Top 10 Reasons to Choose Python For Web Development

If you are looking out for building your web applications in Python, then Orion eSolutions is famous for it's web development and applications built with Python.

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Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, and high-level programming language, developed in 1991. Although Python has been in the programming business for quite a long while, it is #1 programming language today!

Yes, for many reasons it is the most picked programming language by the developers. If compared to other programming languages i.e. PHP, JAVA, C++, etc,

Python is way too easier to learn and efficient to work with.

Since Python was developed in the early 90s, some might consider it a bit old fashioned. But if we look insightfully, Python has survived this long because of its easy readability and efficiency. From beginners to pro developers, most of them still prefer Python.

In the early 2000s, when Python 2.0 was introduced with a lot of improvements, Python gained popularity.

But the question is why to pick Python over other languages, what are the benefits of Python which beats other languages.

So, here we are mentioning some benefits which would help you to know why Python should be preferred over other languages.  

Top 10 Advantages of Python

Advantages of Python

  1. Easy Readability
  2. Less Code More Functions
  3. Stepping Stones to Learn Other Programming Languages
  4. Mistake Tolerant
  5. Perfect for Developing Prototypes
  6. Extremely Flexible
  7. Budget-friendly
  8. Used in Blue Chip Sites & Services
  9. The Internet of Things (IoT) in Combination with Python
  10. Comes with plenty of Useful Frameworks and libraries

1) Easy Readability: This fact can’t be stressed enough that Python is a very easy language, that easy… that people confuse it to be a language for beginners only. But this is not the case, yes it is perfect for beginners but it doesn’t mean that advanced developers do not prefer Python for web development.

In short, Python is good for everything for which every other programming language is good for, but in a simpler way.

One of the major advantages of Python is that it relies on white space and common expression which lets you create more functions with lesser code. But the case is reversed with Java or C++. Already web development is not an easy task, so it is better to make it simpler by using Python for website development.

Tip: If you already know about Python web development, then consider learning Django programming to widen your knowledge.

2) Less Code More Functions: Web development with Python is simpler than other languages because it allows achieving more functions with lesser code lines. If you are aware of the basics of Python then, with it you could build a basic game like tic tac toe in just 1-2 hours.

Web development with Python is basically loved by beginners because of its easy readability and efficiency.

3) Stepping Stones to Learn Other Programming Languages: For the first-time developer who has no coding knowledge, with a simple python web development tutorial, he would be all set to start developing simple web apps.

With other languages, it is a bit difficult!

Once you get to know how Python web development works, it would be easier for you to understand and work with other programming languages e.g. Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, and C#.

So, this implies that if you want to learn web development then you can consider beginning with Python. Not only, it can be used for the web development projects but also help you learn the concepts of other languages which are based on similar principles, irrespective of their syntax.

4) Mistake Tolerant: If you are a web developer then you might have gotten into a situation where small programming or syntax mistakes have ruined all your effort and output.

But with Python’s easy syntax and high readability of code, these mistakes can be avoided, and thereby it saved the development time of applications.

Python brought a revolution in the web development aspect and focuses on the 4 basic rules that make it stand out from other programming languages:

  • Easy Readability
  • Less is enough
  • Least complicated
  • Clarity over implication

5) Perfect for Developing Prototypes: Since we can draw more functions with lesser code with Python which other languages don’t allow, it is easy and better to build prototypes with Python.

6) Extremely Flexible: Python is very flexible and this feature is explained by its integration with other robust programming languages.

  • Jython, Python integrated with Java
  • IronPython, designed for compatibility with .NET and C#
  • CPython, integrated with C.
  • PyObjc, Python designed Objective-C toolkits.
  • RubyPython, combined with Ruby.

7) Budget-friendly: When the programmers or the web developers are given projects they tend to pick the simpler tools to build a complex product. Since larger products’ code can be confusing, it is better to pick a language that is easy to work with and supports fewer efforts through lesser code lines.

Python is the best pick for that!

Also, there might be times when you may need a product faster and on a budget then again Python is the solution.

It is also perfect for bootstrappers and startups because it makes everything easier.

8) Used in Blue Chip Sites & Services: Python is extremely flexible and scalable so, don’t be surprised if we tell you that many major blue-chip websites and services e.g. Instagram, YouTube, PayPal, Dropbox, Yelp, eBay, Disqus, Reddit and games like Second Life and EVE Online use Python as their core language.

So, we can infer that learning Python can surely open many work options for you such as having your own startup which delivers service or product.

9) The Internet of Things (IoT) in Combination with Python: With the introduction of the ‘Internet of Things’ has opened infinite opportunities for Python developers.

Python in collaboration with platforms e.g. Raspberry Pi allows programmers to program their own devices such as cameras, radios, phones, etc.

Building new gadgets with the advanced Python programming concepts and connecting them with the real-world markets is not only much easier but it is also relatively cheap.

10) Comes with plenty of Useful Frameworks and libraries: A framework is a set of packages and modules that provide special functionalities and can be customized to create application software.

There are so many robust frameworks and libraries of Python that each web developer will find helpful.

There are several frameworks that make web development with Python quick and easy. Considering famous web development Python frameworks such as Django and Flask which provides you with all the inbuilt security features, templating options, database options, etc for your web apps. It saves precious development time.

But the question is which framework to pick!

For full-fledged web applications, Django and Pyramid are the solutions. But for prototyping an app, Flask or Web2py are the way to go!

The Downsides of Python


Besides every advantage, there are disadvantages too.

  • No multiprocessor support.
  • Slow in performance.
  • Not apt mobile applications and memory-intensive tasks.
  • Limitations of database access.
  • Parallelism and concurrency are not perfectly designed.
  • Lambdas, Python’s one-line functions are limited for the meta-programming in LISP. 


Python is the most popular programming language for web development, it is being preferred by global web developers. It has many frameworks and benefits which one can use to build exceptional web applications.

We have mentioned a few of them above.

In case, you are looking out for building your web applications in Python then, Orion eSolutions is famous for its IT services and applications built with Python.

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