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  • According to Globe News Wire, in 2021, the worldwide construction market was USD 7.28 trillion in 2021. Moreover, by 2030, it is expected to grow and have a market value of USD 14.41 trillion.


The construction industry is one of the old but in-demand industries. Also, technological evolution has a massive impact on this industry. In this blog, you will read about some of the best construction apps in 2022. Furthermore, there is a quick read about the tips on choosing the correct application for your construction project.


But let us first start with knowing the impact of technological and digital transformation in construction.


Construction industry and its digital boom


There have been a lot of adaptions in the construction business. But, especially when the world is transforming into a digital wave, the construction world faces many challenges. In a construction business, a lot of infrastructures are involved. However, many technologies make it easier to tackle construction challenges. Therefore, digital transformation in the construction industry takes significant leaps.


For example, a shift from 2D to a 3D world makes a lot of difference. Creating designs in a 3D way impacts a valuable aspect of construction. From creating a basic site map or design to presenting it to the client can positively influence the business growth. Moreover, a large amount of site data can be stored in the cloud. Similarly, there are many applications that can be effective on many levels of the construction business.


What are the best construction apps to look for in 2022


Applications supported by mobile or websites can help from planning to the marketing of a site. But can these applications really ease out to managing the day-to-day activities of a construction business? Yes. However, that is not the real concern.


The trouble is to select the best suitable application for your business. Today, we have brought some of the best construction apps to use in 2022. Let us have a look.




This application can be used to manage the daily reporting of the site. When you have a small or a big project going on, it is crucial to achieving the end goal of that project. However, having a trace of daily activities is another important thing.


iNeoSyte can make this daily reporting easier. If you set a predefined project, you can create reports, and charts, add images of the work progress, and much more things. Moreover, you can share these reports via various cloud platforms.




The calculation is a crucial part of the construction field too. From a brick seller to the painter, everyone needs to perform some sort of calculations. DEWALT is well known for providing electrical tools for construction sites. However, its mobile pro app is a user-friendly calculator for every person in the construction field.


How does it help?


For example, you want to choose the amount of paint required for a room or the cement needed for a floor. Then you can use this app for better and faster calculations.


Safety meeting


Working on a construction site is not easy. For example, you may need to work on a bridge construction project in a heavy rainfall area. Or you may be working on a road development project in a hilly area. There are a number of cases of injuries and death in such a case. Therefore, a safety meeting app can remind users of the issues or risks inovlved in the work condition. Moreover, a construction company can keep track of all this data for future use and safety indeed.


Autodesk build


There are large files involved in the development of any site. Autodesk build allows you to share such files via the cloud. Since there are many people even in small-sized projects, such as engineers, architects, and interior designers, they can access these files easily. Moreover, there are many editing options for constructional files. This app was previously popular as a Plan Grid.




Drones have gone massive popular in many fields that require photos. And a construction field is not an exception. A construction site requires constant updates with images and accurate outcomes on the site. However, to answer these challenges, there is an app. DroneDeploy consists of industry-standard drones. In addition, these drones are capable of capturing images of the site for records and tracking the progress.




Invoicing and generating estimations is a vital part of the construction business. If you try to maintain the documents from initial meetings to final invoicing, there can be a mess. However, Joist is a free app that can help you with invoicing and estimations. This allows you to keep and send all the invoices on time. In addition, you can connect it with third-party applications.


A few tips to make the most out of construction apps


Construction apps can save you time, money, and effort. However, while choosing an app, be sure to invest in the one that you need the most. In addition, focus on reducing the paper and shift to cloud or mobile applications for effective use of the application in data storage.


But the first things first!


The use and requirement of an application may vary from company to company or even from project to project. While investing in an application, list down your requirements for the project. Also, research the areas where applications can ease your workload and maintain or boost efficiency. Then, choose the app suitable for your requirements. Also, don’t forget to try applications before actual use.


Or, if you want to develop your own app, connect with an expert developer.


Orion’s contribution to developing the applications


Orion eSolutions has catered to various domains, including the construction industry. There is a team of professional and skilled developers at Orion to create scalable mobile applications. Furthermore, Orion eSolutions offer other expert services such as blockchain development, full lifecycle development, cybersecurity, digital transformation, etc.


Bottom line


We have talked about a few applications that help boost productivity in construction. There are many more best construction apps. To choose the best one for your project, consider the tips shared above!

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