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Statista projects,

The total revenue of the mobile app industry will reach $1,662 million by the end of 2022.

In-app purchase (IAP) revenue in the education segment will hit $2,918 million by 2022.


In this era of high-tech innovation, technology and innovation go hand in hand. Just like the other industries, technology has revolutionized the education sector. For the past few years, the effects of technology on education have been becoming more intense.

The advent of mobile educational apps for institutions and students has simplified the learning process. The knowledge-oriented activities enable students to grow their learning abilities with precision.

New techniques are coming to the surface every year, making the fusion of technology and education stronger.


The global e-learning market will be worth $398 billion in 2026. (Research and Markets)

Let’s dive into the top 10 benefits of mobile e-learning apps for students:


Modern Learning Method


Compared to the traditional learning method, e-learning apps make the learning process free from boredom.


  • Educational mobile apps introduce students to novel learning methods. The information-infused learning methods enable students to gain information from a different perspective.
  • E-learning mobile apps consist of challenging tasks, including quizzes, puzzles, educational games, Etc.
  • The audio-visual method enables students to understand even a complicated theory easily.
  • Educational games boost the thought process of the students.


Improved Parent-Teacher-Student Communication


Clear and satisfied parent-teacher communication indicates a healthy education system. E-learning apps encourage teacher-student relationships beyond the classroom.


  • Teachers can respond to the queries of students even after the class.
  • Parents can reach out to teachers and ask about the learning growth of their ward.
  • The automated grading and attendance feature enables teachers to record students’ performance track and shows that to their parents.
  • E-learning apps provide transparency to the learning sector.


Personalized Learning


Every student’s learning capability is distinctive.

  • E-learning apps offer personalized education that facilitates the learning process of students.
  • The various curriculum-based learning helps students to accelerate their knowledge acquisition capability.
  • The subject-specific content helps the learner to attain their learning goals at ease.


Bridging the Learning Gaps


Technological advancements enable educational institutions to wash off the glitches in the traditional education system. The personalized learning tools prominently aid teachers and parents in bridging the learning gaps among the students.


Abundant Online Resources


Online learning resources are abundant. It can fill up all the learning gaps.

  • The knowledge seekers can easily avail the learning resources provided by e-learning solutions.
  • Students can access the enormous number of e-books and pdfs anytime as per their learning requirements.


Utilization of Leisure


No parents want their kids to get addicted to mobile phones or television in their leisure.

They always want their kids to use their leisure productively.

  • In this case, mobile learning apps prove their efficiency.
  • Students can utilize their leisure to acquire knowledge through e-learning apps. They can make the best out of their free time without wasting a second.


Effortless Organization of Routine Task


With e-learning apps, the completion of routine homework becomes effortless.

  • Students can schedule the homework with apps. They can use the app to accomplish their daily task.
  • Parents can also schedule the routine tasks related to payment through the app.


Student’s technological Skill Improvement


Technological excellence is the prerequisite for many higher education programs and career paths in this era of advanced technologies and their innovative approach.

  • E-learning mobile apps can help students grow relevant technological skills through the simple to complex functions of the application.
  • Sometimes, students don’t even recognize that their technological abilities grow stronger day by day.
  • Many e-learning apps even aid students in learning coding through gamification. This skill enables the students to build a fundamental foundation for IT jobs.


Immersive Education Apps


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have revolutionized the education and learning system.


AR and VR in the education market will grow by $19.6 billion by 2023. (Markets and Market)


  • AR and VR-integrated study modules help educators to teach complex subjects or topics in the most effective ways.
  • The innovative VR e-learning apps enable students to learn new things through visualization and interaction.
  • AR and VR prove incredibly beneficial for science lessons and experiments. Students can quickly get insight into math tricks, solar systems, planets, and the universe with AR and VR e-learning apps.


Instant Updates To Stay Aware of the World


  • With e-learning apps, students can stay aware of the campus events, educational programs, debates, changes in their classes, Etc.
  • Some specified e-learning apps even show alerts related to payment dues, library fines, Etc.


Wrapping Up


Google Apps for education boasts more than 20 million users at present. (Tech Church)

The demand for educational applications is growing higher and higher.

It is the best time for your educational institution to invest in e-learning apps for your students.

Partner with Orion eSolutions to build a solid e-learning application integrating advanced technologies and features.

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