERN stack developers. You should start hiring MERN stack developers:

  • When you want to migrate native apps to React Native and do not have the time or simply don’t want to rewrite the entire code.
  • When you have a fantastic idea and want to create an MVP slightly faster in order to test waters in real market conditions.
  • When the deadline is approaching faster than expected and you want to make constant changes in a more streamlined manner.
  • When you realize your budget is pointing towards a business failure.

Now we have a good idea about the Why, What, and When of MERN stack development. The final question remains. Who should you hire?



If you are looking for the best talent, the latest trend proficiency, and better revenue boosts, you are at the right place. If you are looking for experienced professionals with years of proven record of creating high-end solutions, you are at the right place.

If you are looking for reliable round the clock services in a modern setup with an AI driven workflow at half the cost, you are at the right place. If you are looking for web development, eCommerce development, API or SPA, and real-time app development, you are at the right place. If you need migration and porting along with technical support and maintenance, you are at the right place.

We marry our skills and proficiencies to the understanding of your business needs and core philosophy. We can confidently promise that you get the best crafted solutions possible for your business. Partner with Orion eSolutions today to know how we can work together for your business’ brighter future.

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